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October 12, 2015 · by Michelle · 11 Comments Delicious chicken, two types of beans, and heaps of smoky and spicy flavors make this 20-minute Mexican Chicken Soup a low-carb favorite in our house!
Since I was exposed to their lifestyle, I really don’t follow current trends for dieting.
Low Carb Mexican Chicken Soup2015-10-11 20:48:55 Serves 10 Delicious chicken, two types of beans, and heaps of smoky and spicy flavors make this 20-minute Mexican Chicken Soup a low-carb favorite in our house! The topic of obesity has been brought up so much lately… Our children especially are at risk. Childhood obesity is such a concerning issue, particularly when you consider the diseases that go along with it.
Sometimes we need a snack that is warm and filling that can only be provided by the devilish carbohydrate. The traditional way is to soak overnight and cook in water the next day but I never have time for that! There are various types of nut butters with peanut butter being the most widely available and most reasonably priced. You can also make seed paste (also called seed butter) using the same method as you do to make nut butter.
When you start showing signs of Type 2 diabetes, you will need your doctor to send you to see a registered dietician to come up with a healthy eating plan. In Type 2 diabetes, excessive amounts of calories and fat intake can increase blood sugar levels.
The purpose of a Type 2 diabetes diet is eating the right foods to help keep your blood sugar levels stable, maintain a healthy weight and prevent long-term complications. A recent diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes or if you have been told you are at risk for diabetes means you should see a registered dietician early in the game. Since diabetes puts you at higher risk for heart disease, you will want to keep your diet very heart friendly. Cholesterol is found in high-fat foods from animal products, egg yolks, liver, shellfish and organ meat. When it comes to carbohydrates, anything made from white flour, white rice, and white flesh potatoes are simple carbohydrates and tend to spike the blood sugar the most.
This range is for small statured women or women who would like to lose weight,and for medium statured women who do not exercise.
Low Glycemic Index Foods:Complex carbohydrates includes high fiber fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, cherries, whole grain breads, and brown rice.
High Glycemic Index Foods:These are foods that have more simple carbohydrates and should be eaten sparingly like white flour, white rice, low-fiber fruits and vegetables and red potatoes. The glycemic index is a well-established way of classifying foods based on their potential to raise blood glucose (blood sugar).
Eating a big meal of only high GI foods will cause you to feel hungry only a few hours after that meal, because the blood sugar will dive sharply and this low blood sugar causes hunger again. Dr Dani is a Medical Doctor & American Board Certified in Integrative Medicine (ABIHM). I mostly eat what tastes good, but have to remember that an active lifestyle goes hand in hand with eating hearty, whole foods.
It’s easy, protein rich (chicken AND two types of beans), and makes for a very healthy, low carb dinner!
I love all sorts of food and thoroughly enjoy eating clean and low processed foods but I am also a lover of biscuits I can dunk in english tea! So just add water (amount depends on your preference in consistency) and nuke it for a few minutes. It is still to this day my favourite carbohydrate even though white rice is not the best choice when it comes to refuelling the body.

I personally prefer almond butter and for those of you with peanut allergies this is a good choice. At first I thought it could never work but after looking into Paleo lifestyle I am now a total convert.
The nuts turn to a powder before they turn into the butter so just remove them at that stage if you want nut flour. Most seeds aren't too different in their macronutrients and predominantly good for getting your daily dose of unsaturated fats and dietary fibre. Pumpkin seed butter is very tasty and reminds me of pesto (try it with some scrambled eggs). Tinned tuna is cheaper than chicken and provides good amounts of protein to keep your snacks carb and fat free.
There is plenty of nutritious fats and protein if you are after a balanced meal rather than low fat. And in my eyes it is still the taste that makes them so tempting rather than the nutrition. I always carry one in my bag for emergency purposes (never know if you get stuck in traffic). It is important to come up with a sensible plan for eating to stabilize blood sugars and prevent complications from the disease. Often this can reduce symptoms of pre-diabetes or bring blood sugars under control if you already have diabetes. If this is not brought under control, you may experience severe complications and even long-term damage to the body's vital organs, nerves and blood vessels.
They will help you compose a meal plan best suited to your needs; lifestyle, weight, and health goals. High fiber foods are also good for the heart and help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Eat modest amounts of avocado, pecans, almonds, walnuts, olive and olive oils but not too often because of the calories. Your dietician knows best and always consult your doctor before starting a new eating plan. If you find something affects your blood sugar adversely, probably a good idea is to avoid it altogether.
This is the calorie range for small men of healthy weight and size or men of medium stature who do not exercise. If the foods are registered high on the glycemic index, they are more likely to cause blood sugar spikes. High glycemic index diets are typically composed of foods that produce a large rise in blood sugar after a meal and cause large amounts of insulin to get released. Partially because of this, and partially out of necessity, they were incredibly self-reliant. Knowing myself quite well, it is better for me not to have biscuits in my pantry but you will always find many other ingredients to make quick, healthy snacks and meals whether you have 2 minutes or an hour to spare.
They are what I call 'good value carbs'  which are decent portions with sensible carbohydrate content. Lots of people eat brown rice which I am all for but I prefer the nutty and crunchier taste of wild rice. I use it to make my post workout meal of tinned tuna and mashed banana which sounds disgusting BUT don't knock it until you've tried it.
I usually mix a tin of tuna and mackerel together so the mackerel oil makes the tuna more digestible. I only buy flavourless whey now and you can get some non-branded ones that are no where as expensive as the brands.

My personal favourite is the VPX NO IMPACT bars because they are designed to minimise effects on blood glucose levels. The Type 2 diabetes diet focuses on getting out of the fast food and carbohydrate "rut." It focuses on introducing more whole and healthy foods that your body will need to manage this condition. These includenuts, beans, whole-wheat flour, wheat bran, fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. For an added benefit, eat fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel and bluefish. Stay away from Trans fats like stick margarine, shortening, commercial baked goods and processed snack foods.
This causes stress in the body (INFLAMMATION) and causes the body to make new fat cells to store the extra sugar released from the high GI food you just ate.
She splits her time between her medical practice in Vancouver, Canada & her Wellness Centre in Bali. Reduce heat to low and allow to simmer.Using a food processor or a potato masher, mash one can of great northern beans until it resembles a chunky paste. A well stocked fitness fanatic pantry is essential for eating clean, staying motivated and progression. It has many advantages over other rice including lower carbohydrate content, whole grain, gluten free, higher in protein and vitamin B (for energy). Nut butters are calorie and nutrient dense which make them the perfect 5 second snack that you can spoon into your mouth on the way out the door.
The good thing about baking with nut flour is the removal of the lengthy rising of the dough (especially when you just want to eat!).
I tend to have a stock of dates, figs, prunes, apricots, and if I can find them, unsweetened dried mango (OMG).
They kept chickens for eggs, and eventually, for dinner! They worked hard, and they ate well.
Add the paste and remaining two cans of beans to the pot.Partially cover and allow to simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
It is slightly more expensive than your usual rice but I don't eat rice that often anymore so it is a real treat for dinner. Or when you are feeling peckish but want to keep insulin levels at bay then nut butters are great as they are very low carbohydrate (most of the carbs in nuts are dietary fibre). Nut flours are very versatile and you can make all sorts of low carb, high protein substitutes for sweet and savoury flour based snacks whilst receiving all the nutrition from the nuts and keeping insulin levels down. Most dried fruits are whole so they still provide good amounts of fibre as well as whatever its nutritional profile brings, like vitamins and minerals.
But don't go overboard and rely on them as your sole source of nutrition because at the end of the day they are a supplement. Just like you wouldn't stop eating your greens because you take a multivitamin, that is how you should treat protein supplements.
Don't fret too much about the fat numbers because nuts contain plenty of unsaturated fats that promote a better cholesterol profile.
Their cookies were made with shortening.They had vegetables and fruits aplenty, and plenty of healthy, natural fats. You should worry more about the servings though because it can get out of hand very easily.

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