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Start by standing in front of a stability ball (back facing ball) and putting your left foot on top of the ball. Contract your abdominal muscles (drawing your belly button in towards your spine), bend your right knee and lunge.
Extend your arms straight out above your head, and hold the dumbbells so that the palms of your hands are facing each other. Without moving your upper arms, slowly and with control bend your elbows, lowering the dumbbells until your forearms are beyond parallel to the floor. Place the stability ball against a wall, stand about a foot in front of it and rest your lower back against the ball, hands on hips.
With control, raise your head and shoulders off the floor and simultaneously bring your knees to your chest. Grasp a dumbbell in your right hand and stand with your left leg in front of your right leg.
Straighten your right arm and move it backwards, keeping your elbow in line with your body.
Assume the standard push-up position, with your arms straight and hands underneath your shoulders.
Bend your right leg, swinging it out to the side to bring your knee towards your left elbow. Men have a slightly different body composition compared to women and fat accumulation is different for men compared to women. Since this can be done either on a treadmill or on a jogging track, all we need is a good pair of shows. The key to make your exercise effective is doing it regularly and choose the exercise that you like so you can keep consistent to improve your exercise step by step. Weight or obesity is a serious problem and there are various methods to reduce weight, but according to expert exercise is a best solution. Leg lifting is another simple and effective weight loss exercise, this will help in Strengthen of legs and also reduce weight from legs.

There are many reasons for obesity like stress, high toxicity, consuming large quantities of food, lack of physical activity, genetics, medical reasons, or psychiatric illness, insufficient sleep, increase use of medication, low basal metabolism and so many. Perfect diet plan with yoga definitely gives good result for those who are looking for weight loss. You can start drinking one glass of Dudhi  (bottle gourd) juice in the morning  and yoga exercises for 1 month and see the miracle.
Keep in mind that tensions and worries are directly related to stomach means indigestion and constipation. Study your body first and consult your doctor before practicing yoga to find the main cause.
Of course, you don’t have to do the boot camp to benefit from this total body workout. Push your weight into your heels to keep your hips raised and glutes engaged during the move. For women most of the fat gets accumulated in hips and thighs and some in the abdomen, for men it is mostly in the abdominal area giving birth to a tummy. Since this is fun and a competitive sport, it motivates the cyclist and the boredom does not set in like other gym exercises. Due to the resistance of the water, the body has to thrust to advance and due to this movement, there is a good blood circulation in the entire body which in turn helps in fast fat burning. The first thing that comes out of your mind may diet but you have to do exercise too if you want to get faster result. Those exercises will strengthen your heart so it is suitable for you who just start to lose weight. Beside cardiovascular exercise, strength exercise is also important because it can burn your fats faster.
Now question arise that what type of exercise is needed and where should it be done, answer is simple that you need simple exercise at home for reduction of weight or weight loss. I want to losse my 5kg weight and I tried to weight loss last 2 years but no success I tried dieting , walking , exercise etc but noy succesed .

If you are completing the weight loss bootcamp, perform this workout once a week, if you’re not, then 2 to 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. We can also use bowflex or crossbow in a gym however we should do it under the guidance of a trainer as incorrect postures and procedures may do more harm than good.
These exercises increase our heart beat, improve the blood circulation and pump blood to all the parts of the body. Since India is a hot country, and doing sweaty gym exercises or aerobics might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but swimming in water is enjoyable and saves us from the sweat and grime.
There are many types of exercise that you can choose but you have to know that some of them are more effective than the other. At the first walking, you only need to do it for 10 minutes than add 5 minutes every week until it reaches 30 till 60 minutes. Similarly jogging is another simple exercise which can be done at home in any season however, dancing is also effective and has the same effect like jogging. But only regular practice, dedication and proper eating habits will help you to achieve your target.
These exercises show fast results, however should be done on a regular basis- at least 4-5 times a week. Walking is simple weight loss exercise and it reduces your legs extra weight, after this, you can enjoy with light jumping and can warm up your body.
Light weight lifting is also an important weight loss exercise, for healthy life and fitness you need to keep walking.
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