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By: Letty Saenz               In addition to eating as healthy as possible, you can be glad to know that you can enjoy very delicious smoothies throughout the day! Laredo Good News is advising you to ask your present Doctor or to seek the advice of a Doctor or Professional Licensed Health Care Giver before making any decisions or changes in any medical instructions or Doctor's orders concerning your health, diet, or exercise plans. LGnews is strictly an informative and educational news source with the intentions of improving society in general and not to supercede or surpass any medical or legal advice or instructions! If you are ready to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle, I can help save you some money! You might be wondering how a fruit smoothie diet could help you lose weight and detox whilst at the same time ensuring that your body receives the nutrients it needs for optimum health – read on!
We all know we should take our five fruits and vegetables every day as stated in the recommended daily food intake requirements. Everyone can manage to spend a couple of minutes which is all that is needed to whizz up your fruit smoothie – and you can even drink it on the go, on your way to work, school, walking the dog or shopping! Getting all the benefits of your fruit smoothies in the morning and later, having a light lunch is very beneficial.
Fruits are filled with vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins, not to mention the hydrating, toxin-flushing water content. Top Tip: Get more ideas for low calorie smoothies and detox smoothies – use these links to read the articles!
The carbohydrates provided by fruits such as those found in bananas are actually better than those found in refined foods like pasta or bread and they can boost your endurance by giving you more energy while eating less of the more fattening carbohydrate food items. Top Tip: If you are dairy or lactose intolerant, you can buy dairy alternative milks that are fortified with the necessary calcium and use these in your smoothies instead! Whilst supply of multivitamin supplements is a multi-million dollar industry in the US and globally, many such products are not actually regulated by FDA and research companies have found out that there is no conclusive evidence that such vitamins are effective or able to provide significant health benefits to the user.
So the very best way to ensure your body’s nutritional requirements and to detoxify, removing the buildup of harmful toxins, is to ensure that your body can get everything it needs from your diet, particularly fruits and vegetables.
If you still do not see the reason to make the fruit smoothie diet part of your weight loss plan, here is a nice and easy list of benefits you might want to glance over again.
Fruit smoothies are all natural and do not have any unnecessary artificial content in them.
Fruits have an abundance of natural fiber making sure you do not have to worry about your digestion any more. Taking your diet fruit smoothie first thing in the morning, means it is a quick and simple job that ensures you get the best nutrition right at the start of your day, keeping you properly hydrated and leaving you to enjoy your activities with the best state of health and mind. If you do not have a smoothie maker or blender, check out our reviews section (use the site index link at the top of the page to browse the index) – you are sure to find a model that suits your requirements and your budget! You will find lots of recipe ideas on this site that can help you to get started on a fruit smoothie diet and start seeing the health benefits for yourself. Aside from counting calories and cutting away fat, consider the avocado as a fruit filled with fiber and healthy monounsaturated fat. By making food choices that are unprocessed and low in simple carbohydrates, insulin production will be better balanced. A diet that includes avocados were shown to lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides improving blood lipids, as opposed to a diet high in carbohydrates and  low in fat. Along with the monounsaturated fat in avocadoes, many nutrients are present and working toward overall good health. A simple solution for improved energy and cellular health are found in cold and creamy Avocado Smoothies.
The anthocyanins, a flavonoid found in blueberries, help fight disease because of their antioxidant properties. Compounds in grapefruit are known to activate enzymes involved in cellular energy and boosting metabolism. Polyphenols are phytonutrients found in grapefruit and other fruits with strong concentrations in many types of berries. Besides gluten, other additives change the chemistry of the food to extend shelf life and to alter taste.
Further, there are interesting studies about the length of telomeres correlating to physical health and activity levels.
Even if you are not considered overweight numerically, excess belly fat or visceral fat can be dangerous. This settling smoothie contains significant amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, manganese, copper and fiber. Each day try to incorporate more raw fruit, uncooked vegetables and filtered water into the diet. Low carb smoothies encourage healthy blood sugar levels, nutrient absorption and weight loss. A food's macronutrients such as protein carbohydrates and fat have different concentrations of calories or units of heat energy.
In digestion, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose which travels through the blood stream. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines For Americans, carbohydrates should comprise some 45 to 65 percent of your caloric intake.
Healthy fruit smoothies for weight loss help you to obtain your desired external appearance while achieving a balance of internal systems. Further, scientific research claims that as one loses weight and fat cells are breaking down, more toxic chemicals are being released into the bloodstream. Certain fruits have the inherent potential to support the body's detoxification systems. Aside from its antioxidant capabilities, the vitamin C content of fruit is needed to metabolize fat. Phytonutrients such as the flavonoid quercetin and resveratrol are also powerful assistants in fat cell reduction. Make  one of your healthy fruit smoothies for weight loss using a combination of the fruits previously listed.
With beautiful hues of blue and nutrition from nature, a blueberry smoothie recipe benefits overall health. Antioxidants help fight excess free radicals which come from the body's metabolic processes and elements of the outside environment such as the sun or pollution.

Find more recipes like the blueberry smoothie recipe to heal and balance your internal systems look about the site. Today I am showing you how to make this easy delicious homemade fresh fruit smoothie recipe, great for weight loss. Smoothies are beneficial in weight loss and control because fruit has fiber and fiber makes you feel full and also help to improve and maintain your digestive system. I was running out of ingredients for my vitamix smoothies; this was the perfect opportunity to support local farmers and restock on essentials that I need for the next few days. But with a busy lifestyle, how often are you able to ensure that you get your five servings of fruits and vegetables? Once you get into the habit, you will never regret going on this fruit smoothie diet – especially when you start to see weight loss results!
How many of us actually drink the eight cups of water recommended as the daily requirement for best health benefits?
Nutritionists and other experts agree that the best way of getting your nutrition is by eating a healthy, natural diet.
You could do this by starting on a fruit smoothie diet and consuming a healthy home-made smoothie every morning. In fact if you invest in a home smoothie maker you will know exactly what goes in your daily dose of goodness! Soluble and insoluble fiber is important for your digestive health and both types are present in fruits and vegetables. The red of strawberries act as anti-inflammatory agents, helping hormones involved in weight loss. Frozen fruit smoothies for weight loss capture nutrition from lands far away or hibernating fruit plants of nearby growers. Functioning as antioxidants, polyphenols can lower inflammation and neutralize free radicals.
The goal of healthy smoothies is to provide a delicious method for nutrient absorption, however, not at the expense of blood sugar concentrations.
This extra weight around your core can cause many health crises such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Aside from the nutrients, this smoothie recipe is low on both fronts of the glycemic index and the glycemic load. A diet that generates an excellent measure of blood glucose levels will promote overall health especially in the brain. More energy  will be harnessed through the loss of weight and the added nutritional elements. A key to their survival are the phytonutrients – naturally occurring compounds in plants. Simply put, to lose one pound a week – decrease your caloric intake by 500 calories per day.
Roughly 70 percent of energy is devoted to the functioning of vital organs – the liver, in particular, utilizing about 27 percent.
Current studies have shown that the proper level of Vitamin C in the body oxidizes more fat during exercise.
The fruit  from these shrubs are filled with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. These unstable molecules can damage cellular structure and DNA causing the death of healthy cells and disease.
It  plays a key role in the formation of the myelin sheath which covers the axon of a nerve cell.
Ellagic acid is said to encourage the regular death of cancer cells and to stop tumors from growing. Getting the ingredients from the local farmers market more than likely played a huge factor in the flavor, so I will be getting my ingredients there as often as possible.
Downing a fruit smoothie early in the day will provide you with a sense of fullness, preventing you from eating unnecessary junk, and keep you well hydrated throughout your morning activities. The nutrients, minerals and vitamins obtained from the consumption of fruits are also proven to be the most efficient source as compared to vitamin pills and supplements.
You will be able to get many of your required daily vitamins and minerals in one delicious, quick to make drink which is certainly a lot more interesting than taking a supplement pill – and a lot more filling too! The cheap and plentiful choice of fruits and vegetables can do the same and are quick and simple to prepare. By not taking weight loss pills, you will avoid any potential side effects from these and the beneficial effects experienced are all the work of Mother Nature.
The monounsaturated fat content of avocadoes allow for better absorption of bioactive chemicals into the bloodstream. Production of a protein hormone known as adiponectin rises with anthocyanins and so does metabolism. Regarding gluten sensitivity, the body can mistake the gluten protein gliadin for the protein of the thyroid gland. Concerning hypertension, abdominal fat may tamper with hormones that regulate the constriction of blood vessels. For a low glycemic index value, create smoothies with fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, pears, peaches, plums and apples. Begin the journey toward a loss of weight and an increase in energy, by making minor dietary adjustments daily. The substitution of fruit and vegetables alone instead of processed foods will send you on your way.
For example, when the liver cannot regulate fat, weight is gained, metabolism slows and fat can accumulate in different regions. For instance, include fruits such as oranges with spinach in smoothie recipes for weight loss and energy. Water soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B will diminish in hot, boiling water. These nutrients are needed in greater amounts for growth, metabolic processes and protection to name a few. Filled with healthy carbohydrates and fiber, they are an excellent choice to meet the daily carbohydrate percentage without adding unnecessary calories and boosting blood sugar.

Low calorie smoothie recipes support these functions with optimal levels of macronutrients plus vitamins, minerals and antioxidant power. Whether environmental, dietary or the result of metabolic processes, toxins are everywhere. Just a few servings of fruit are needed to satisfy the recommended daily allowance and to reap the health benefits of nutrient absorption and toxic elimination. As a component for superoxide dismutase, eating foods with manganese contributes to the antioxidant power of this enzyme. Bright and colorful frozen berries are evidence of their anthocyanins – a phytonutrient responsible for the beautiful hues and specific health benefits. Limonoids found in grapefruit help create enzymes of detoxification, while the pectin content can reduce levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss include fresh fruit, vegetables and filtered water.
Our ancestors of the Fertile Crescent did not have the hybridized wheat of today as a dietary component. These foods are considered to have a high glycemic index and can sabotage the process of energy absorption. Diabetes can be the result of an increase of triglycerides from fatty acids in the liver and a decrease of insulin's control of blood sugar. The carbohydrate and sugar content of these fruits are on the lower side, while the vitamins minerals and antioxidant power soar.
When dieting, the limited number of calories should be of star quality filled with nutrients. Interesting findings of late supposes that excess fat  impedes the antioxidant and disease fighting power of Vitamin C.
Daily drinking of fruit smoothies would certainly help detoxify your body, boost your immune system and lower your risk of various diseases in one small, quick to make, but powerful daily drink as part of your fruit smoothie diet. Naringenin, a flavonoid in grapefruit, is subject to ongoing studies in its connection to fat tissue function. The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables fight free radicals and a harmful chain reaction of electron stealing. The result causes long-term health upsets and weight management problems such as belly fat. Antioxidants deal with the free radicals from metabolic processes that can destroy healthy cells. The measure of basal metabolism reflects the least amount of energy expended to keep your body functioning. We need fiber every day, and we must eat salad and fruits and vegetables every single day to be healthier and control our weight.               As you start preparing smoothies using my delicious recipes, you will enjoy them so much, that you can decrease your desire to eat things that you should avoid. The chemical reactions of metabolism will not efficiently convert the power of food into energy needed for the body. Due to their chemical makeup, a lemon has the qualities of stomach acids and saliva which only enhances effective digestion.
If you plan on drinking this right away, you may want to blend at 20 second intervals so that the drink does not become warm. Further, a great percentage of the fat in the avocado is oleic acid which can reduce inflammation. A sudden drop in calories will slow the metabolism as your body goes into a calorie conservation mode. When the body's detoxification systems cannot regulate fats and toxins, weight is gained. Even if you work, you can keep all the things you need in the office kitchen or the lounge to have access to making your awesome smoothies.               Stock up on a variety of frozen fruit with NO SUGAR added which can be found where the frozen vegetables are at your local supermarket. Also, if you are drinking the smoothie right away, you may want to use ice cubes instead of water. Avocados boast a high content of the mineral Potassium, an electrolyte that  supports healthy blood pressure.
Department of Agriculture, excellent sources of fiber are found in foods containing at least 20 percent of the recommended daily allowance. Fruits such as berries, pineapples, grapes and figs will not continue the ripening process as would bananas and kiwis. Negative effects of long term or chronic inflammation include cancers and arthritis as well.
You can find mango, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry-banana, tropical fruit, sweet cherries, mixed fruit and others. Therefore, frozen fruit is an optimal choice, as the fruit will have been plucked from the plant at a time of its maximum ripeness and flash frozen. The vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals of fruit and vegetables are natural mechanisms that assist the body. In your blender, pour 2 cups of frozen fruit, add some stevia depending on how much you want to use, and about 2 cups of milk.
It’s better if you drink the smoothie right away and not save it for later because the taste might change.
You should have one for breakfast or with your breakfast, and one before lunch or for dessert and one in the afternoon. Having these smoothies every day will really help you to control your cravings and to lose weight! You are going to start looking and feeling better, and you will be glad that you made the decision to change your life! Stay posted for more information on how to lose weight in a more fun, delicious and motivating way!

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