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This caused her to be disenchanted with traditional medicine and to pursue an alternative approach. Despite running a busy medical practice and being a single-mother of three, she stays fit year-round.
Deepa argues that our hunter gatherer ancestors actually ate a lot of plants; we just don’t have the fossil records of plants to prove it.
Deepa strongly feels that to change the world and make it a better place, you have to be the change you want to see.
Her father was misdiagnosed by his medical doctor (he had diabetes, but the doctor missed it despite regular checkups).

So it’s best to still eat healthily and stay active, even while you’re traveling or on vacation. She graduated magna cum laude from The College of NJ and is a graduate of Rutgers Medical School in NJ (formerly known as Robert Wood Johnson Medical School). Verma completed her family medicine residency at Somerset Medical Center and was elected chief resident.
The easiest thing to do is to find a set of stairs and sprint up them while waiting for your bags.
When she is not busy raising and playing with her three boys, she enjoys music, the beach, healthy cooking, reading, exercising and hopes to travel the world one day.

She is an accomplished dancer and tennis player and enjoys being competitive in any sports or games.
She has always harbored a passion for healthy and happy living, and instills those same personal values in her patients.

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