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Packing your lunch is one way to keep tabs on calories, but if you pack an enormous container of leftover lasagna, there's no way you'll be able to reach your weight-loss goals. I’ve been reading a lot about little victories and how important they are to recognize, especially as scale results start to be less and less enthralling.
One thing you may or may not know about me is that I travel a lot for work (Bonus points if you can figure out what airport the above was taken in).
So wearing my bath robe as a type of bathroom super hero cape, I decided to challenge my porcelain nemesis for the first time in years.  I fit. Sure losing a few pounds is awesome, but the tangible moments I get to see how my new body widens my opportunities to enjoy the world around me is where the magic is really at. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Pro Tip: If you have tried almond butter and didn’t really dig it at first TJ’s roasted, salted almond butter is the best!
I have heard a lot of others talk about Medjool Dates before a run but I have never tried them. You forgot zesty nacho kale chips, which I could eat in quantities that would totally negate the health benefits. Jennifer KimbelThere have been Spring seasons when the most exciting fashion news was that: Gasp! Be it in the gym or out, no matter how you train, there are simply some tools that make your training session that much more valuable, meaningful, and effective. 2) A heart rate monitor will help you keep track of how intense your training is, and whether or not you could stand to pick up the pace. 3) A pair of compression pants will help with blood flow during training, and will make post-workout recovery far less painful. 4) A foam roller will make your work-out warm-ups more effective, and your training more rewarding. Adding these four tos to your training resources will make a world of difference in how you perform, how you prepare, and how you recover. Erika Nicole Kendall is the writer behind the award-winning blog, A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss.
Portion control is key, and these multicompartment containers make it easy to pack small amounts of a variety of healthy foods. During peak crazy-travel-ahunka-hunk-burning-jet-fuel season, I travel as often as twice a week. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I plan on taking the first bubble bath I have had in over 5 years. But I would eat any of the above, except the beets…I’m not so sure I like beets?!
Maybe one day TJ’s will come up to the arctic north that is Canada but for now I suppose I have to survive. It is the same exact thing, when TJ’s allows a brand in the store they have to give over the recipe so trader joes can make their version (: so go for the TJ brand, its the same! The only one I have not seen is the iced coffee which I am going to have to go search for and then try that drink out!

I’m all for putting peanut butter in my dates, whether as a pre-run snack, mid-run fuel or late night dessert! I want everything on this list but I actually probably already have it all because I go there 3 times a week.
I’d say I set the bar pretty low for myself but I also got a large bag of cara cara oranges for under $5 and I think that, too, is pretty amazing. There’s a lot that a focused mind and committed body can do with nothing more than body weight exercises and a slip-resistant floor.
Quality training shoes, designed to cater to your specific sport, will not only support your feet and joints the way you need to be supported, but will provide the proper amount of both cushioning and shock absorption. It’s one thing to train, but are you going full beast mode, or are you merely going through the regular rigamarole, and not getting your heart rate up there?
Add these little pieces to your game plan, and – as I always say – your body will thank you for it! As much as I appreciate its subtle soft ways and its ability to wick away moisture, I never could get it to cover me.
It all started when I just got too big to really enjoy taking a bath; laying in the tub became more uncomfortable than relaxing. Dates are a great pre-run or during run food because they are a quick carb that is also filled with potassium! According to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics beets helps runners improve performance! Trader Joe’s has the best price for ‘fancy’ nut butters like almond butter (the best AB in my opinion) for $6.99 and organic Peanut Butter is under five bucks. Trader Joe’s sells the ‘big’ boxes of Puffins, which can be hard to find at the normal grocery store. The magical seed that allegedly helped the Tarahumara run for 50+ miles at a time is everywhere now.
Caffeine has been shown to improve performance and delay fatigue in endurance athletes in a few studies. I like these before races because they settle my stomach, taste great and give me a little extra sugar rush.
That doesn’t change the fact that a few minor additions (and, in some cases, adjustments) to your training routine can make a world of difference.
High-impact sports require more cushion than low-impact, sure, but the more your weigh, the more likely you’ll need more cushioning regardless of the sport. A heart rate monitor will give you instant readouts of what your heart rate looks like during your workouts, and will give you feedback on whether you need to push it, or you need to pat yourself on the back for grinding so hard.
True panic was born when I read about President Taft having to be freed from a basin back in ye olden days- and on the day of his inauguration no less!
This is one of the first foods you think of when you think ‘runner’ because so many of us eat them before, after and even during runs! After I read that last year I incorporated them into my BEST Drink for Runners juice recipe. It has a good ratio of carbs to protein to help you recover and refuel up those muscles after a hard sweat session.

I don’t know if any of that is true, but I do know TJ’s Iced Coffee is smooth and delicious. After you’ve spent all your money on new running shoes and race entries you’re going to need some good, cheap booze. I only tried the plain one (didn’t want to get to fancy with my young kiddos), and I felt like it just tasted off. Test out different shoes to guarantee that you get what you need, but my personal favorite for a high-impact training shoe was a tie between the Gel-Kinsei 4s from Asics, and the Cortanas from Saucony.
Believe it or not, this aids in recovery – getting your muscles what they need quicker aids in them being able to heal quicker.
Not only that, but the way that foam rolling works the connective tissue also allows for added flexibility, which can only make life better. For years I have trained my brain to forget why I didn’t try on bathrobes or take baths.
Super easy to roll out – even if you don’t have a rolling pin and need to use a bottle of Two Buck Chuck wine (see above).
As an ambassador for Polar, I constantly tell people that they might choose to venture out into other brands once they get the hang of using heart rate monitors, but as a beginner watch?
It took me forever to actually google it, because I was not really looking to see any sordid photos of women eating healthy food.
I would be mortified.  Typing this out makes it sound like a bad scene in the Nutty Professor #85, but I swear to you in my mind it was more traumatic than comedic. While compression shirts are helpful, too, it’s much harder to avoid aggravating sore lower-body muscles than it is upper-body. I mean that’s what I thought it was- some fetish around chubby girls eating healthy with a sexy grin or something equally as bizarre like that. This is why I regularly avoided massage parlors, and anywhere such all-encompassing terry clothe was required. But as I change and journey closer and closer to a healthy weight, I remember the things I have sacrificed. Growing up, we would get pizza dough from a local Italian deli and that stuff was pretty amazing. Well tonight for some reason I decided to try on the robe tucked away in my hotel room’s closet.
IT FIT.  I was able to close it, no lady parts were exposed, and I felt like a legit business traveler for the first time in my life. Oh yeah it’s just me, super important boss lady, reading businessy things, and lounging in my over priced hotel robe that I can buy in the lobby (or so says the tag).

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