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Jennifer Lopez may be wrapping up her Dance Again tour, but this singer has proven that whether or not she is on stage, she will be turning heads. With the help of a five week vegan diet plan from Marco Borges, Jennifer was able to loose 10 pounds and drop from a size 4 to a size 2! The meat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free change helped Jennifer reach her weight loss goal. For breakfast, the star has a millet cereal topped with bananas, blueberries, and yummy almond milk. Jennifer admits that it was a struggle, but the fast results made that struggle worth while! While Jennifer looks great on the outside, it’s important to note that she has definitely gained a little extra confidence, too! This is especially good advice for this star with rumors of a new potential romance with Maksim Chmerkovskiy floating around. If you are looking to lose weight, there are few recommendations I have to tweak your rules. By eating or drinking 5 small meal replacements per day and one meal that is only protein and vegetables (cooked any way you like), we can force your body to burn its own stored fat for energy. Feel free to adjust the schedule to meet your personal needs (for example, rest on Wednesdays instead of Sundays or reduce the number of weekly workouts if you're a fitness newbie). The 44-year-old star graces the cover of Us Weekly and gives us all another reason to look when she showed off her beautiful 10 pound weight loss. Jennifer’s six hour dance rehearsals more than make up for the stars lack of gym love!
Jennifer’s new-found body confidence will definitely put her in a a great place to start a new chapter in her love life.

I was looking for a way to rid my body of unnatural toxins and chemicals found in the processed food I had been eating. While there are some people who have gotten the same results in our regular program, they are rare, and they all workout at least 1 hour per day.
Your body is put into a mild form of ketosis, –meaning fat burned is released into the bloodstream as ketones and used for energy. Jennifer’s new vegan diet plan has her looking better than ever, and luckily, we have some of her tips to share with you!
I was looking for a way to increase my energy as I was suffering from extreme fatigue and therefore, depression.
Eliminate all processed, packaged foods and choose organic, sustainable animal proteins that are fed their species' appropriate diet. While our regular program is quite effective and many people  have lost over 100 pounds, the VLCD is simply a faster way to lose an initial 20 to 40 lbs in a medically sound way. Because your body will be in a state of ketosis, you cannot deviate from the highly structured 100% meal replacement based diet or there may be consequences.
Doing this will help you familiarize yourself with your daily caloric, micro- and macronutrient intake. They say to stick to red wine on the paleo diet, but that can really be detrimental to weight loss, especially if you drink it the way I do. In fact all VLCD patients transition to our Traditional Medically Supervised Plan after their initial 12 weeks. For most people this is a savings because instead of buying food at the grocery store or restaurants, you are buying meal replacements.
If you feel you cannot stick to a diet of all meal replacements, this diet may not be for you.

Below is a table which shows some men and women in the program. The recommended VLCD program is 12 weeks but use this trial to give it a try.
Even people on the VLCD who struggled and did not lose the 3-4 pounds per week like Female PT #7 were still happy because they had never lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks. When you eat protein and fat without an elevated insulin level, your body is able to use your food for fuel. I recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for the most effective means of burning fat and building muscle.
When it uses up that fuel, it will then access energy from your fat storage and burn that off.
One more note on drinking: the more you drink, the more likely you are do stray away from your dietary goals. Walk to the store, work, school, the park, gym or wherever you are headed if you have the chance.
That is why we have a problem with diets and low will-power, our parents rewarded us with food. I want to friend you so i get an idea of what oyu eat every day and how to arrange my meals to get below 50g of carbs a day.

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