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This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Research continues to expand on ingredients for use in both supplements and functional foods, offering manufacturers myriad options when formulating products to help consumers manage weight.
In a similar fashion, dihydrocapsiate, which also comes from the capsinoid family, is found naturally in non-pungent sweet peppers. The potent antioxidant indicaxanthin, an active ingredient derived from cactus fruit, can also help consumers reach a desired body shape by resolving symptoms related to water retention-induced obesity, according to a company-conducted study on Nexira’s Cacti-Nea indicaxanthin ingredient. SupplySide West is the industry's gathering point where science & strategy intersect Oct.

The results indicated capsinoids activate BAT and increase energy output, which may help decrease body fat.
Dihydrocapsiate is 1,000-times less pungent than capsaicin, according to Jeremy Bartos, scientific and regulatory affairs manager, Glanbia Nutritionals (producer of CapsiAtra™ dihydrocapsiate). This means consumption will not lead to burning in the mouth or throat, and it will not cause indigestion issues.
At the end of the trial, women with BMIs less than 25 experienced a 27-percent increase in urine production (diuresis), which helped reduce swelling in the legs and torso. 6, for a one-hour session in the INSIDER Education Track that will explore key factors to help you identify well-designed studies, look at different weight loss ingredients, and gain tips on how to effectively and ethically advertise weight loss products.

Like capsaicin, dihydrocapsiate can help boost metabolism, leading to an increase in fat burning. For consumers desiring to lose water weight as a part of their weight-loss goals, this superfruit ingredient may pique their interest, as 80 percent of the study participants acknowledged its effectiveness.

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