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Successful strategies by employers to retain nurses are only found in “pockets” across the country and more work must be done to tackle sometimes “shocking” turnover rates, senior nurses have warned.
I remember when Living Well With Dementia, a national dementia strategy, was launched in 2009 with much fanfare. At the Nursing Times Deputies’ Congress last week, the most popular speakers were the directors of nursing we’d invited because they tell it how it is. Choose your subscription package Individual subscription Student subscription Corporate subscription Individual subscription Our subscription package is aimed at qualified nurses to help support CPD and improve the quality and delivery of care given to patients.Select Student subscription This subscription package is aimed at student nurses, offering advice and insight about how to handle every aspect of their training.
Medical trials have revealed a diabetes injection, tested at 19 different hospitals, appears to help weight loss more than leading anti-obesity druh orlistat.The Lancet study found the injection curbed patient’s hunger and had better weight loss results than the leading obesity drug orlistat. During the trial three groups of patients were asked to exercise and reduce their diet by 500 calories a day.
Xenical also known as Orlistat is a prescription medication that can help considerably overweight people lose weight and keep it off. To determine if you may be a suitable candidate for Xenical, sign up for a free consultation with our online doctor. Keeping to a diet with no more than 30% calories from fat can be challenging for some people, especially if you enjoy things like fried foods and ice cream.
Xenical may be right for you if you have a Body Mass Index of 30 or greater, or have a BMI of 27 or greater and have other risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes.

Xenical should be taken with a nutritionally balanced, reduced-calorie diet containing no more than 30% of calories from fat.
Xenical shouldn't be taken if you are pregnant, nursing, have food absorption problems or reduced bile flow.
Because Xenical works by blocking the absorption of dietary fat, it is likely that you will experience some changes in bowel habits. Following a healthy eating plan will help you lose weight while decreasing some of the possible gastrointestinal effects you may experience while taking Xenical.
If you are concerned about these or any other side effects you experience while taking Xenical, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. Select Organisational access Our package is designed for organisations who want to purchase access and benefit from a group saving. The first set was given a placebo, the second orlistat and the third liraglutide.During the trial over three quarters of those on 3mg of liraglutide lost more than 50% weight, compared with 44% with 120mg of orlistat and 30% with a placebo. The injectable drug, liraglutide, was reported as being almost twice as effective as other treatments in the study. Our online learning units, clinical practice articles, news and opinion stories, helps you increase your skills and knowledge and improves your practice. If you can stay on the recommended diet, you will be on your way to achieving your weight-loss goals! It is very important to talk to a doctor to determine if Xenical is right for you as part of your weight-loss program.

Firstly the drug is costly at ?500 for six months of treatment and it has to be injected daily.The longer-term risks of the drug are yet to be tested as the trial only ran for 20 weeks with just 564 participants. The Daily Mail wrongly reports that the drug has been licensed for use in obese patients in the UK since July.Diabetes drug aids weight loss7 July, 2009A new treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes, designed to be administered quickly and conveniently and encourage weight loss, is being launched in the UKExploring the effects of orlistat and guidance on its use to achieve weight loss in patients 22 May, 2009Orlistat inhibits the action of gastrointestinal lipases. However, to succeed you may have to change the way you feel about food and about your body. Xenical reduces the absorption of vitamins; therefore, a daily multivitamin is recommended. They generally occur during the first weeks of treatment; however, for some people they may continue for 6 months or longer while on Xenical. Normally, these break down dietary fat into absorbable free fatty acids and monoglycerides. These changes may include gas with oily discharge, an increased number of bowel movements, an urgent need to have them, and an inability to control them, particularly after meals containing higher amounts of fat than are recommended.

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