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I seem to get quite a few questions about how I eat, so here is a post about it including a photo gallery of some of my meals.
Quite simply, it entails consuming natural, unprocessed foods consisting of primarily vegetables, fruits and lean meats.
When my training season is particularly vigorous I’ve also eaten sprouted whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and baguettes. Using 3-6 of the above ingredients at a time, I usually can whip up a meal in about 3-10 minutes. Note the above list does not contain juice (contain way too much sugar and no fiber), soft drinks or coffee. During heavy training periods, I’ve also consumed the following in addition to the items above.
I only consume gels, white flour products like white bread and bagels, cola, sports drinks, sugar, processed foods, and trans fats (not intentionally, but too processed foods have them!) on race days. Even during 17-23 mile training runs, I am pretty well-known for not consuming anything aside from a piece of fruit and a glass of water beforehand (and nothing during the run unless it’s very hot outside, in which I might consume some water). When I have company over, I usually prepare something I think my guests would like to eat (even if this includes, for example, bagels and cereal for breakfast—foods I normally do not consume), and when I eat out at a nice restaurant (a few times per month), I usually am not very picky. Felix Wong of Fort Collins, Colorado is a bicycle lover, 50 states marathon runner, life hacker, and mechanical engineer. I'm a registered dietitian and blogger living in Metro Detroit, Michigan with my husband Troy, daughter Adalyn and 2 dachshunds! I found the Fresh 20 several months ago, and it has single handedly saved our weeknight meal routine. In each downloadable packet you get an overview, complete with things you can do ahead of time for meal prep, nutrition information, recipes, and a shopping list with all ingredients. The meals include seasonal produce (which is often on sale) and are very very healthy, while tasting good! As a mother and a runner, I believe strongly in helping others to live a healthy, active life. Read previous post:The Magic Christmas Key Review and Giveaway!I know it’s before Thanksgiving, but I have fully embraced the Christmas spirit!
Oatmeal is one of the healthiest meals on a breakfast menu and cooking instructions are as simple as heating water then stirring in rolled oats. Sandwiches made with wholemeal or high-fiber bread filled with protein-rich food and veggies are a great lunch idea for kids. For an even healthier choice, try going Mediterranean style by filling up pita pockets with fresh veggies.
About Lynda WayLynda Way is the owner of Pacific PreSchool & Kindergarten, a one-of-a-kind child care and learning center in San Marcos, California. Our schools are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and licensed by the California State Department of Social Services. A common misconception these days is that frozen meals are not nutritious, and are bad for your health. Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, since you need to give your metabolism a kick-start each morning.
This frozen meal from Lean Cuisine is made with deliciously flavorful herbs that make it seem homemade.
Lean Cuisine, a brand owned by Nestle, offers many frozen meals and entrees that are widely available in the US, Canada and Australia.
Two things that make the Atkins Italian-Style Pasta Bake so widely appreciated by health-conscious diners are that it has only 7 grams of carbs, and there are no added sugars whatsoever.
Sesame noodles are a very healthy food to begin with, but when you combine them with vegetables, the meal is a lot more nutritious. This delicious, simple, healthy chicken stew can be on the table for a family of four in just one hour. Plus, cooking everything together in the same pot with the excellent selection of veggies this recipe uses, contributes towards your “five a day”, provides a great selection of ingredients from all the food groups AND you’re also saving on the dreaded washing up! For us, chicken often features in many of my recipes; it’s simple, easy and healthy when you need something quick like this healthy chicken stew or my chicken curry in a hurry recipe. There’s a perfectly adequate portion of chicken for each person in this recipe too, providing 62% of your recommended daily protein intake.
You’ll find that this recipe is pretty versatile so you can change the vegetable ingredients for what you may have available.
Having a huge pot of this quick healthy chicken stew, pre-made earlier in the morning on the day of the Great Scottish Run, sitting on the stove, was a welcome and much needed sight to return to! People come from all over the UK to take part in the events of the day and it gets bigger each year. This was my second Great Scottish Run, I previously took part in the 2014 Great Scottish Run and wrote about my results and that amazing experience in this delicious apple and pecan muffins recipe! This year, Liam and Catherine were staying over with Lady Lynne and me, with Liam taking part in his first half marathon, as was Luke, husband of Erin from beetsperminute.
Just before the 10k start, I met newlyweds Luke and Hazel, friends of Lady Lynne’s from her work, both taking part in the 10k too. For myself, despite suffering from a heavy cold (and possibly being the only person blowing his nose all the way round the course, I was absolutely determined to try and at least equal last years result. In all honesty, feeling the way I was feeling on the day, I didn’t enjoy the run as much as last year, but I did it, and I’m already back on the treadmill, “upping” that speed ever so slightly to keep the continual training going for next year. I can pretty much guarantee that won’t have been the last event that we all get together for Erin, seeing as how well everyone got on! You have quality material on your blog that is destined to be shared and SHOULD be shared for those needing professional advice and support on running and fitness Suz.
You just can’t beat a good soul warming soup or stew during the cold weather can you?
Thank you Shashi ?? I honestly cannot believe that I managed to shave a whole 2 minutes off that previous time, remembering how I was feeling with this cold that I’m only just beginning to shift now! Yeah, that doesn’t sound like the sort of weather I’d be cooking this dish in GiGi!
And I’ll quite happily do a swap with you for some of that hot weather to replace the cooler weather we’ve started having here!
We ALL want to manage our finite time and energy and enjoy healthy meals without living in the kitchen. Aside from breakfast (which is pretty much the same every day for me, as I suppose it is for many of you), lunch and dinner could be summarized as having 2 main components: I need a protein and I need vegetables. I cook fresh vegetables for most meals, since they taste better than leftovers, and generally don’t take that long to make. Hard boiled eggs are also a great make-ahead protein option, consider having some of them already cooked in the fridge if you need quick breakfast fix, protein rich snack, or want to bump the protein in your meal. Chicken breasts, steaks, and pork chops all cook perfectly on the grill, and are the next fastest protein option. I keep a variety of seasoning blends on hand to dust on the meat before grilling, including Montreal Steak, Greek seasoning, Tan Tan Moroccan, Longs Peak Pork Chop Spice, and some all-purpose blends.
Spiralized zucchini noodles take just 5 minutes in the microwave and they’re ready to eat.
Zapping vegetables in the microwave is a really speedy way to either cook them all the way, or get a head start.

Expert tip: To steam fresh vegetables in the microwave, spread them on a plate, add a little water, and cover them with a wet paper towel. A quick stovetop meal: saute greens with olive oil and garlic, stir in some pre-cooked meat.
Some vegetables you don’t need to add any water to, like mushrooms, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Potatoes and yams need a bit more cooking on the stove top than other vegetables that have more water in them. My basic strategy here is (like the stove top), VERY simple: Toss vegetables with olive oil in a bowl. Handy tip: knowing the internal temperature is key to knowing when to take a roast out of the oven.
So now we’ve got the quick protein methods down, the quick vegetable methods down, and some strategies available to ensure that you have pre-cooked proteins in your fridge at all times for added ease. During the week, you can stick to Quick meal strategies day to day, with just a few extra minutes 1-2 times a week to put a roast in the oven or set something in the slow cooker to ensure you don’t run out of pre-cooked proteins. Would love to know guidelines for cooked meat & veg as to what is a safe amount of time to keep them, and whether freezing meals gives them an extended life (sad to say most things I put in my freezer end up dying a slow death and go into the bin.
I won't spam you, however from time to time I do send announcements or discounts about our coaching. It seems like so many of us make a new year’s resolution to lose weight.  With three of us sisters having babies this year, that is at the top of our lists!  It can be so hard to prepare a healthy meal that your whole family will eat, so we decided to help you out and compile a list of 100 healthy meals you can turn to when you are needing a little inspiration! Sign up for our free email newsletter and we will send you Our Best Dinner Recipes eCookbook absolutely FREE! The Nutritionist Reviews is a blog that follows my love for creating healthy recipes, trying new products, nutrition, fitness & parenting.
Trying to get dinner (and a healthy one at that!) on the table while keeping the peace among tired and sometimes cranky kids is no easy feat.
I love trying new recipes, but the thought of finding them for the whole week (with sides) and coordinating all the ingredients I needed was a little overwhelming.
The meals do not take more than 30 minutes to prepare and every Friday around 3 pm EST the meals are up on the website for the following week. Best of all, I waste A LOT less food, since you only buy 20 new ingredients each week that you use for the 5 meals.
They always get the seal of approval from both boys and my husband (who is quite the foodie!). I started 30 Something Mother Runner to connect with other moms (and dads!) who run, but it has morphed into something much larger. Homemade pizza, which includes nutritious toppings such as spinach and mushrooms, will add excitement to this easy to enjoy healthy lunch. Staying away from processed and canned foods in favor of dishes close to nature helps complete a day’s worth of healthy meals. For desserts, try to avoid candy with artificial ingredients and replace it with fruits such as apples, grapes, strawberries, dates, and nuts. Lynda's goal is to provide an early education program to children so that it satisfies their physical, socio-emotional and intellectual needs in a progressive way. While this does apply to many – if not most – of the frozen products in your average supermarket, some of these meals are actually healthy.
There is almost nothing better than a couple of whole-grain waffles: easy to cook, healthy and absolutely delicious, these frozen waffles are ready in minutes. The dinner contains roasted potatoes, white-meat chicken and broccoli – a perfect evening meal when you come home tired from work. This is a low-calorie and low-fat brand, and the beef pot roast is a great choice if you are looking for a delicious, healthy and effortless meal.
This frozen meal consists of high-quality beef and penne pasta in tomato sauce, and on top of the meal there is a generous coating of mozzarella that melts when you put the dish in the oven. What makes this frozen meal such a wonderful choice is the sweet and tasty sesame sauce on the noodles. Made from kitchen store cupboard basics, it’s a perfect one pot recipe to satisfy even the hungriest of mouths. We choose to eat chicken regularly because it’s a low fat healthy protein source, unlike red meats which excessive eating of is said to contribute towards heart disease and cancer.
I’d love to hear those different variations and combinations from you (or your thoughts on what they could be) in the comments below. Nearly 30,000 people took part, either in the 10k, the half marathon or the wheelchair race.
So, when I received a text from my mum advising me I’d knocked 2 minutes off my previous time, finishing for the first time under 50m at 48m:35s, Let’s just say was pretty happy with that! Let’s do our usual Thursday link up with Amanda at Running with Spoons  to  see what’s going on over there!
My cold just seems to be kind of shifting around my body at the moment, but this glass of wine I’m having at the moment certainly seems to be helping.
Also I would think that when you’re really busy looking after a family, like yourself, they would be practically essential eh?
I had a good chuckle when I read that you didn’t even realize it till your mom pointed it out! I’ll share below my standard methods, which I use over and over and just change the varieties of vegetable.
I almost always have cooked chicken on hand, and some lean beef (either a roast or extra lean ground beef) which I can add to vegetables, put on a salad, or add to a spaghetti sauce.
Any way you go, all of these picks would only take maybe one minute to open the container, making them the fastest route to dinner!
If you have your greens already washed, you can just pile them on a plate and add some other vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery, carrots, beets…the sky is the limit. I wrap sweet potatoes or yams a damp paper towel and microwave 2-4 minutes to soften, then slice and finish on the stove with a little butter or coconut oil and salt. The towel traps the steam and they cook more evenly than if you just put them dry on a plate and zap. I’ve found that spuds are hard to cook all the way through if I just toss them in a skillet with oil or butter.
I may cook up a big skillet of turnips, carrots and spinach, and when it’s done, add in some cubed chicken breast and stir it all up. It can take anywhere from 25-40 minutes, depending on how big the pieces are and what veggies you choose. I use this thermometer, which you can set to beep when the temperature reaches a certain point. If you add lots of vegetables as well, you can balance it into a one-pot meal and not need to even make veggies to go with it! Many of my clients find it’s easiest to schedule a shopping day and also to schedule a 2-3 hour block of time to cook meals for the week ahead. Hope this post gave you some ideas to make healthy eating a bit less time consuming for you! Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jessica Morrison and 30 Something Mother Runner with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. As always, please consult your doctor with any medical issues, or before beginning a training program.

Add vegetable sticks on the side along with a fruit smoothie mixed with wheat germ and your child will be kicking the day off with natural energy.
It’s important to serve an entree that is rich in protein, such as fish or chicken strips, along with foods high in fiber, such as brown rice, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and broccoli. She makes use of her 40 years of professional knowledge in childhood development and truly loves what she does. Frozen meals are designed to help save a lot of time, trouble and money, and with a bit of patience and the right information you can find products that are filled with vitamins and other key nutrients. And perhaps the greatest thing about them is that two waffles have no more than 150 calories, so they are the perfect choice for those keeping an eye on their waistline. The Lean Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken has no less than 5 grams of fiber, along with 16 grams of protein – overall, it is considered to be a low-fat meal that is not just tasty, but healthy as well. Cooking takes only a few minutes, yet the meal is wholesome and filled with fiber, which should help keep you full until morning.
This frozen meal is one of the best choices you can get in terms of pasta, since it has a very low sodium content and contains almost half of the recommended daily amount of calcium. The veggie side dish consists of red peppers, broccoli and carrots, and the overall meal has just under 300 calories.
So, if you’re with me and you’re nodding away too, then you’ll find this quick healthy chicken stew a perfect dinner solution which doesn’t require much thought or much attention either! The race starts in Glasgow’s iconic George Square and winds its way through the street and parks of Scotland’s largest city. Personally I hope that continues, as it opens the door to so many people to take up the challenge and to become fitter and healthier individuals. I’m pretty sure the ladies enjoyed their wine lunch whilst waiting for the guys finishing their half marathon! I actually don’t meal plan much in advance, I rely on having the right things on hand and being able to create a meal out of them fast. Times when I don’t cook vegetables right before eating would be when I have soup or stew (in which case the leftovers rock!), or when I pre-bake squash, yams, or sweet potatoes, since those take longer.
Season meats, throw them on the grill, close the lid, and in five minutes or so they’re done.
Since many indoor grills get very hot and cook both sides at once, food cooks fast but can rapidly get overdone. Thinly sliced meats will cook pretty quickly, but if I’m making thicker pieces (like whole chicken breasts) in a pan I usually start with browning the meat on both sides with a little oil, then turning down the heat, adding some sauce ingredients, and cooking them over low heat with the lid on for 10 minutes or so to make sure the center gets cooked through. Once they are cooked, I’ll add some oil, butter, spices, herbs, etc to make them tasty. Or I’ll saute some broccoli, garlic and ginger and add strips of cooked beef at the end.
Some of my favorites are broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, which all take about 25-35 minutes at 425.
But investing the time with a 2-3 pound roast of beef or pork will provide us with a few days’ worth of protein.
Pulled pork, beef stew and Cuban black beans (when I ate beans haha!) are all great uses for the slow cooker. I use soy crumbles instead of ground beef and I bet it would taste awesome.And I completely agree about the spinach, You cannot taste it.
Make yourself comfortable and stay for a while to see all of the fun things we have in store! These waffles are filled with proteins and fiber that will make you feel full, so you won’t want to grab a snack between meals. If you watch your calories, then you might want to buy this frozen meal next time you go to the store. The pot roast meal has mixed veggies in it, from celery and carrots to green beans, roast potatoes and onions.
There are also 33 grams of proteins – however, you might want to consider a smaller serving size because the entire meal has over 350 calories, which might be a bit too much for some dieters. It gets even better: there are less than 3 grams of fat in the meal, and no less than 7 grams of fiber. I usually don’t spend more than 30 minutes making a meal, and very often much less time than that.
Helpful tip: If you want something to get golden brown, use some oil and get it pretty hot. Drain, top with a little lemon juice, olive oil or butter, a sprinkle of salt and some sesame seeds and it’s delicious. To cook up leafy greens like spinach and kale, you can you either water to steam or a bit of oil to saute. Example in the photo: Swiss chard, garlic, olive oil, white beans and pre-cooked ground beef.
I’ve also found that wrapping pieces or halves of squash completely in foil keeps them just as moist as with the water, so I go either way. The convenience is worth a little forethought.  Often I stock up these premeditated leftovers by making a big batch of meat on the grill, but I also use these techniques below. Just poke the sensor into the center of the roast before baking, (the display sits on the countertop outside the oven) take it out when the alarm sounds. It all starts at the grocery store, so when you’re shopping, think about picking up some cuts of meat for the quick methods (chicken breasts, fish, steaks, pork chops) as well as one or two protein options intended for premeditated leftovers (like a larger roast for the oven or slow cooker, or meat for a soup). The possibilities are endless when it comes to serving your waffles, since there are dozens of toppings to choose from: you can opt for a little caramel or chocolate, or add some chopped fruit on top for an extra boost of flavor and vitamins. With less than 200 calories per serving and only four grams of fat, the Lean Cuisine Beef Pot Roast is said to be one of the healthiest frozen meals you can find at the local supermarket. Add the fish or meat and let it be (don’t poke, turn or harass it, okay?) for several minutes before peeking underneath with a spatula.
One of my favorite ways to enjoy sweet potatoes is to microwave them to partially cook, then slice and brown in a pan with butter and Greek seasoning.
With any vegetables, I often add rosemary, garlic, lemon juice, or fresh herbs for flavor, but simply sticking to olive oil and salt is delicious. Two vegetables I do sometimes pre-bake and save for another day are spaghetti squash and potatoes. With vegetables, I make sure we have enough starchy ones (sweet potatoes, yams, winter squash, peas) to cover all our post workout meals, and then I stock up on as many other vegetables as  I can carry back!
If I want spaghetti squash for a meal and don’t have an hour to bake it, 12 minutes or thereabouts in the microwave will do it.
I eat roasted vegetables day after day for long stretches in the winter without getting tired, I just change up the veggies and the seasonings. My favorite meal would be grilled fish fillet, pasta without too much butter, parmesan cheese on top, Classico sauce added and veggies grilled or steamed with slices of garlic inside. I make roast beef fairly often and cook it at 375 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 125 degrees, then take it out and let it rest.
The temperature will keep rising inside, so it peaks about 140-145 degrees, which is somewhere around medium in the center and stays juicy.

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