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Respected UK Newspaper; The Daily Mail, has recently featured what is claimed to be the latest and most innovative anti-ageing cream. The product which is called Glamoxy is made by cosmetic company Rodial; they have recently launched this new moisturising cream claiming that it is a product with a difference. The product has been hailed as the ‘needle free’ alternative to Botox; it has just gone on sale at various high end stores at the rather expensive price of ?125 ($190 USD) for 25mls of product.
The product uses an unusual ingredient, ‘Syn-ake’ is a man made synthetic version of the snake venom produced by the Asian Temple Viper.
Just as the snake’s natural venom paralyses its victim, the Syn-ake will ‘freeze’ the muscles to give a smoother appearance to the skin. Manufactured by UK based heath and beauty company Healthspark, they were the first to use this unique ingredient in their products. Just as the Temple Vipers venom immobilises its victims, the Synake reproduces this effect to give a freezing effect to the facial muscles which reduce visible lines and contractions in the skin. By also forcing active oxygen into the skin using a carrier called fiflow BTX (this improves the volume of the skin and will encourage skin cell respiration). Syn-ake works alongside a molecule called dipeptide to reduce contraction of the nerves inside the cells of the muscles.
Healthspark ship Skinfluence worldwide they give discounts for purchases of two or more pots and also give purchasers a full money back guarantee on their product – Which is something Rodial do not do!

Skinfluence Moisturiser with Syn-Ake® is a luxurious non-perfumed high quality UK manufactured anti-ageing cream with Syn-Ake®.
Amazingly potent and safe to use SYN-AKE® works to reduce wrinkle depth, increase skin firmness, smooth and revitalize the skin.
Research and development has gone into the study and creation of what is perhaps one of the most important and effective, safe and natural compounds to ever see the light of day in skin care, SYN-AKE®.
The power of this compound is both scientifically and clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth quickly.
SYN-AKE® offers comparable and side effect free, over the counter solutions to the dangers associated with using popular skin injections. This entry was posted in Beauty Products and tagged anti-ageing, botox, glamoxy, kate moss, skinfluence, syn-ake.
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Is a man who kills good and bad men, women and children regularly, any less right or wrong than a law-abiding man who fosters abandoned children and gives to the needy?92 answers Philosophy 2 days ago.I believe judgment is not in the eye of the beholder. This product is known as the ‘wrinkle killer’ in that it has muscle freezing properties very much along the lines of the effect of Botox. Syn-Ake® the active ingredient has been widely reported to help with reduction in lines and wrinkles and is a new synthetic version of Snake Venom. SYN-AKE® is an active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of waglerin 1, a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper.

You should consult with a GP or Doctor prior to embarking upon any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.
Nothing of the old formula was changed, but several euphoric enhancing ingredients have been increased and added. Clicking a link on this website may result in a commission, view our Disclosure for further details.
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