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March 29, 2013 by Sharon 3 Comments Every six months or so, a new diet book is released that captures my attention. Smith’s plan consists of three small meals and 3 -4 snacks a day, so you are eating every few hours.
This is where I share my passion for helping other busy Moms get organized, prepare meals that their kids will actually eat, and celebrate all of the good stuff- like holidays, birthdays, and family vacations!
So to get myself ready (and in true hyper-organized fashion), I decided to put together a printable that I can use to plan out my meals in advance, based on the menu choices in the book.

Dr Smith takes that idea from weight lifting and applies it to his 6-week diet cycle- mixing up the foods you eat so your body’s metabolism has to adjust to the constant change, causing it to work harder for you. Each week has a unique approach, and offers a list of items that you can select for each meal or snack. This also allows me to know exactly what I need to buy at the grocery store, so that I have a greater chance of sticking with the plan.
When I first read through the book, I really had a sense that from an eating stand-point, this is something that I can do.

Yes, some week will be more challenging than others- especially the week where you are eating lots of protein and fruit smoothies.
And fire days a week you have to dedicate 30-45 minutes to cardio exercise- but it is okay if you want to break that up into two separate sessions during the day- even better if you mix it up and do two different type of cardio workouts.

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