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From the cow, whole milk or full-fat is 4% fat (by weight) and has 8 grams of fat per 150 calories making it about 50% fat. Besides weight and cardiovascular disease, a woman might be concerned with milk fat level based on her reproductive status. Everything made from milk is processed in some way, whether it be cottage cheese, cream, pudding, yogurt or cheese. Cottage cheese is generally made with salt and enzymes to form the lumpy curds from the liquid whey which is drained off.
Cheese is made from milk with added cultures and enzymes to create various flavors and textures. Hard cheeses are made by pressing and curing the curds, losing most of the lactose and some of the protein but retaining the fat.
Overall, for healthy adults consuming a well balanced diet, 2% reduced fat milk would be the way to go.
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If you’re trying to get pregnant, drinking reduced or whole fat milk is correlated with normal fertility, but not 1% or skim.
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You need to take into consideration your age, physical status and risk factors as well as the rest of your diet to determine which milk products and fat level will offer the most benefit to you. For post-menopausal women who absorb less calcium, drinking more milk is the easiest way to increase intake. Lower fat versions made from reduced fat or skim milk generally have, at minimum, stabilizers added to them to retain texture.
As a runner up, low fat plain yogurt* is #2 as the cultures benefit the gut and immune system, followed by ? Cup cottage cheese, then soft cheese and finally an ounce of hard cheese.
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I have always heard different things; such as that the full fat versions are best because they are the least processed, and on the other hand I keep hearing that skim milk and reduced fat cheese is best. Sorry I can’t give you a straight answer, but will do my best to make it easy on you to choose the best from your favorites!
Here, you’ll want to opt for the natural cheese rather than the more processed lower fat versions.
The latter just have too much sodium in my nutrition book and the small volume isn’t as satisfying. Just a cup per day of full fat milk in an otherwise low-fat, high plant food diet is healthy. At 8 grams fat and nearly 11 grams protein with 433 mg sodium, Parmigiano Reggiano is a good hard cheese choice.
Three cups of full fat milk daily when you’ve got risk factors or weight to lose may not be a prudent choice. Since the fat is all skimmed off, there is a tiny bit more protein, liquid and calcium for the same volume.

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