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If you're thinking about taking fat burner supplements or if you're simply looking for information about fat burners, then what you are about to read on this web page may hit you by surprise. I guarantee that the TRUTH about fat burner pills and the advertisements that sell them is going to shock you, stun you and outrage you, especially if you have been spending large sums of money on these products. This expose is based on the 12 part mini-course, "BIG FAT LIES" which was originally written in 2002 -two years before ephedrine was taken off the market. If you're not satisfied with your results, trust me, it's NOT because you have a "diet pill deficiency." IF you'd like to learn how to burn fat naturally - without drugs or fat burner pills - visit the Burn The Fat home page. Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, nutrition researcher and author. Although the studies differed in their carbohydrate and caloric intake, among other variables, the team was able to draw one overriding conclusion: "The greatest predictors of weight loss appear to be caloric intake and diet duration," says Dr. People on diets of 60 or fewer grams of carbohydrates a day (a threshold used by many low-carb diets) did lose weight, but the loss was invariably associated with eating less and dieting longer, rather than carbohydrate intake. At the conclusion of the four month trial, researchers found that the two carbohydrate restricted conditions led to greater weight loss and fat loss (both groups lost an average of ~9 lbs vs. Now to be fair, this is just the summary report from a conference presentation so I can’t exactly go through the methodology to see what kind of diets the two low-carb groups were following the other 5 days of the week. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the participants in those two intermittent low carbohydrate groups actually ate fairly low carb for more than just those two days a week.

But in any case, the important thing to note here is once again, we see evidence of superior body composition results as well as health outcomes when you consciously reduce (*note I did not say eliminate) the amount of carbohydrate you consume in your diet. Incorporating a few deliberate low-carbohydrate days into your regular routine can also be a fantastic way to avoid gaining a whack load of weight through the Holiday season, which is fast approaching.
His #1 best-selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. 5 lbs in the Mediterranean condition), as well as yielding superior benefits in decreasing the prevalence of insulin resistance (22% reduction in the low carb calorie-restricted, 14% reduction for the ad lib group and 4% reduction in the Mediterranean group).
In fact, we can take the whole periodic, deliberate low intake philosophy one step further for really explosive results… but that’s a blog article for next week! Tom has written hundreds of articles and been featured in IRONMAN, Natural Bodybuilding, Muscular Development, Men's Exercise, Men's Fitness, First for Women, The Wall Street Journal and Oprah Magazine. Here is why.The Miracle Diet CureThere is just no guaranteeing several pounds of weight loss in very few days let alone overnight.
This lesson on fat burners was the most popular, controversial and commented on part of that course.
It may be unfair to give a blanket statement and call these products as scam but until a conclusive government report comes out the tip is don’t.
This is a tired but proven catch phrase to make you draw out your wallet and part with your money.

The fat in us is stored so that when the body runs out of fuel, it will draw from this storehouse of energy to keep it going for a long time but only when the energy stored in the muscles are depleted. When we the body undergoes a weight loss program, the body reacts by storing as much energy that it could. It will recognize the lack of nutrients much similar to how we recognize that a food shortage is about to happen. Like us also it will store and conserve all the energy that it possibly could for future use.
Like us, it will be very stingy in releasing the energy, releasing only as far as we would need to function.
As the good book said, we are beautifully and wonderfully made, why tinker with that?What to do then?Regulate the diet. True, fat, sugar and sodium must be limited but that is because most of us take more than three times our daily requirement.
If there is too much temptation that you failed for a while, shake off the dust, get back on the saddle, and do it again.

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