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A gym fitness poster can be your "trainer on the wall to help you stay on track and motivated in your fitness routine.
Motivation is key when it comes to dieting and fitness and The Sports Poster Warehouse-the world’s leader in sports décor, has just the visual stimuli to keep anyone in shape, whether they’re working out at a gym, fitness center or at home in their basement. As the world focuses on starting 2013 New Years resolutions out on the right foot, many Americans and Canadians resolve (yet again!) to get in shape, lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. For Stefanie De Rossi, a Toronto fitness trainer, exercise instructional posters help remind her clients of the safe and proper way to perform an exercise, as well as encourage them to try it on their own in between training sessions.
The Sports Poster Warehouse is the world's #1 source for new, rare and vintage sports posters.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Coaches in charge of football and rugby teams, for example, tend to adopt a single periodized plan. In sports such as triathlon and marathon running, long periods of recovery and preparation are necessary to allow the athlete ample time to prepare and recover from their efforts.
Irrespective of whether your sport is endurance or predominately speed based the foundation period must contain strength endurance training at a relatively low intensity, but with a fairly high training volume (in terms of reps and sets). In terms of strength intensity is measured by the 1RM that the athlete is capable of lifting at that time of year - as opposed to their lifetime best lift. It is important to use multi-joint free weight exercises, such as the squat or dead-lift, as opposed to isolated (single joint) exercises, such as arm curls or leg extensions. Multi-joint free weight exercises have a systemic effect that reaches beyond the muscle fibres recruited in their execution. Certain fixed weight machines can serve a sports strength preparatory role, for example, the low pulley row, or leg press, but multi-joint free weight exercises usually have a better transfer to athleticism.
Movements should be controlled and should be made through the full available range of motion. The aim is to gradually progress condition and avoid excess muscle soreness (and in worse case scenarios injury).
Begin with two or three workouts per week using six to eight exercises over two or three sets of 8-12 repetitions with two to three minutes’ rest between sets. Circuit format: these exercises are performed consecutively with minimal rest between each.
Stage format: I believe this method is best for achieving strength gains, when the loads lifted increase in intensity beyond the 75% limit of the strength preparation phase. It is always good to commence the strength preparation phase with bodyweight exercises before progressing to weight training workouts.
The workouts listed in the table will provide a solid strength endurance base for numerous sports. I have included exercises for the glutes and the lower back – for example, dead-lifts and the bent row. Hatha yoga consists of postures (asanas) which involves lot of physical and mental regulation that stretches, strengthens the muscles making them flexible and lean. Hatha Yoga consists of various categories such as Shiva Samhita, Rocket Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga etc. The Hatha Yoga DVD on the Forgotten Coast is basically for beginners, intermediate and experts on Hatha Yoga. Kathy Jansen presents 180 minutes of well directed and appropriate yoga instructions which has been set in a beautiful gulf coast scenery. On the other side, some claim that the voice is not clearly audible and the camera work does not match upto the expectations. Failing to plan is planning to fail – this is definitely something I am a firm believer in. Although taking part in any exercise will improve your health and fitness levels, many of us need to ask ourselves if we’re training properly to reach specific goals. For example, if you want to lose a stone in weight, your short term goals could include a smaller amount of weight within a realistic short timeframe such as three months and the stone over a longer time frame. It is a great idea to write your goals down as this will give you not only a record to keep track of your progress, but will also provide you with a sense of accountability.
Don’t force yourself to commit to a six day plan if you are only available to train three days a week.

Many people burn out when they throw themselves in the deep end with a fitness programme that does not suit their lifestyles. Taking base measurements, before photos and completing simple fitness tests are aspects crucial to monitoring progress throughout your training programme.
It is a lot easier to stick to if you schedule your exercise in a diary, a note on the wall, a reminder on your phone – a way you would a meeting at work or visiting a friend. Speaking of friends – why not take them with you for support and to inspire them to workout!
If you place importance on it in the same way you do your other commitments, you will find it much easier to be consistent with your training, and this pays off dividends.
I have discovered over time that consistency is more important than perfection, and the only regretted workouts are the ones we miss! Exercise regimes will benefit your body less if you don’t allow adequate time to rest.
A balance of training days and rest days increase the effectiveness of any fitness goal and also reduce the likelihood of injuries! Generally in this circumstance, it can work well to train the larger muscles of the body first.
Training this way is especially useful when you include compound movements such as the squat, as you need all your muscles to be at their strongest to prevent injuries and to maintain good form throughout the movement. On the other hand, if you plan to train six times per week, splitting your routine into upper and lower body days may work best for you. This will ensure that the different muscle groups get ample rest before their next workout as you can alternate the upper and lower body days.
Foam rolling is also an excellent addition to any programme to loosen tight muscles after exercise. This is a really useful and easy way to track your progress and also to monitor the effectiveness of your program. You can change your programme in many ways, simply modifying exercises such as changing from a back squat to a front squat or even manipulating your rest times and the tempo of your lifts can work really well. You can also manipulate the amount of reps and sets that you do specifically to your own goals.
Try and include different activities where possible, especially with your aerobic exercise. It is also important that you go at your own pace, leave your ego at the door because once what your doing is a challenge to you, it does not matter what anybody else beside you is doing or lifting. Consult with a doctor if you have any health issues or injuries before you start a new program to ensure it is suitable for you.
Spend a bit of time on a plan and it will pay off in the long run – after a few weeks your body will automatically make a habit of anything you repeat… Including regular exercising!
I was guilty of this myself when I first began training, but as soon as I had an established routine that I changed frequently, I began to get some serious results which also helped me to remain motivated and enjoy my training even more.
Now you have established your goals and how often you are available to train, you can now begin to apply this concept to suit your own goals.
A good programme will include both aerobic and strength training and address the other aspects of fitness such as muscle strength, endurance and also flexibility. The recommended amount of exercise is 150 minutes aerobic and two strength training sessions  – depending on your circumstances, you may decide to do even more if your goals require so or if your lifestyle permits it. If you follow these pointers, you will be able to create your own training plan that will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.
Remember to pay close attention to your nutrition too as this will fuel your training and supplement accordingly if you have any nutritional gaps! This instructional poster features no less than 38 key dumbbell exercises to work out virtually every muscle in the body. Instructional exercise and motivational posters, posted in a place where they can be easily seen every day, can provide a powerful visual reminder of fitness and weight loss goals, and empower those looking to get fit to stick to their new workout routine. The Sports Poster Warehouse has just released their list of the top 10 fitness posters, perfect for any gym, weight room or home workout space. I have witnessed mediocre teams and individuals in field sports and other events improve quite dramatically by adopting a structured strength programme. It is during this period that the framework of physical, technical and psychological preparation is developed prior to the competition phase.

There is a drawback; unlike with track and field or rowing the competitive seasons are usually several months longer (with matches on a weekly basis), meaning that preparation time is at a premium.
In fact, coach and athlete may have to fit in short preparatory phases before less-important tournaments and select their competition schedule accordingly.
This will provide the muscles with the endurance necessary to withstand and recover from the more intensive work that will be demanded of them in the training and competition phases that follow. This means that they activate the neuromuscular system, which in turn improves coordination. It’s a more advanced system and should only be used by the appropriately experienced athlete. These are usually performed in circuit format, although the intensity can be increased by using the stage method.
Note: As you increase the loads (intensity), you should decrease the number of exercises and repetitions.
These exercises play a vital part in the prevention of injuries to the legs and lower back and improve the body’s ability to sprint, jump, kick and so on.
Choose the postures as per your level of mastery in Yoga and experience immediate relief from stress or any pain that you are suffering.
For eg: Jivamukti Yoga includes adhering to five principle, shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsa (non-harming), nada (music), and dhyana (meditation) and is currently a trend amongst many celebrities. Kathy Jansen provides apt explanations combined with the know-how of various poses along with the teachings of Hatha Yoga.
In fact, people have posted in certain websites that by the time they reached only three sessions, they could see improvement in their ability to tackle balance as well as relaxing their mind.
This is crucial as without goals, it will be a lot harder to monitor your progress and remain committed to your training. It is useful to include the exercise, the amount of sets and reps performed and even how you were feeling throughout the workout.
This will ensure you keep getting results as your body is great at adapting to the stresses and pressures you place on it and you want to keep your training as a challenge.
This will stop you getting bored and will also be more of a challenge to your body than doing the same thing constantly. Admit, it sounds better than wandering aimlessly around the gym jumping on random machines without a game plan! Whether at elite or recreational level, a strength training programme should be planned and implemented according to sound principles to optimise the athlete’s performance capabilities. Inadequate training performed during this period will create problems during the competitive phase, which will be very difficult, if not impossible, to rectify.
For tennis, because of indoor facilities, there are competitive opportunities throughout the year.
In simple terms they improve the body’s ability to move fast, change direction and carry out skills used in sports. The athlete completes, for example, three sets of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise.
Try it and you’ll feel how much tougher it is to do four sets of 20 press-ups with a short recovery between each set before moving on to the (different) next exercise.
If necessary, the sets can be reduced to one or two when intensity is increased, before building back up to three sets as the body adapts.
Similarly, asanas such as forward bending, twisting and other postures motivate our body to get stronger. She has included a new technique known as “Brain Gym” to help people who have kids suffering from motor-neuron development.
During this phase a relatively high volume of training is required in order to prepare the body for the higher intensity training (*) and competitions that follow, where the ability to recover quickly is important. The final aspect of dhyana increases our concentration power making you more control of your emotions. This is because strong, flexible muscles can withstand the rigours of competitive sport much better than the non-strength trained.

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