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Overweight people are at bigger risk of high blood pressure, cardiac problems, digestive disorders, diabetes, ulcers, gout, thyroid problems, etc.
Everyone knows that it’s very easy to gain a few extra pounds and we usually realize that we have a problem when it’s too late.
These days, nearly every person, even those who exercise regularly, has problem with weight.
Nowadays, people are mostly having a sedentary lifestyle– everything we did previously, now is done by machines.

Even more alarming is that more and more young kids have problem with obesity and there are even children who are born obese.
If we all eat as much food as we need, the shortage of water and food can be solved very easy. We spend too many hours sitting in front of the computer, and we don’t socialize like we did before.
For example, there are communities in India where 40% of people are overweight and statistics shows that very soon half of the world’s population will have problem with excess body weight.

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