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Harmful effects from prescription drugs is growing, according to Donald Light, professor of comparative health policy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Prescription drugs can be toxic to the body, particularly chemotherapy and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Antiepileptic drugs, when taken alone or in combination with other drugs, can double or triple, respectively, the risk for major congenital malformations, according to research conducted by D.S.
There were bariatric surgeons in the audience, who had express their frustrations with developing stronger practice relationships with their local primary care community and local bariatricians. For over a decade now American Bariatric Consultants and its board certified obesity physicians including Dr. In addition to bariatric surgeons a large number of new attendees were sent to this conference specifically to learn about bariatric surgical preop and postop care.
Several hundred obesity (bariatric) physicians are registered for this year’s ASBP Obesity Conference where they are learning more about obesity, its metabolic diseases and currently available medical and surgical treatment. His postoperative presentation will focus on the bariatrician’s role as a key member of the bariatric surgical team in diagnosing, treating and referring complications to help reduce risk and postoperative cost.
For over a decade now American Bariatric Consultants and its board certified obesity physicians including Dr. Bariatricians and primary care physicians are vital members of the bariatric surgical team and with them not only can we increase patient access to bariatric surgical care, but we can reach best clinical outcomes with reduction in postoperative complications.
Join us on March 16th at the ASBP 2014 Spring Obesity Conference to learn more about your role as a bariatrician in the comprehensive care of bariatric surgical patients. Bariatric Times has for over 10 years now been bringing the news of bariatrics to patients, physician, surgeons and others interested in learning more about obesity, it’s cause, diagnosis and treatments.
Founder of the American Bariatric University and the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute, Dr. Contact us to learn more about our turnkey practiced based physician supervised weight management programs for physicians, surgeons and hospitals. The UniqueU clinic now has a full spectrum of bariatric medical weight management programs and plans, including VLCD, LCD, transition, and maintenance diets, along with our BMI 12 week patient educational platforms and monitoring systems. We also integrated our comprehensive bariatric surgical patient care program that includes Preop, Postop and Back on Track programs which follow ASBP, ASMBS, NIH and American Bariatric University’s surgical patient care guidelines.
Our BMI referral program which is only offered to BMI certified weight loss physicians opens the doors for referral to and from bariatric surgeons, primary care physicians, sleep centers and hospitals. Our BMI referral program and referral network helps chiropractic physicians grow their chiropractic practice as then begin to network with their local physicians as the local bariatric authority. If you are a chiropractic physician, sleep center or primary care physician and would like to learn more about how American Bariatric Consultants can help you integrate turnkey comprehensive bariatric medical programs into your clinic without disrupting your current clinical operations through a system that has a ROI of just 4-5 new patients, call us at 866-270-5115 or register here to get more information of the BMI office based weight loss programs from American Bariatric Consultants.
One of our best engaged programs to date, this group of highly motivated and interested NPs appear to be more likely involved in the screening, treatment and referrals of overweight and obese patients in their practice than the primary care physicians for whom they work. It was clear from the high level of interaction and degree of post-presentation questions that these NPs will go onto actively integrate their knowledge base into the real lives of their patients. During the bariatric surgical part of the presentation many questions arose about preop and postop patient care and how they might participate in perioperative care plans. Contact us to learn more about our turnkey practiced based physician supervised weight management programs for physicians, surgeons and hospitals.
Our presentation focused on the role of the primary care physicians in screening, treating and referring their overweight and obese patients. Following our detailed discussion of various weight loss surgeries and procedures such as adjustable gastric banding, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass, our local bariatric surgical experts (Dr. Our American Bariatric Consultants referring physician program was so successful that TriState Bariatrics booked another program to reach additional referring physicians as they expand their practice’s catchment area. If you are a patient seeking out bariatric surgery, click here to find the next TriState Bariatric weight loss surgery seminar.
If you are a bariatric surgeon click here or a hospital click here to learn more about American Bariatric Consultants referring physician programs, how to integrate comprehensive bariatric medical programs into your surgical center or speak to Dr. This well attended CME approved referring physician education and engagement symposium covered topics from pediatric obesity, to adult bariatric medical therapies to the preop and postop care of bariatric surgical patients with a full slate of bariatric surgical lectures by local bariatric surgical authorities.
We’d like to thank all of those who supported this educational event and those who displayed in the exhibit hall for making this a very successful referring physician event.
Hair loss can have many causes, including hypertension, iron deficiency, thyroid imbalance, and taking statins, antidepressants, and other medications.
Hormone-driven loss is characterized by gradual diffuse thinning on the top and crown, with little or no hairline recession.
Widely known under the brand name Rogaine, the topical non-prescription drug minoxidil can re-grow hair in women as soon 12 weeks after starting this formula on a daily basis, typically at bedtime.

Minoxidil doesn’t work for everyone who tries it, and it won’t restore a full head of hair. Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment, an alcohol-based liquid in a pipette dropper bottle. Women’s [or Men’s] Rogaine Hair Treatment Foam, by contrast, is “an elegant mixture, made for compliance,” says Dr. Three prescription medications prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone—the hormone responsible for hereditary hair loss. Aldactone (Spiranolactone) is a diuretic and blood pressure medication that helps hair growth slightly differently, by blocking overall androgen production.
Another view of hormonal hair loss is that it’s caused by prostaglandins—cell-function modulators that affect the hair follicles’ growth phase in both positive and negative ways. One prostaglandin drug that’s already in wide use is Latisse—for growing longer, thicker, darker eyelashes—and for growing brows (as Dr.
Several home-use appliances—a variety of laser caps (generally priced from $325-695) and laser combs ($60-295), as well as the new HairMax LaserBand 82 (a hair band with hair-parting teeth; $795)—are FDA-approved for treating hair loss, especially the diffuse kind that women have.
For many women, the cap is both easier to wield and “more effective for very thin hair, due to the greater number of lasers in it,” says Dr. A relatively recent breakthrough, platelet-rich plasma therapy involves spinning the patient’s own blood (preferably twice) in a centrifuge to separate out the solids, which are then enhanced with platelet activators such as thrombin, calcium chloride, and collagen, according to Dr.
In the New York area, PRP treatments range from about $750-1,250; doctors performing a double centrifuge tend to charge at the high end of this range. For decades, transplants involved strips of harvested hair placed in sparse areas of the scalp—not ideal. In the New York area, transplants range from $5,000-15,000, depending on the number of grafts. Okay, definitely yes to cloned hair, but we’ve got questions: Won’t these new tresses also be subject to genetic hair loss?
For more than 25 years, he has covered nutrition and medicine for health-care companies and publishers, also producing digital video for websites, DVDs and commercials. These risks include heart attack, stroke, cancer and suicide that were unknown, undetected and underestimated during drug trials prior to FDA approval. Kevin Huffman was invited to speak at this year’s American Society of Bariatric Physician’s 2014 Obesity Conference where over 400 referring physician attended a week long CME event. Huffman have been educating and engaging US physicians from coast to coast to help increase patient access to bariatric surgery through physician referrals.
Kevin Huffman will be speaking at the American Society of Bariatric Physician’s 2014 Obesity Conference in Philadelphia on March 16th.
Huffman have been educating and engaging US physicians from coast to coast to help increase patient access to bariatric surgery through physician referrals. Kevin Huffman, medical director of American Bariatric Consultants was recently named to the editorial board of Bariatric Times. Huffman board certified in obesity medicine has treated over 10,000 overweight and obese patients and trained hundreds of healthcare providers around the world in the are, science and business of bariatric medicine including the preop and postop care of bariatric surgical patient.
Huffman has helped build a network of American Bariatric University certified physicians to care for bariatric surgical patients before and after their weight loss surgery, including Lapband surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery and revisional bariatric surgeries.
Huffman continues to expand his outreach to the medical community by promoting viable solutions to obesity care through physician supervised medical and surgical weight management treatment options. Huffman was invited to speak to referring primary care physicians within the Excela Healthcare System, at their Westmoreland‘s Greensburg, PA  Hospital. Dan Buchanan a highly innovative Chiropractic physician has integrate our BMI physician supervised weight management program into his current clinical operations. Buchanan and his partner James Lutz MD own and operate UniqueU, a BMI partnered bariatric medical center. Peter Kwon and his colleagues) answered questions from their newly engaged and educated referring primary care physicians. John Providence Hospital held it’s first annual Referring Physician Bariatric Symposium. Kevin Huffman our medical director presented lectures on bariatric pharmaceutical therapies and new weight loss drugs and medication and on the role of the PCP in bariatric surgical preoperative patient care and bariatric surgical postoperative patient care. Ahmed Meguid delivered an updated presentation on the Gastric Sleeve or Sleeve gastrectomy and how this popular bariatric surgical procedure is helping patients not only lose weight  but control metabolic diseases such as diabetes.  Dr. Kerry Kole delivered a very interesting lecture on bariatric surgical revision surgery and in particular the use of the new Overstitch TM technology developed by Apollo Endosurgery to revise previous bariatric surgical procedures through new endoscopic  approaches.
Huffman continues to expand his outreach to the medical community by promoting viable solutions to obesity care through physicians supervised medical and surgical weight management treatment options.

After all, not only does our hair frame and define our faces, it’s one of those obsessed-over secondary sex characteristics, whose purpose, it seems, is to be touchably alluring.
But in women over age 50, the most common form of hair loss is androgenic alopecia—also known as female-pattern or genetic hair loss. It definitely works, but can leave the hair matted down (not great for any coif) and can also cause scalp irritation. This drug, proven to be synergistic, has been compounded with, for instance, tretinoin (the Retin-A drug) for better absorption, with cortico-steroids to minimize inflammation, and with estrogen to promote density and thickness.
Finasteride (brand name, Propecia) and more powerful dutasteride (Avodart) work by blocking the enzyme that triggers this conversion, and are primarily prescribed to men for treating men’s hair loss and prostate conditions. Today we’ve got a subtler technique, Follicular Unit Transplantation, in which tiny units of 1 to 3 follicles are harvested, usually from the back and sides of the scalp, where hair tends to be healthiest and most plentiful. A punch biopsy from the back of the scalp will yield healthy cells responsible for hair growth. Trained in digital filmmaking at The New School, Traister also holds a Master of Science in human nutrition and medicine from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Hel also believes that new drugs are twice as likely to harm patients than provide benefits superior to existing drugs, and that the Food and Drug Administration’s accelerated review process of new drugs has tripled the number of drugs with safety warnings.
Antiepileptic drugs are taken by pregnant or pregnant bearing women to treat epilepsy, neuropathic pain or migraines. Huffman had an opportunity to discuss how American Bariatric University’s CME and non CME programs set into motion the essential networking mechanism that is necessary to engage local referring physicians and how once engaged these local referring physicians can help deliver vital preop and postop services to bariatric surgical patients. Huffman and our team of board certified bariatric physicians and nurses have been delivering comprehensive bariatric medical training including nutritional, behavioral, exercise weight loss and weight maintenance plans, bariatric medical programs including the use of weight  loss  medications such as phentermine, tenuate, Qysmia, Belviq and other weight loss drugs, and the bariatric surgical patient care plans that deliver preoperative medically supervised weight loss, and postoperative care plans for patients undergoing adjustable gastric banding, LapBand surgery, Realize band surgery, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures. Huffman will reinforce the critical role bariatricians play in long-term patient management and how their participation improves long term outcomes and weight loss. Lutz have undergone our American Bariatric University training courses and are BMI certified weight loss physicians. John Providence Hospital Bariatric Surgical Center of Excellence discussed a variety of bariatric surgical procedures and the history and future of Michigan’s most successful bariatric surgical program. Mequid discussed the role of patient’s own primary care physician (PCP) in the preop and postop care of gastric sleeve patients and how that model of care differs from adjustable gastric banding patient care. Bernstein’s practice by taking a detailed medical history, checking blood counts, thyroid function and levels of ferritin (an iron-storing protein), and of course examining the scalp, typically via densitometry (use of a magnifying instrument that counts the number and diameter of hairs in a given area), hair-pulls (to test for shedding), and hair-plucks (to test for damage). Since they may cause breast tenderness and a possibly higher risk of breast cancer, the FDA does not approve their use in women.
A sizable clinical study testing Latisse for hair growth has recently been completed, and results are currently awaited regarding its efficacy on the scalp. But regrowth takes longer,” and she urges her patients to combine laser use with minoxidil.
These grafts are then placed in equally tiny recipient sites that have been prepped with a fine needle-point instrument.
The research concluded that toxic effects of chemotherapy cause hair loss, changes in skin pigmentation, dry skin, photosensitivity of skin and wound infections. Huffman has traveled extensively throughout the United States over the past 25+ years, teaching and mentoring physicians, nurses, and clinical staff the art, science and business of bariatric medicine and bariatric preop and postop patient care.
Zelkovic bariatric surgeons and directors of the Westmoreland’s bariatric surgical center of excellence. And though it’s sold in separate packages for men and women, the formulas in both are essentially the same—that is, they’re interchangeable.
They’re non-greasy, and they’re sold in easy-to-wield squeeze-bottle drop-tainers or spray bottles, allowing for controlled, pinpoint application. Contains minoxidil and tretinoin in higher concentrations than in the 82M preparation, as well as estradiol (a potent form of estrogen). The one difference is the package instructions, recommending that women apply Rogaine only once a day (not twice, as advised for men).
It’s this pinpoint technique “that allows many women to have a completely natural hair restoration, producing a dramatic change in their appearance,” says Dr. By making the referring primary care physician part of the bariatric surgical team patient referrals go up, perioperative risk go down and longterm weight loss improves.

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