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Battling depression and a life of debilitating obesity, Dustin shares the side of the mirror he had to face to become the best version of himself.
Kyle learned from his past weight-loss attempts that trying on his own wasn't working.
Patrick lost over 100 pounds in under a year, without restricting any of the foods he loved. In a very low moment in her life, a television show about dramatic transformations gave Victoria the boost to transform herself. Despite the long journey ahead, Jade realized her weight & health were a risk to her dreams of motherhood.
Despite the long journey ahead, Jade realized her weight & health were a risk to her dreams of motherhood. Andrew Shanahan is an award-winning writer, editor and publisher, and the man behind Man V Fat - a magazine aimed at supporting men's weight loss around the world. Andrew Shanahan is an award-winning writer, editor and publisher, and the man behind Man V Fat - a magazine aimed at supporting men's weight loss around the world.
Troye changed her own life—and created a new one—through a raw food and juicing intervention. From hating her body to a self-described "powerlifting, cooking machine," Rachel would never have believed her own transformation. In this category I’ll discuss being overweight and running and all of the issues you might encounter. If you take things slowly and set realistic short and long term goals then you’re more likely to succeed in the long run. I dreaded making the transition from gym to the streets as I was still insecure about my body and receiving abuse from idiots.
Runners knee and shin splints are major issues that you might encounter if you step up your training too much at first. Whilst running with excess weight makes things harder, it isn’t the be all and end in terms of performance. If you can run 5K (3.1 miles) easily and then follow an 18 week marathon training schedule then you can overcome your weight issues and finish a marathon. Whilst training for the marathon in 2011, I used the excellent Non Runners Marathon Trainer.
It’s a great entry level book, but I found the training program to be a little too relaxed. All of the distances in the schedule below are in miles and are taken from the Non Runners Marathon Trainer. That’s why I recommend building your base as much as possible in the first few weeks of training, so that you have something to build upon over the mid and late weeks of marathon preparation.
I started off running with the Nike Lunarglide 2 shoes and they lasted for around 3 months of marathon training (approximately 500 miles). I then replaced the shoes 1 month before the marathon itself with the exact same pair of shoes. If they understood how much it hurts, then they’d hesitate to mock those runners who run every day overweight. The idiots out there want to discourage you because they are jealous of your gall and ambition. Running can be difficult enough when you’re just starting off and when others mock you, it makes it twice as difficult.

I can only speak for myself here but after a number of my long runs I experienced a migraine afterwards.
Concerned about why this was happening, I went to my doctor and he told me I was trying too much too soon and that I should try to lose some weight through walking before progressing with training.
With retrospect I think that training for a marathon as a first race isn’t a great idea. My first race was the Larne Half Marathon 2011 in preparation for the Belfast City Marathon 2011.
Once you become experienced at running a certain distance, then you can improve your speed. If you want to improve your speed whilst still overweight, an idea is to incorporate sprinting bursts towards the end of your workout. The biggest obstacle to losing weight running is failing to continue your appetite that comes from running more often.
If you haven’t ran before and try to start off running too fast or too often, then you run the risk of injury. In my 16 months as a distance runner I’ve managed to avoid any serious injuries by just listening to my body. The key is to train as much as your body will allow you and making yourself accountable for training. New pedometer devices like the FitBit Ultra are excellent for this as you give you an insight into your daily exercise trends. As a general rule, the longer you stay on your feet jogging, the better the results will be over time. No, but if you’re overweight it is best to consult your doctor before starting a running program. Things started getting better when I realised that I could start running if I lost a little bit of weight and improved my diet. This intensive approach left me feeling for a long time that I was not cut out for running or any type of fitness.
The key to enjoying running as a fat person is to run at your own pace and to focus on improving your own times and distances, rather than comparing yourself to the field. If you try running and can’t continue without great discomfort, then you need to slow down, even to a walk. You will quickly get a feel for what you are capable of by testing your body over a period of time. If you think your BMI is too high for running, try jogging for a little bit and see how it feels. When I do fall off the bandwagon it seems to take me forever to get motivated enough to get back on. Our guests share their weight loss stories, the challenges they faced, how they stayed motivated, and how they are maintaining their results. However, she discovered that overeating was only a symptom of other issues she was dealing with.
Hear about loving yourself, your journey, and how to make the first weeks of a lifestyle change successful. I don’t recall the exact date, but it was March 2013 that I began what I call the next step in my journey towards weight loss.
I try to ignore this, mainly as the person giving me the abuse is way fatter than me and probably couldn’t run the length of themselves.

Once you start to enjoy running as a part of your lifestyle, then you’re much more likely to keep the weight off in the long run.
If you look at all of the miles you have to run towards the end of the schedule then you’ll freak out.
Rather, it’s better to start with a 5k work up your way through the 10k to a half marathon and then tackle a marathon.
Since I hadn’t run in an event before I had no idea what lay ahead of me and as it came to the last few miles I was beginning to doubt my sanity for entering the race.
My advice would be to work on building up your mileage to a consistent base of 40 miles per week by the time you’re half way through training and to keep at that level. I was only 5lbs overweight by the time it came to race-day but that made all the difference. It’s common to hear of runners complaining about imminent heart failure or not being able to breathe properly. Whenever you go out for a run you should be able to hold a conversation with the person next to you.
Make sure that you’ve got enough energy left though otherwise you might have to stop!.
In the early stages of your running life, it is best to start slowly and cover longer distances rather than running for shorter distances at a higher intensity. You can see how far you’ve ran on a daily basis and can establish long term goals based upon your stats.
If you think back to the first time you tried running it was probably a horrible experience. I started to feel hopeless that I would never be able to sustain an exercise program and control my weight in the future. If you try to lose weight too quickly with running, then you’ll face burning out and stopping running altogether.
I started by running on the treadmill at the local gym to try to take the impact off my knees. At the start of my training program I couldn’t have conceived running 8 miles let alone doing 18.
Marathon training provides an ideal opportunity to lose weight but only if you’re willing to eat sensibly.
The problem was that the teachers were allocated so little time per week for fitness lessons that they had to work you hard to try to keep you fit in such a short period of time. This meant that I had to spend my first few months walking before I could introduce some running into my regime. A few tips, tricks and tactics on getting the weight off and then of course learning how to stay motivated enough to make it to your goal weight.
I lost quite a bit after I had my daughter with weight watchers and then it has slowly crept back on, not all but more than I like.
You think that everyone is staring in you, when in reality they’re likely wrapped up in their own insecurities!

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