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The standard TSH test is reliable for diagnosing thyroid problems 80-90% of the time.  If you are having symptoms of thyroid dysfunction (see this link for a list of symptoms) and have been told that everything is “normal” you may still have a thyroid problem. Undiagnosed thyroid dysfunction or improperly treated hypothyroidism is very common.  If you are having persistent symptoms of an underactive thyroid and have been told everything is normal, my book Hormonal Balance (click for more info) can help you figure out if the thyroid is to blame and if so what you can do about it.
Perhaps you have presented these symptoms to your doctor and were told to get a blood test for your thyroid. Basically, the TSH comes from your pituitary gland, and it tells your thyroid to make the hormones it’s supposed to make. First off, what the doctors consider “within normal range” for your TSH isn’t always optimal. Next time we’ll talk about the different thyroid hormones in your body, what they do, and how things can get out of whack. With up to 300 million people suffering from an underactive thyroid all over the world (according to Thyroid Federation International), and mounting scientific research linking low thyroid levels to stubborn weight loss resistance and countless other serious health conditions, youa€™d expect more awareness from the medical community around this "invisible" or "silent" illness, right?Not so.The real bummer is that most of your low thyroid symptoms could be unrecognized if your doctor assumes that the debilitating symptoms youa€™re describing are merely effects of a sedentary lifestyle or advancing age. Yes, I heard you gasp.But if you experience some of the hypothyroidism symptoms listed above and want to determine if you really have an underactive thyroid, here's a simple test you can do on your own. You will be measuring your basal (at rest) body temperature (BBT) during 3-5 consecutive days, immediately upon waking up in the morning, before getting out of bed and becoming physically active.
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Did you know that 30 million Americans — and 200 million people worldwide — have a thyroid disorder?
That’s why Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness put together a FREE online event called The Thyroid Sessions, with 23 expert interviews and cooking classes on all things thyroid — so you can get the answers you’ve been looking for. Sean has brought together a stellar lineup of functional medicine doctors, bestselling authors, nutritionists, and chefs for this event! Disclosure: This event is free but as an affiliate of The Thyroid Sessions I will make a commission if you make any purchases through my link. Why UsAmerican Longevity Center provides men and women across the country with the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and healthy aging solutions. For MenTestosterone in men is responsible for healthy bone density, strength, sex drive, fat distribution, sperm production and red blood cell production.
For WomenEveryday millions of women suffer from these symptoms that accompany hormonal imbalance.
With more than 300,000 deaths a year in the United States attributed to weight loss, we’d be kidding ourselves to believe that a powdered shake or special pill is the answer to the problem. When you look at these statistics, it seems overwhelming to imagine that we are still marketing shakes, pills and exercise videos to overweight people. If it were easy to lose weight, the diet industry wouldn’t be a thriving multi-billion dollar industry.

It’s time to take a more serious and clinical approach to your weight loss with the doctors at American Longevity Center. At American Longevity Center, our nationally recognized Fellowship trained physicians follow a scientific evidenced-based approach to weight loss. We focus on all aspects of your health from nutritional deficiencies, toxins, food sensitivities, adrenal & thyroid imbalances, hormonal deficiencies, and many more.
Your accountability and progress is tracked with a state-of-the-art, interactive computerized system. Our physician monitored weight loss programs consist of eating a variety of healthy meals designed to achieve a gradual weight reduction while providing you with the essential nutrients you need for good health. Our weight loss programs for men are designed specifically for each patient, based on comprehensive lab testing, and body impedance analysis (BIA).
You will be offered smart and sensible meal choices and will even be shown how to prepare meals based on your personal tastes and medical profiles. At all times, you will have a real time analysis of where you came and where you are heading, backed by current medical guidelines that will lead you toward your successful weight. A Lifestyle Coach, who is certified in Holistic Nutrition, will add personal interaction and provide the tools and support for the many changes you will go through in the program. Our privilege and pleasure is to work with you and gain your trust in developing a successful weight loss program that will change your health forever. From the moment the experts at American Longevity Center take over the management of your weight loss, you will feel relief that a successful program is finally at hand. Then, perhaps, your doctor received the results and said that your thyroid is fine and that you have no problems. But if your thyroid is having trouble producing hormones, your pituitary will shoot out extra TSH to get it running again. But most of these tests come back “within normal range”, so your doctor will probably assume everything is kosher with your thyroid.
And even if they do match, the levels in your blood might be different from the levels in your body’s tissues. So if the levels in your tissues are off, even if they’re “within normal range” in your blood, you may still have a problem, and you may feel some of those nasty symptoms I mentioned above.
Youa€™d be shockeda€¦ did you know that hypothyroidism is frequently misdiagnosed as high stress?Unfortunately, it's true.While - along with many other causes - chronic stress can trigger low thyroid levels by weakening your immune system and causing a plethora of hormonal imbalances in your body, going on anti-anxiety medication isna€™t going to solve your low thyroid symptoms. You can do this test on any day of the month, unless you are a menstruating woman, in which case you should do it only on days 2,3,4, and 5 of your period; that's because your body temperature varies significantly with the menstruating cycle, altering your results.
Just relax and stay still before the 10 minutes are up to avoid raising your temperature and compromising your hypothyroid test.Record the exact readings each morning for at least 3 consecutive days so you can average out the results.
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Kelly Austin exposes thyroid-damaging fillers like gluten and lactose in thyroid medications.
But you can get started today with a FREE full-length, on-camera interview with Sean and our favorite gluten expert Dr.
Our time-tested methods are based on close medical supervision, metabolic assessment, behavioral changes, nutrition, exercise, and accountability.
This newly released technology is only available to a highly qualified handpicked group of physicians in the country, and we’re proud to be a part of this group. Along with the interactive computer program, these tests will monitor how your metabolism and your body performs.
If you protested that you still have the symptoms, maybe you were given a prescription for anti-depressants. His practice focuses on promotion of the overall health of his patients through a wide range of naturopathic methods. You can reproduce limited parts of it for non-commercial use only, as long as you include an active link back to this site.
We use dedicated teams of specialists to provide our patients with the best in both care and customer service. Advanced treatment options in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy have helped women just like yourself overcome the life-interrupting side effects of perimenopause and menopause. He has been in private practice now for over 10 years and specialises in thyroid conditions, primarily Wilson's Temperature Syndrome.
Along with at least other few low thyroid symptoms, your basal body temperature (BBT) test is a pretty accurate and very helpful diagnostic tool for low thyroid levels, although controversial with some medical practitioners. If you've seen your doctor regarding your low thyroid symptoms you know what I'm talking about.So don't miss out on Hypothyroidism Revolution - get the info you need to start now!
This hormonal trio is - not surprisingly - much easier thrown out of balance in women, since we have a much more complex and delicate endocrine system than men. In fact, ten times more women than men have an underactive thyroid; it typically starts between the age of 40 to 50, along with the other hormonal changes occurring at this stage in womena€™s life.
And many more.If you have to add the lack of understanding of these debilitating hypothyroidism symptoms from your family and friends (and even from your family doctor), your frustration is completely justified.
One of the best (and most affordable) resources I can recommend is Tom Brimeyer's Hypothyroidism Revolution.

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