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I'm absolutely delighted to be able to almost commit to a diet program..finally, I'm getting there! Sometime ago, I mentioned that I'm pursuing a 1200-Calorie Diet Plan, to date, I'm on my 18th day (3 full weeks less weekends, and 3 Days).
I'm a girl with a hearty appetite, it's been a struggle to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and that was eight years ago. So far, I tried three companies or diet delivery providers, namely The Happy Diet, Lunchbox Diet, and Happy Diet Delivery. Since I love food, and dine outs, regardless of cuisines, Happy Diet delivers in making me feel that I'm not tediously on a diet!
The Happy Diet is another provider that I tried, and might probably also consider to trying back. Lastly, and certainly for those with innately little appetite to eating,  there's Lunchbox Diet. You must think that I'm already back to my pre-pregnancy weight (I was 10 pounds away when I started), well, I'm not yet there! For a week, I tried doing it on my own without a Diet Subscription, enough said, I couldn't do it. With Plan Eat Program, 1200-Calorie Diet Plan is only Php 1200 ++ (Delivery Charge), so yes, the price is very, very right! Also endorphins affect the digestive and hormonal systems so acupuncture can help rebalance the organ systems that are running too fast- or in this case too slowi. Ear acupuncture boosts weight loss - Medical News TodayDoes Acupuncture Work for Weight Loss?

Tomorrow will be my third week with Happy Diet, spot on, I can say that this is my fave 1200-Calorie Diet Meal Plan provider to date. In a spur of the moment decision, I started mid week with them, and I'm grateful that they were able to take me in. Though I liked the idea that food is already prepared so it's less effort on my part, the damage discourages me. I can say that it would have been sooner, on my second week, after Lunchbox diet, if only I didn't go partying that Friday night and went on a bit of a drinking fest. And although the servings are quite small (what would I expect from a 1200 calorie count tho), it's actually good. It is to her credit that she waited a full 20 seconds before falling on the floor laughing. The main meals were also as nice as Happy Diet Delivery's, while the snacks can almost pass as desserts. The week after that, not by choice, but we had to go on a buffet, believe me I was already trying hard, but my best wasn't enough. For the two snacks, you get a fruit surprise and a treat (chocolate cake, cheese cake etc.). With white rice (still at 1200-calorie meal plan), the average daily weight loss is one pound, with 99% compliance to the plan.
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Initially, I was concerned because I'm a dessert person, and that's the closest thing to satiate my cravings.

But personally, the main meals spelled that I was on diet (most can use a little bit of salt and flavors please). It comes with a coffee (90 calories), what I do since I need my coffee,  I switch it with the sugar free version at 45 calories each.
Plus, I don't even take kindly to the challenges that my husband post to me, instead, I take offense and rebel and eat a whole lot more!
Since you got some calories skewed on the snacks, the main meals would appear lesser than that of Happy Diet Delivery's. Although, my average daily weight loss while on them were a bit higher, I was dropping close to a pound per day. In time, when I'm used to eating really little just right, and already acquired that habit, it's a relatively more affordable alternative to Happy Diet Delivery.
Kathy adds, "I never felt any need to sneak junk food." Now Kathy is where she wants to be. I'm usually a hopeless case, except when I'm inspired (and that is usually when the Korean fangirl obsessive mode kicks in!
If you crave a snack, eat something healthy, like low-fat cottage cheese with yogurt, or an Herbalife Protein Bar.Follow your plan to the letter.

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