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I'll admit at the outset that this is a tiny category since, to my reckoning, it really only deserves to contain a single drug: mazindol.
Mazindol is the generic name for a diet drug made by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Sandoz. Le bureau du sherif du comte de Multnomah dans l’Oregon a publie ces photos sur internet de consommateurs de drogues. I remember, on many occasions in the early 1970s when my sister and I were just kids, sneaking upstairs into our parents' bedroom and stealing AYDS candies from a "hidden" stash in my mother's nightstand. Sanorex was available as a very expensive appetite suppressant in the United States until sometime in the late 1990s.

This was because, for some reason, even after Sandoz's patent expired no generic competition ever emerged and so Sandoz remained the sole producer of the medication.
The "idea" was that the benzocaine would numb the mouth and taste buds and thereby suppress or kill one's appetite.
Early in my career I prescribed it for a small number of patients who either didn't like the side effects of of other prescription appetite suppressants or who simply had had good results taking Sanorex in the past. In fact, Sandoz, still makes Sanorex to this day although they no longer sell it in the US. They certainly didn't seem to suppress appetite and I cannot remember even a sensation of numbness from them.

Ces toxicomanes sont meconnaissables apres plusieurs annees ou parfois quelques mois seulement. I DO remember that my mother was NOT happy when she would inevitably discover that we had eaten her expensive diet candy.

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