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There is not only one way to lose weight and it doesn’t matter how many times you have tried.
Are you ready to lose weight but you are overwhelmed by a barrage of diet tips and information from the media and from the internet? This time you will be successful because you have changed your intentions, practiced intuitive eating, and now know the powers of positive emotion.
Don’t  get to the point of feeling famished, ask for a to-go box at the start of your meal, and know where to access healthy food. Remember how it felt to come inside from a cold winter’s day of sledding with flushed cheeks and fresh energy pulsing through your veins?

Most of the food items we buy today have labels that indicate how much calorie they contain.
Water has no sugar, no calories and it may help make you feel full a little longer so you won’t crave food all the time. Sodas, candy bars, cookies, and other junk foods as well as beer and alcoholic drinks should be thrown away or kept to a minimum. Choose one day each month to treat yourself to food that you really love even if it happens to be a not-so-healthy one. Go ahead, satisfy your cravings, but please remember to go back to following your diet program.

Your body is an amazing, intelligent, beautiful thing… It knows how to respond to your energy.

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