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The fitness test consists of entering your age, weight, height, sex and also performing push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks in a timed routine. Generally these with these achievements, the description is a good enough explanation but just to clarify, every day for 100 days you have to complete either a Dellagrotte, Mendez or a Jackson exercise routine.
Within each category there are different routines depending on which area of the body or which type of workout you wish to undertake (strength, weight cut or cardio). For this achievement, you have to complete the 12 exercises that are specific to a Mark DellaGrotte routine.
For this achievement, you have to complete the 12 exercises that are specific to a Javier Mendez routine.
For this achievement, you have to complete the 12 exercises that are specific to a Greg Jackson routine.
At the start of each exercise, the trainer will set you a target for the amount of reps they require you to do (15 push ups, 30 bicep curls etc) Hitting this target in the allotted time by completing the actions shown on screen will get you an A rating. This achievement in itself is relatively straightforward and you will earn it through the course of playing the game naturally. To track your progress on this achievement, you can go to the player tracker in the main menu, go to rewards and then to accomplishments. For this achievement, you have to complete a pre-made workout with Mark DellaGrotte, Javier Mendez and Greg Jackson. To set a challenge for someone, go to Multiplayer games and pick option 4 – Xbox LIVE Challenge. This achievement requires you to win 5 of the hot seat challenges, which in essence is supposed to be a turn based challenge.
The exercise programs are designed to help you reach a preset goal by varying the activities you do, how many times you do them and for how long.
As the achievement description indicates, this achievement requires you to work out for 30 hours in the game. To check your progress on this achievement, you can go to your workout journal from the main menu. After you’ve selected your trainer from the menu screen you will be presented with 3 options.
To earn yourself this achievement you have to build yourself a workout filling all 10 exercise slots and adding a warm up and a cool down at the beginning and end and complete it. Some users have finished all 10 exercises only to have the achievement not pop on them (sadly seems to be a re-occurring theme with this game). In-game accomplishments consist of doing certain things so many times, for example Complete 100 upper body exercises or burn off a total of 5000 calories. This achievement requires you to win the speed bag activity in the multiplayer section of the game 3 times.
This title is set for release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, but this review will focus on what is ostensibly the ‘primary’ platform – the Xbox 360 when paired with Kinect. Switching over to Free Striking bag, I selected from a 1, 3, or 5 minute free session with the heavy bag.  Without the resistance of a bag it does feel a little unfocused, so I can’t say that I did this portion often. Flip the Tire is pretty transparent – you aren’t flipping a real tire, so you are more accurately just doing squats by a different name.
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Take your workout to the next level and burn even more calories in the process with this complete line of UFC Personal Trainer workout gear including weighted accessories for your hands, shins, forearms and torso. This will determine what level (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert) your workouts will be set to. The more you do in the allotted time – the higher the level that is recommended to you.

Once you’ve hit the target, the trainer will encourage you to push on and do a further 30% of the required total. The wheel on the right hand side of the screen will totally fill with green and one will be added to your total.
An exercise is one of the routines either completed during a trainers pre-set workout or one added in your own custom workout. If you are set to the expert level from your fitness test then you’ll earn yourself a gold medal.
You’ll need them to send you a challenge through the game and you simply have to beat it.
However you can simply pose as both player 1 and player 2 as they don’t need to both be on screen at the same time and earn this achievement. There are three types of exercise programs; build strength, cut weight and build endurance. The x360a forums are littered with users who have finished a program only to find the achievement not popping.
As with many of the achievements in this game, this will be earned naturally as you progress through the game.
Here there is a timer that will tick over during your workouts and pop at the appropriate hour marks. All I can suggest is make sure you include the warm up and cool downs, use 10 different activities and make sure to A+ all of them and fingers crossed after you’ve cooled down, it should pop.
If you are set to the intermediate level from your fitness test then you’ll earn yourself a silver medal. Depending on which level you are set to will determine the colour of the medal you receive.
In total there are 40 accomplishments all of which can be seen and tracked by going to Player tracker and then by selecting them. Penn, Clay Guida, Michael Johnson, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, Mike Swick, Patrick Cote, and many more.   All three of them have brought their own strengths to the game, giving us a dozen workouts each that are pulled directly from the routines they’d put their own fighters through. Slap on the weighted vest, gloves, shin and forearm weights and let the fists fly while building strength, increasing endurance and killing calories.
This level can be lowered or raised both here and later on in the game depending on how you think you’re doing and at any time you can also re-take the test. You will be presented with the option to pick your trainer and for this achievement, it is irrelevant which trainer you pick. You will be presented with the option to pick your trainer and for this achievement, make sure to pick a Mark DellaGrotte.
You will be presented with the option to pick your trainer and for this achievement, make sure to pick Javier Mendez. You will be presented with the option to pick your trainer and for this achievement, make sure to pick Greg Jackson. This is the recommended level to you depending on how you did in the fitness test however you can at any point change the level.
As with most of the achievements in this game, you will earn this achievement through natural progression through the game as you complete each exercise.
If you complete all 71 exercises with a top rating and silver medals, the achievement will pop. If you complete all 60 exercises with a top rating and receive a medal the achievement will pop.
If you complete all 71 exercises with a top rating and bronze medals, the achievement will pop. Check out a preview of the game below, along with all the latest UFC accessories required to turn this personal workout system into the ultimate MMA fitness experience.

Now pick custom workout and begin adding your exercises (up to 10 +warm up & cool down). You will notice that the first 12 exercises have the trainers face in the bottom right corner of their box, these are the ones you need to select.
You can choose a number of different fighters to train with, none of which affect the achievement in itself, however as the game is prone to be a bit glitchy at times, I would recommend doing all 15 routines with the same fighter. This will give you some idea of what they need to do for you so you can both earn the achievement.
The game schedules you in rest days and workout days which you must adhere to and also complete each exercise on each day to earn this achievement without failing! I also lack in confidence partly due to my body image and while I am all too happy spilling words out on to the Internet, I often fail in social situations. You will notice that the first 12 exercises have the trainers face in the bottom right corner of their box, these are the trainer specific exercises that you can read more about below. Using workouts and activities designed by professional Mixed Martial Arts trainers UFC:PT aims to give you a full body workout. One of the main features is a series of 30 and 60 day programs designed to tone muscle, cut weight or build cardio endurance using carefully selected exercises and workout routines.The challenge itself has been set by games industry trade publication and website MCV, in association with THQ and UFC. This will see many of the industries workers such as myself and Editor-in-Chief Debbie metaphorically fighting it out to see who can get in the best shape using UFC:PT in a 30 day time period.
After a quick setup of personal details including weight, height, and age, it went on to calculate my base metabolic rate. Esssentially your BMR is how many Calories you will burn just doing nothing around the house or in other words, how many Calories you need to consume to maintain your bodyweight.
The BMR calculation was closely followed by an intense fitness test with a few exercises such as push-ups and star jumps.Having looked through my options I decided I would start the 30 day Cut Weight program the next day. This would see me performing set workouts on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with recovery days on Sundays and Wednesday.
Not to be disheartened I repeated fridays workout with much greater speed and ease, despite my body aching in places I didn’t know existed.
Sadly, because of Friday showing as missed, my recovery day seems to be reset to Tuesdays and Fridays. This workout was similar to yesterday’s, starting with the focus mitts and moving on to lifts and crunches.
The aching from the first few days has gone and if anything I am feeling better and looser now.The diet is going well too.
I am still consuming breakfast, lunch and a proper meal on an evening so as not too crash too hard. Lead by a speed ball challenge to get the heart pumping, I followed up with a trainer specific exercise built around dodging and agility with fast strikes. The right movements at the right time can convince Kinect you have done the required actions but you will have your conscience to deal with if so.
Secondly it does take a fair amount of space, especially with some of the more energetic exercises with hops and jumps in various directions.Mark Dellagrotte, UFC TrainerThe best things for me are the 5 minute warm-ups and cool-downs at the end of each workout. These help to really stretch out the muscles and make sure you don’t get severe cramping.
Wish me luck and check back next Wednesday for an update.Lewis Rayne is on loan from Fusion Gamer. Despite being an avid gamer and writer he has never finished a Sonic game past the first world and has accepted the fact he probably never will.

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