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Gyms all around America are swarming with people trying to get that perfect beach bod before summer rolls in.
Then there’s a whole other category of trainers, most likely not wearing shirts with identifying labels.
To be a part of the celebrity culture, Currid-Halkett says, it “completely matters” to be connected. White also said that it takes a little bit of “putting yourself out there.” Where a trainer lives and works matters—metropolitan areas are more likely to be populated with celebrities than towns in Iowa. Marketing digitally, networking, and a building a social media following can get people noticed. Since her entrance to the world of stardom, Kimbrough has been featured on CNN, The Today Show, Fox National, the Tony Danza and Wayne Brady shows, Better TV, BET, Good Morning America, and The Early Show. She has also been a fitness contributor for Fitness, Essence and Shape magazines and is a member of the notable Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute, a leading “think tank” with top fitness and health experts. And according to Scott White, “there is an innate desire in everybody to become somewhat famous.” While achieving that level of fitness fame is not always so easy, it can happen with luck, opportunity, and persistence.
Going to the gym and working out is the best way to get physically fit and improve your health. This overconfidence can lead to making mistakes, which can either cause you injury, or not getting the most out of your workouts. I myself am no expert when it comes to training and have made plenty of mistakes in my time.
The following is a list of some common gym mistakes that I have observed over the past eight years of weight lifting and continue to see people make to this day.
For those just starting out in the gym it can become an overwhelming experience not knowing what to do. Most gyms offer personal trainers to assist you in getting started using various machines or in performing different exercises.
Some gyms also have experienced lifters who are willing to offer advice on how to properly train. When I first started off weight lifting, I wasn’t sure what I was doing but thankfully I was able to seek the advice of my friend Andrew as well as others to help me get off on the right foot. A very common occurrence for those who join a gym is jumping the gun and lifting heavier weight than their body can manage. Overloading too soon can vastly increase the risk of injury and for many who become overwhelmed with the weight, they consider giving up on lifting all together. The first time I went into the gym at college, I thought that because I was a larger guy that it would translate into an increased amount of strength compared to those around me. We all have a sense that we can accomplish anything and don’t need the assistance of others to accomplish tasks we have set out to do.
For many new comers who are inexperienced or headstrong lifters, they feel that having assistance with a lift or a spotter makes them look weak around their peers.
When you see someone who is seeing great results and progress from their training, you need to realize it has taken years to get to that point in their physical appearance.
Performing exercises a certain way might work for some, while for others it can increase the risk of injury or developing improper form.
I still continue to see people in my current gym mimicking other’s training methods and form while working out. By trying to impress others you might risk doing exercises with incorrect form or overloading yourself with weight that is unmanageable. Not only are you not getting the benefit of the exercises that you are doing but also you are risking injury and possibly embarrassing yourself, which leads to a bruised ego.
I have witnessed people at the gym pick up heavier weight or perform workouts in order to impress others around them, The desire to impress others isn’t worth the mistakes made in your workouts. It is best to not worry about others, rather put yourself as the priority and don’t go seeking the validation from others. Rest is absolutely necessary when it comes to weight training and letting your muscles recovery after intensive training. During a period of weight lifting last year, I worked out 16 days in a row, which is crazy by any standards. To make the most out of your workouts and see the best results possible, it is important to listen to your body and the signals it sends. Using weighted machines are a great way to get started with training or focusing on a specific muscle group however they limit your range of motion. Utilizing free weights in your workouts will allow you better movement, more natural movements, with your workout and activate more muscle fibers which will lead to greater gains in strength and muscle building. Starting off in the gym, I focused more on using weighted machines as I was inexperienced and didn’t understand how to do certain exercises. Sticking to the same routine might help you see great progress in the beginning of the routine but over time you will hit a plateau and no longer achieve the results you want. This is because your body adapts quickly to the type of training and resistance you do with your workouts. Muscle confusion is a term used to spark that change in your workout routine and to keep the muscle guessing. To either impress others or increase your own ego, you might focus on doing heavier weight rather than completing a workout with proper form.

Focusing on form allows you to get the full range of motion for each exercise, improving the endurance of all of the little muscles in your body and increasing your strength.
In my earlier years of weight lifting, especially during my sophomore year of college, I would focus and pride myself on doing heavier weight rather than focusing on proper form and getting in complete reps of each exercise. Everyone wants that perfect body and to see the results of many top weight lifters but to achieve these results it takes time.
When I first started working out in college, I felt that I needed to spend four hours a day in the gym hitting the weights as hard and for as long as possible. The next time you head into gym, rather than trying to spend as long as possible training a singular muscle group, focus on how you can efficiently use your time and the equipment around you to help you accomplish the results you set out to achieve.
His daily passion for working out, interacting and motivating others, along with his professional involvement in the fitness field encouraged him to create “The Workout Wingman”; focusing on influencing others by showing that if he could change his life, they can as well. With a growing clientele base, FIT Personal Training is looking to hire a fitness professional who will help clients with weight loss, muscle building, body toning and weight management.
Coaxing that last bench press out of clients in these crowded workout rooms are personal trainers who are paid an average of $75 an hour for private sessions. These individuals train stars, professional athletes, musicians, and the rest of the rich and famous – and they charge up to $500 an hour to serve as their pseudo-lifestyle consultants. The new category of fitness pros fuse training and celebrity with “stars” like Gunnar Peterson—who works with Bruce Willis and Jennifer Lopez—and Tracy Anderson—who works with Madonna, Shakira, and Gwyneth Paltrow.
When a trainer works with a celebrity—and can claim credit for her fabulous body up on the screen or stage—he or she becomes much more attractive to the public.
They highlight their star clients’ names in their resumes, and then, using that secondary fame as a foundation— “trainer for so-and-so star” —they pursue their own stardom by writing fitness books, pitching stories to be featured on TV programs and radio shows, selling workout DVDs, CDs, exercise clothing and equipment. It can’t possibly be that they jump from getting their training certification to working with stars.
Who a trainer associates himself with also matters—talking to doctors, managers, publicists, or producers can open up doors of opportunities.
A celebrity fitness trainer in New York City, Kimbrough branded herself to become a nationally known fitness expert and star in a popular web series. Recently, she performed with the national tour of “Dreamgirls.” While on tour, she began networking within the theater industry, and is now a well-known Broadway cast trainer.
She serves as a perfect example for a personal trainer who went from training celebrities – Meredith Viera, Soledad O’Brien, and more – to being somewhat of a high-demand celebrity herself. After you spend some time working out at the gym, getting accustom to the weights and learning to do new exercises it is natural to become overconfident in your abilities. The more mistakes that you continue to make, the less progress you will make, leading to setbacks rather than gains. Many of these mistakes have left me with injuries to heal or not making the progress that I wanted to achieve with my training. These personal trainers are paid to teach and instruct you on how to workout properly to prevent injury and put you on the right track to receive results. You just have to be willing to go up to these individuals and seek advice for the questions that you have. At the various gyms that I have had memberships at, they have had personal trainers on site assisting new and experienced gym goers with learning new workouts along with keeping them on track with their fitness goals. This is why you see many people quitting on their new years resolutions within the first three months as they would rather have instant gratification and results rather than endure months of hard work towards progress. Without the lack of a spotter and wanting to prevent that feeling of being weak, a personal will try and do more weight than they can manage. While I was working out at a gym I witnessed a gentleman loading 315lbs on the bench press.
Seeing these kinds of progress in another individual will lead a person to mimicking the types of exercises or form in their own workouts, without any sense of knowing what they are doing. Before you start mimicking others in the gym, do research and learn how to properly do each exercise.
Some have seen great results from learning new types of exercises by doing them properly but for an unfortunate few, their mimicking has actually led them to getting injured and resulted in medical staff members at the facility attending to them.
The people who you are trying to impress are more likely to forget about it and move on focusing on themselves. Many get the feeling that they have to workout seven days a week, three to four hours at a time to see the best results possible.
Over time though relying on these machines won’t allow you to push forward towards your goals or achieve the progress you want to attain with your training. As I have continued with my training and improve my knowledge of how to properly workout, I evenly balance the usage of both free weights and machines. Thus if you are to do the same exercise for multiple weeks, performing the same amount of weight, reps and sets sure over the first couple of weeks you will see some results but after a bit more time your body will become accustom to this combination and won’t see further change. Meaning you will want to switch up the type of exercises you are doing for each body part, increase the amount of weight, reps or sets or even reduce and increase the amount of rest time in between each set. You may get that pump that you are looking for with the heavier weight but in the long run you are not getting the benefit of doing the exercises correctly. People focus on spending as much time as possible in the gym rather than focusing their efforts on how to use their time efficiently to get the most out of their workouts.
Now that I have matured I have realized all of that time I spent in the gym during my younger years wasn’t necessary and has allowed me to adjust the way that I train now.

Living a healthier life and developing a stronger body helped him conquer his ongoing struggles with obesity. The trainer will be responsible for arriving at the client's home, apartment or condominium with the necessary equipment and helping them achieve their fitness goals. And it’s pretty easy to spot them too, since they’re usually wearing shirts with “Personal Trainer” labeled boldly on the back. They market their approach by specializing in certain styles of exercise to stand out among Hollywood’s hottest. So it seems that just by being in the right place at the right time, and with the right people, anybody can catch their fifteen minutes.
She started training celebrities while working as a “national spokesperson” for Bally Total Fitness from 2002 to 2008. Many of these people are willing to give you help and provide you with answers as long as you aren’t intruding on their workouts or disrupting their sets. Not only could I not lift the heavier weight, but also I had to start off at weight even lower than what I thought I could manage, which was a very humbling experience.
These result in bad form, potentially embarrassing yourself and as stated previously, leading to increase possibility of injury. Rather than asking others to spot him to make sure that he wouldn’t injure himself with the weight, he pushed up the weight and instantly had it come crashing down on his sternum. This will save you from being judged by other gym-goers, reduce the risk of injury and allow you to see the results you want from the exercises you are doing.
Why risk injury or making yourself seem like a fool by trying to impress those around you, the person you should be concentrating your attention on is yourself.
Without any rest you are continuously breaking down your muscles leading to increased changes in tearing tendons and straining the fibers.
Taking the time I needed off away from the gym allowed my muscles to rebuild and recover after the consecutive straight days of lifting I put myself through. With machines I am able to focus on a singular muscle group, pumping up the muscle then finishing off with free weights activating the smaller muscles surrounding the larger ones for better progress.
Confusing the muscles will allow you to activate the smaller muscle fibers and force your muscles to adapt to your new form of weight training. Unfortunately, spending hours on end working out won’t bring you the body you desire, rather you will just exhaust yourself to the point where you are negatively affecting yourself rather than achieving any benefit. Rather than spending as long as possible training, I focus my efforts on utilizing my time to the best of my ability. In this highly competitive industry FIT Personal Training is looking for fitness professionals who are driven to succeed, hard working and trustworthy.
Because Peterson and Anderson are affiliated with big-screen superstars, they’ve become celebrities themselves, full-fledged with managers, publicists, and social networking engineers. We all want to do the same workout routines as our idols, in hopes of achieving comparable results.
This is where the roads split into two, and the significantly narrower path is the competitive field of celebrity training. But after Bally filed for bankruptcy, she decided she wanted to work independently and create a web series.
The feeling that using a personal trainer makes you seem inexperienced and weak compared to others.
The stress on my muscles was too much to bear and thought of risking injury wasn’t worth the setback. Spotters are helpful in preventing injury while training and can aid you when you have trouble pushing the bar up during those last few reps.
People had to rush over to lift the weight off of his chest and staff had to make sure he was alright. This has allowed me to learn that even though I might mentally be up to the challenge, my body was telling a completely different story. This is done by reducing the amount of rest time in between sets, performing super-sets and keeping active throughout my entire workout so that I am not spending half of the day working out but rather utilizing my time wisely.
Most trainers, according to Joe Antouri, celebrity trainer and CEO of the Private Trainers Association, enter the fitness industry not intending to work with celebrities. Ultimately, the goal for many of these trainers is to create a brand for themselves—for both the recognition and the money. Unfortunately due to their stubbornness this leads to them performing exercises incorrectly and having setbacks in their progress. Now I have learned to progress my way through my training, performing weight that I am able to manage without increasing my changes of hurting myself.
This caused the gym to remove the free weight benches from the facility and bring in Smith machines to prevent any risk of injury to their members, all because one gentleman thought he was above everyone and didn’t need a spotter for his workout.

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