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Kyle has helped me understand strength training and dieting from a different perspective, which has allowed me to train harder and get my desired physique. In this post, Kyle set up a sample diet and workout plan for the best way to lose fat for the summer and still get strong (and grow your muscles).
These numbers will create an environment for fat loss that will last for 2-3 months of sustained fat loss.
If you want to speed up fat metabolism, supplements such as L-Carnitine are a great choice.
Protein is critically important to building muscle, and this certainly isn’t a secret.
While there are many different sources of protein available, they’re not all created equal. Not only that, but some sources of protein are better absorbed and utilized by your body than others.
Skinless chicken breast is a staple in bodybuilding and fitness circles for it’s high protein content and low (practically non-existent) fat and carb content.
Leaner cuts of steak, lean ground beef, bison, veal and other red meats are muscle building superfoods that are packed with protein. Lean cuts like tenderloin are high in protein and fairly low in fat content, making it a delicious and welcome alternative to the usual protein sources.
Ensuring adequate protein consumption on a daily basis will expedite any fat loss or muscle building results by a surprisingly significant amount. In terms of body composition, your macronutrient composition matters far more than the source of those macronutrients. You might already know that you require a calorie surplus to build muscle and a calorie deficit to lose fat. Because of this, many people have often stated that it’s impossible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.
Let’s take a closer look into the issue of how to gain muscle not fat and what you can do about it.
First things first, you have to understand the concept of how you can go about building muscle while also burning fat.
Since this objective does require you to utilize two very different diet approaches, what you’re going to need to do is use a zig-zag approach. The first way is to dedicate a period of two weeks to building lean muscle mass and once that period is over, switch over and dedicate another two week period to working towards the goal to burn fat.
Additionally, having the variety in the plan helps to keep you interested and committed to the program, which is also very important for maximum results. The second approach that you can use to help lose fat and gain muscle is the weekly approach where you incorporate both set-ups into your full weekly period. In this scenario, you would dedicate your weight lifting days to muscle building days and then dedicate your off or cardio days to your fat loss days. Calorie intake would be adjusted according to whichever day it was and your body would constantly be shifting in and out of fat burning or muscle building mode.
This type of set-up tends to work great for those who struggle with high or low calorie eating for longer periods of times since every other day you’re doing something different.
Most will be able to get through one hard day of dieting without too many problems when they know the next day they get to feast.

Now, before getting into the actual set-up description, you’ll want to make note that when working towards both goals at once, progress will be slower. Fortunately, the advantage to this is that you’ll stay very lean throughout the entire muscle building period and completely avoid a lengthy diet period that many people have to go through after reaching their goal weight. As long as you know ahead of time that your progress may be a little on the slow side and are willing to accept that, then you’re all prepared for the set-up and design.
Once you have that number, add 1500 calories to it to get your total weekly calorie intake goal. After arriving at that number, you want to designate high calorie days and low calorie days.
Just remember that the total of all seven days must equate out to your total weekly calorie target that you figured out above. Once you have your calorie targets set for each day, then place your weight lifting days on the high calorie days and your cardio days on the low calorie days.
If you choose to do the two week approach instead, then add 500 calories per day to your maintenance calorie intake for 14 days straight and then subtract 500 calories per day for the fat loss period and use that for 14 days straight. For help figuring out a precise plan to follow, please check out the No-Nonsense Muscle Building program.
No-Nonsense Muscle Building because it's a complete step-by-step muscle building success system based on the little-known secrets discovered by an ex-skinny guy nicknamed Skinny Vinny.
Simply Enter Your Email Address Below To Receive Your Free eBook " Muscle Building Essentials"! Youtuber John David Glaude gives an inside look at the other transformation that comes with losing almost 200 pounds. In a video titled "My Biggest Insecurity," fitness Youtuber John David Glaude delivered a heartfelt and courageous appeal to show people what extreme weight loss does to your skin -- and your confidence.
Though healthy and ripped these days, Glaude's big secret is that he strategically hides his loose skin under his clothing, refusing to take his shirt off on the beach and other public places. The next time you're feeling self-conscious, just remember this video if you need a swift kick in the gym shorts. For people who are carrying significant amount of bodyfat, you can afford to be pretty aggressive with fat loss until you get significantly leaner. L-Carnitine helps release fat cells to be burned off as energy, so you will have more endurance when you are doing aerobic cardio and you will lose fat more efficiently. RP has been in the sports supplements industry for over 6 years, and he is an avid athlete who takes fitness and supplementation seriously. But did you know that it might be even more important when you’re trying to shed those extra pounds? In other words, the bioavailability of the protein source is an important thing to consider.
It’s a complete and quality source of amino acids that delivers the protein equivalent of a chicken breast filet at a fraction of the cost.
They’ve also been largely exonerated from their reputation of yesteryear for being high in cholesterol. To figure out your ideal protein intake, feel free to take a look at our article tackling that issue. You'll also get a free email series outlining the biggest time-wasting myths in the fitness industry today.We hate spam.

This means that if you’re eating a higher calorie intake, the body may not be building up muscle as quickly (and could be actually adding more fat instead) and likewise, after two weeks of a very low calorie diet, the body is going to slow its metabolism down, making it harder and harder to see results.
Figure out how many calories it takes to maintain your body weight (most people will require 15-16 calories per pound) and then multiply that by seven. This will produce a weight gain at about a rate of half a pound per week, which is going to be ideal for staying lean and burning up fat while you build the muscle.
Aim to make your high calorie days around 700-800 calories over and above maintenance to really promote solid muscle building and then make your low calorie days around 400-500 calories below maintenance to promote fast fat loss. Make sure protein is high and carbs are low on the low calorie days and protein is high and carbs are also high on the muscle building days.
While this process does take a little more intricate planning, it will really pay off in the end when you see the results that it delivers. Formerly 360 pounds, Gaude now runs a channel called ObesetoBeast where he gives guidance on the facets of getting fit from the perspective of someone who used to be the complete opposite.
From kudos on the weight loss, to acknowledgment of his courage, to flat-out propositioning and flirtation, yesterday was a good day for Glaude.
90-120 seconds between exercises on big compound exercises, and 60-90 seconds for lighter isolation exercises. We don’t want to lose a lot of weight fast, so luckily you get to eat more and still lose fat.
L-Carnitine comes in many forms, and liquid seems to be the favourite choice if you want fast absorption, but L-Carnitine capsules are an easy option on the go. Chronically elevated cortisol levels prevent you from losing fat, and this is one main reason that people have a tough time getting lean (especially the midsection). Factor in the convenience factor of whey protein shakes and you’ve got yourself a winning combination here. The plain variety is essentially pure protein and lacks any flavour so I’d highly recommend adding your favorite whey protein to it as well as some some fruit or honey and stirring it up into a fruity sludge pudding.
As usual, I like to promote a variety of things in moderation, but if you have a particular fondness for one or two of these things, don’t be afraid to build the bulk of your diet around them. And with the way he's inspired us, we hope his journey is yielding constant happiness and this experience is a breakthrough for his confidence.
BCAAs also help increase your recovery and increase protein synthesis, which means that you will be able to absorb protein efficiently.
Other products that speed up fat metabolism have stimulants such as caffeine, which have been shown to increase the speed of fat burning because stimulants help raise your heart rate to an effective fat burning zone, and suppress appetite. Increasing Vitamin C intake helps reducing cortisol levels, and supplements such as L-Theanine reduce anxiety. Active8 Nutrition will not be held responsible for any information or statements made in these sections. Having a small does of caffeine (from a coffee or fat burning supplement) in the morning may be a great option while your fasting so you don’t get the hunger pangs, and you burn fat more efficiently. Adrenal support supplements can also help your adrenal glands recovery from long term stimulant use.

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