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Purple Tiger™ diet pills are an all-natural diet pill that addresses three important things that put you in total control with your MOOD, ENERGY & APPETITE!
Vista Health Products combines traditional and safe use of botanicals and organic compounds with the latest in scientific research and clinical studies to formulate and manufacture these revolutionary products. V3 lets you dial in the amount of energy and mood enhancement you desire throughout the day, along with the level of appetite you choose to experience between meals. Everyone benefits, and feels that this new diet pill is even better and safer than anything they have ever tried before!
Purchase V3 from Voyager Health at the retail price or become a Voyager Health Associate today! You will feel happy, energized and in control for the first time in years when taking Purple Tiger™, the ultimate secret weapon with weight control. Vista Health Products’ Purple Tiger™  represents a revolutionary approach to overall health and wellness.

Let your body tell you how much or how little you need to achieve the results you've been envisioning.
We opened our doors to pre-launch V3 on January 28, 2011, and already people are losing weight, having fun and making money.
One pill that gives you the upper-hand to dieting, and it works beautifully with all diet plans, and structured eating programs you are currently on. Tens of thousands of home business owners have already benefited from this revolutionary information, and now you can safely do so as well. By allowing you to literally ‘dial in’ the amount of energy and mood enhancement you desire throughout the day, along with the level of appetite you choose to experience between meals, Purple Tiger™ Diet Pills put you firmly in control of your daily dietary intake.Whether it’s dialing down your cravings for sweets or carbohydrates, or dialing up your exercise routines and positive mental outlook. Eating less and moving more, along with portion control and smart food choices is now easy with Purple Tiger™ the “Happy Skinny Pill.” You finally have help to achieve your weight loss goals. Taken as part of an overall commitment to better health, practical eating habits and daily exercise with proper hydration levels, Purple Tiger™ gives you victory over the three most common challenges to weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

We now have V3, an all-natural diet pill that does three important things that put you in control - MOOD, ENERGY AND APPETITE! There has been a huge void in the market place for the past eight years since the ban of a former popular ephedra diet pill that was being used worldwide. The same team that created that originial ephedra diet pill - Metabolife - spent the past seven years creating a safer, better, far more effective pill that addresses mood, energy and appetite.

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