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Get ready for the big Married to Medicine reunion with some pictures BTD (before the drama). The doctors and doctors' wives speak their own special vernacular, and we don't mean medical terms.
Check out these exclusive personal and vintage photos of the 'Married to Medicine' ladies out of their scrubs.
Lee’s boyfriend, Rick Ross, also attended and rocked a red leather jacket in honor of the festivities. Others spotted at the soiree include Trinidad James, Quad Webb-Lunceford (Married to Medicine) and more. Mariah and Quad’s once inseparable friendship is non-existant this year and after witnessing their beef first hand at STK in Atlanta, I can assure you, you can put a fork in that relationship… it’s DONE!
That being said, Mariah, the self-proclaimed “Queen Bee” of the show,  is now demanding credit for making Quad “relevant” in the exclusive circle of Atlanta medicine, while Quad feels Mariah has a bad case of jealousy.
What’s even more disappointing is that you are backing Mariah in her mess, instead of helping her to grow. A happy person who is a plus size 18 can very well be more healthy than a person who is a size negative two (Jackie’s size zero is too big!) that works long hours in a stressful environment. I would like to say, however, that I’m glad that i was able to share my story of being overweight.
Wow… Married to Medicine is already drama filled and it’s only the first episode! Mariah is reaching hard- all that Yassss hunty is old and tired and should be used sparingly coming from an educated mother of two.

That?s why I don?t like Jackie, she is uppity and snotty and thinks she is better than everyone…child please!!!! Mariah gets on my nerve because in that particular scene, she was being a sneaky instigator! The part has been plucked too much and it looks like the red sea parting…and her makeup artist should stop, look and try again.
Inform an adult and let them take care of the situation in a mature manner and always take the high road and walk away. I gained many pounds when I was pregnant, I tried everything to lose weight, even had surgery. You do know that before doctors pick a speciality they go to medical school and learn the basics of being a medical doctor?
Jackie is the worst kind of messy: will be classy as hell all day long but READ YOU FOR FILTH if needed! This question posed is so rhetorical, yet seems to be embedded with a hint of shade towards Dr.
Anyway, you?re right, it?s your opinion and it seems in poor taste if you?re just going to talk pointless trash about something that you consider is ?tasteless.? That?s all. This should have never come from you, seeing that you were the aggressor in last year’s poolside brawl. But nothing helped until I applied my “Business Prescriptions” to be consistent, persistent, focused, disciplined, and learned to mimic success! Quad is a much better person without the loud liquor-filled Queen of Ratchet!QUAD you and your football head should have seen Mariah’s back stabbin behind from beneath your damn helmet!

Heavenly didn?t even acknowledge her when she tried to side with her, when she said YESSSS, Dr.Heavenly looked at her and kept on talking. I think that Dr Jackie is not a happy person, I’m not understanding why she has to belittle people that she does not know in a bowling alley!
Jackie has class, yet she?s gone check it very classy like if you get wrong with her and welllll, Dr.
Heavenly was crazy but i wouldve said welll you?re an obgyn i?ll call you for a pap or ivf.
Mariah looked lonely at the party and needed someone to talk to, so she intruded on their private conversation.
Speaking of puppets, in Mariah’s first scene with her mother and sister it amazes me how she can be Gepetto and Pinocchio at the same damn time. Telling someone that they are obese and then beginning to explain all the predisposed conditions of being overweight in a bowling alley is INSANE. Using them to do your dirty work by making statements she wants to put into the universe while keeping your hands clean.
Jackie (an Ob-Gyn btw can in an emergency situation treat you as a general physician on say a plane-when they ask is there a doctor? IS IT ME or does the new cast member (Lisa Nicole look EXACTLY like Raqui Thunder from the first season of L&HH NY?

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