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Numerous studies show that people who are attempting to lose weight often lose faster if they drink a glass of water before each meal. She believes weight-loss and achieving a healthy weight shouldn't be complex whatsoever, so in this presentation, she names the most effective YET basic weight loss tips for all to use!
The water lends a sense of fullness, leading to fewer calories being consumed during the meal. Some links below are amazon affiliate links which means I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase. Drinking water before eating also increases overall hydration, replacing sugary drinks with a healthier alternative containing no calories.
Thank you for your support!What if I told you that you could lose weight simply by making a few changes to your eating environment? If you eat off of smaller plates for 3 meals a day, the calorie savings quickly adds up leading to effortless weight loss, with the bonus of getting pretty new plates! Personal Note: My family and I have been eating off of smaller plates for as long as I can remember.

Personal Note: I love this tip and am definitely going to rearrange the contents of my fridge, freezer, and pantry to put the most nutritious foods front and center, even if that means taking the veggies out of the crisper. I also can be better about washing and cutting up veggies ahead of time so my family and I will be more likely to eat them! THREEWhat: Clear your countertops off of all food except for a big bowl of fruit {with at least 2 different varieties}. Personal Note: Unlike my sometimes uneaten crisper veggies, I almost always have a big bowl of fruit on the counter, and you know what? Why: If you want to fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruit at home {which I highly suggest!}, you need to first fill your cart with all these delicious fruits and veggies before you can eat them at home.
Also, tell yourself you’re taking a scenic walk to clear your mind instead of a walk for exercise.
Why: Multitasking isn’t usually recommended, but if you can get a walk in at work, AND get some work done, more power to you!
I find this really clears my mind, so I can focus better on work, plus all these mini workouts can really add up!SIXWhat: Ask to sit by the window, or in a well-lit area the next time you go to your favorite restaurant. Wansink and his associates have discovered that what people eat at restaurants, correlates with where they eat, and people who eat by windows or in well lit areas tend to eat more side salads and are less likely to order dessert, than people who eat in dimly lit areas or in booths. Wansink, over a healthy {delicious} meal and a glass of wine! If you’ve ever read Dr. Slim by Design follows the same tone, and after I finished reading the book, all I wanted to do was call up Dr.

Wansink and invite him over for dinner!+ Provides solutions to mindless eating traps that will work for everyone. Not only do you get simple weight loss tips to use in your home, you also get tips for grocery shopping, dining out at restaurants, working at the office, and eating at school, plus you get action plan ideas based on your lifestyle. When you first read the book, they’re is a lot of information provided, which may seem a little overwhelming at first, but fear not, because the last part of the book is filled with step-by-step action plan lists that you can start checking off today.
Note: Not all of the information may apply to your personal lifestyle, so take away what works best for you.
Wansink suggests this, that you not change too many things at once, and instead focus on a couple of changes you can make each month. Reply Heather says: January 15, 2015 at 12:10 pmWalking on lunch breaks and meeting friends for walks as opposed to sitting down for coffee are two tips I love, and highly recommend to others! Wansink has so many great tips Reply Farrah says: January 15, 2015 at 8:37 pmMy counters are lacking in space because of my kitchen contraptions, but I love the fruit bowl idea! The Spicy RD is your go-to guide to help you live your most delicious life, including fresh, seasonal gluten-free recipes {mostly healthy, sometimes indulgent}, nutrition and healthy living tips, plus a whole lot of fun on the side, so dig in, and let me know what makes YOU feel delicious~I love hearing from you~Cheers! Cacao Date Smoothie & Cookbook Giveaway Rosemary Parmesan Quinoa Polenta Fries Budget Gourmet!

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