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It’s important to understand the difference between good fats and bad fats in order to maintain a healthy diet.
There are two main types of fat that are good for you – monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. When consumed in moderate amounts, these fats provide many health benefits like lowering cholesterol and decreasing the risk of heart disease.
Bad fats can cause many health problems such as raising cholesterol and increasing risk for heart disease. Probably you are trying to lose your weight through bad procedures, or even you just struggle and you dont take action.
I was talking to friend of mine who rides and he was telling me that he was having a problem with low energy levels. The good news is that because most bad fats are created from industrial food processing, ita€™s difficult to get excessive amounts of bad fat from whole, unprocessed foods.
Core Performance Article: One of the more confusing nutritional questions these days is the difference between good and bad fats. One of the biggest and more misleading health trends of the last 20 years has been the anti-fat movement. That's it for now, until next time, good luck with your training and remember, if you have a question, log on to the Virtual Trainer Expert Forum and have your question answered by a panel of experts.
Grandfather learned that aging well can be achieved with the help of replacing bad fats such as saturated and trans fats with good fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Bad fats are those found in dark meat, chicken skin, and whole milk products such as cheese, butter, lard, and ice cream.
The most important good fats are characterized as omegas 3, 6, and 9 and are found in salmon, tuna, flax seed, soybeans, nuts, avocados, and olive oil.
Old habits are hard to break, but as my grandfather will tell you, replacing the bad fats with good fats can certainly pay off. A walk down for grocery shopping will confirm our obsession for low fat foods, which is encouraged further by the wide range of products marketed as low fat options like fat free ice-cream, low fat candies, baked cookies & cakes. As a matter of fact, everyone of us must understand that ‘Healthy Fats’ play pivotal role in keeping you energetic throughout the day, utilize the vitamin rich foods for good health & to top it all, fats in appropriate proportions help you to lose weight. Body to use vitamins – Vitamins A, D, E, K are fat-soluble vitamins, which means that the fat in foods helps the intestines absorb these vitamins into the body. Brain development – Fat provides the structural components not only of cell membranes in the brain, but also of myelin, the fatty insulating sheath that surrounds each nerve fiber, enabling it to carry messages faster. Body’s insulator – Fats are a vital part of cell membrane that surrounds each cell of the body. Making hormones – Fats are structural components of prostaglandins- hormone like substances that regulate body’s functions. Choose healthy snacks such as veggies salad or plain vegetable sandwich, boiled sprouts, low fat yogurt, fruit salad.
Flavor your foods with herbs, spices & lemon juice instead of butter or high fat sauces. Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) – This is the molecule of fat & protein which carries cholesterol from liver to the body tissues. Limit your intake of saturated fats – Try replacing red meat with beans, nuts, poultry & fish wherever possible. Eat Omega3 fats everyday – Good sources include fish, walnuts, ground flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, canola oil, soyabean oil. After a glance at the various facts about fats, a bottom line that must be remembered all throughout the process of weight management is that don’t go no-fat, go good fat. I believe simple strategies are the secret to sanity in the kitchen, and I’m here to help you cook smarter so you can enjoy your kitchen and your family. When I began to embrace the idea that our body actually needs fat to function well, and added good fats like whole dairy, coconut oil, and plenty of butter into my daily menu, I felt the results immediately! Truth: Turning a vegetable (often GMO corn or the toxic soybean) into an oil is a highly-involved process of bleaching, deodorizing, and treatment with chemicals. Sorry, I got a little geeky on you there, but you need to know the truth: Vegetable Oils are NOT food, and are NEVER good for you. So, are you ready for this step–embracing good fats in your diet, and using them properly? Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig–Exciting information on the benefits of adding good fats into your diet. The Whole Soy Story by  Kaayla Daniel–exposes the toxicity of soy, the main ingredient in most vegetable oils and butter replacements.
Tomorrow in our 31 day series Your Real Food Journey, we’re talking about how to afford grass fed beef!
Brittany, I use butter, bacon grease, saved chicken fat, or the coconut oil that I mentioned on instagram that is more refined so it doesn’t have the coconutty flavor. Hmmm…I always cook my eggs in butter (or, the rare treat, bacon grease!) Is your pan well seasoned? The pans are really finicky, but they are definitely well seasoned, we make scrambled eggs and they don’t stick really except for maybe a couple spots, maybe I just have a hard time with the amount I have to use for those kinds of eggs, they are my kids(and husbands) favorites so we make them at least 3 times a week, do you think over eat would be low enough a temp to not worry too much? My mom gave me a copy of Woman’s Daily {or something} and I always look on the back page of a magazine first. I usually put a few Tablespoons in our morning smoothie, and bake with coconut oil regularly, and people would gasp at how much butter I used daily. Stephanie, I’ve been challenged to convert certain techniques over with my new fat preferences, as well. If its not a marinade but gets heated, I have started melting some grass fed tallow that I render each year. Subscribe to my exclusive tips and get the tools you need to cook smarter and feed your family well — without going crazy! Avocado — Yes, you can mash it up with lime juice, salt and cilantro to make guacamole. Wild Alaskan Salmon — This fish is still the favorite amongst most for the essential omega-3 fatty acids it provides. Nuts — These gifts from nature are an excellent way to get the good fat in, every day.
Fats to avoid: denatured oils, like hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated oils.
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The image chart below is perfect for your Pinterest boards, but I formatted a print-friendly list so you can stick it on your fridge for easy reference. About LaurenIa€™m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner eager to empower others on their journey of holistic wellness.
Some of the ads on this site are served by AdChoices and, as a result, I do not necessarily recommend the advertised products. Borneo is losing huge tracts of rainforest due to clear cutting to create palm plantations.
Palm oil is definitely a healthier oil to consume, but is it worth it when you realize how it is harvested? The conversation can degrade into a debate about ethical farming practices, fair trade, eco-friendly business etc.
You can make any other number of arguments for just about any mass-produced food, oil or ingredient out there. There are sustainable sources for palm oil that do not wantonly damage rainforest or slaughter apes. From what i’ve heard about why you should not use it, it is high in omega-6, and you should limit your omega 6 intake and raise your omega-3 intake.
I have to agree bacon fat or any animal product fat is KNOWN to clog your arteries when some of these others may have some toxins in them (such as your grapeseed you have discussed) but bacon fat, geese fat, LARD those all equal to walking heart attack. I understand that the want to blame a dark conspirator for any (and every) host of medical woes that may come our way, but do we ever wonder why we jump on board so quickly with a minority of ill qualified people, many of whom seek to profit from their followers directly like Joe Murcola D.O. Also a quick wikipedia search of Enig or Price should give anyone plenty of cause for speculation. Your body actually needs fat for energy and cell growth, and many fats have positive effects on your health.
However, all fats are high in calories, so too much of any kind of fat can lead to weight gain and other health risks.
You should limit the total amount of fat in your diet, and especially aim to decrease saturated fat and trans fat. You should keep your overall fat intake low, and have most of it come from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. This website is geared towards stick and ball sports and general weight loss but there is a ton of useful information for the motocross athlete.
His low energy levels were most pronounced during his morning run particularly at the 1.5 mile mark and sometimes during his motos. It has been pounded into our heads over the past few decades that fat is evil and must be avoided.
These good fats have been proven to prevent chronic disease by lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
Consuming too much of these fats can be counter-productive as even good fats are high in calories and thus, should be consumed in moderation. Consuming more good fats can help prevent serious health issues, and eliminating bad fats can turn some health issues around.
Before coming to conclusions it becomes important to understand the various neglected aspects about fats. 1g of fat provides 9 Kilocalories – more than twice the amount we get from carbohydrates & proteins.
Moreover the layer of fat which is just beneath the skin acts as the body’s own insulator to help regulate body temperature. Among all types of polyunsaturated fats, one that needs a special mention are omega 3 fatty acids. If meat has to be consumed then, go for lean cuts of meat, & stick to white meat which has less saturated fat. The resulting oils are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are linked to free radical damage and degenerative conditions like autoimmune disorders and Alzheimers.
We need fats to assimilate certain vitamins, nourish our hormone system, and regulate blood sugar, among other things. Subscribe so you don’t miss a post in this series that’s all about helping you make little bits of yummy progress toward more real food!
I’ll tell you a secret–I only just learned about not using olive oil in high heat situations this past year! It contains a lot of beneficial things for your body and brain, which grain fed does not include. The price for raw or low-heat pasteurization dairy products makes me want to choke sometimes.
It truly is about half of the protein that my kids get because while they LOVE their veggies, they really aren’t meat fans, I have tried butter and had awful results because I cook in cast iron.
I put about a tablespoon of lard or tallow in the pan, heat it til I can feel heat coming off the pan, crack the egg into the melted oil pool, once set on the edges I rotate the pan since my stove leans as bit to a spot with room for the egg and the excess oil follows me over, I repeat. They had a recipe for healthy muffins, from a cancer survivor who has chosen to eat healthier: The recipe had all fats removed, but kept sugar as one of the MAIN ingredients.
One of my solutions which I use for marinades that call for olive oil is to combine all the other ingredients, put them over the meat, and refrigerate, and then when I pull the meat out to grill or bake it, I add the melted coconut oil at that point. This site uses the Beautiful Pro Theme and the Genesis Framework (affiliate links) Design by Jeremy Holden Learn how to protect your stuff here.
You can also add it to your smoothies for a super-creamyconsistency and the vitamin absorption boost.
Keep them in jars in your fridge and sprinkle them on salads, soups, oatmeal, or use them in smoothies. With so many available, from almonds to pine nuts, to macadamia nuts, you’ll never get bored of nuts. The unique property of MCFAs is they are more rapidly absorbed by the body and quickly metabolized as fuel.
If you have a question after reading this list, check the comments because I might have already answered it there. When doctors told me that surgery and medication were the only answers to my chronic health issues, I decided to find different answers and experienced first-hand the healing power of food.
The revenue from the ads makes it possible for me to continue blogging, so I appreciate your understanding. This is habitat for Orangutans and Probosis Monkeys and many other animals who are now threatened. YOU can google and see the massive massacring of orangetans – even setting them on fire!

There are PLENTY of other healthy options a€“ why choose one that is causing death & destruction? I, certainly, dona€™t want to be around once wea€™ve finally destroyed out planet beyond repair a€“ and I can only pray that my children & long after descendants wona€™t have to suffer that fate. Oil palm produces the largest amount of oil per acre, and thus is the least damaging of all oil crops.
Tropical Traditions is a good organization for many coconut products and they also carry palm oil produced in Africa. Additionally, the (albeit poorly absorbed in the first place) omega-3s present in the flax will be degraded by the oven heat.
There are 9 calories in one gram of fat, so you can also measure this as 44-78 grams of fat per day.
As we talked and I tried to help him figure out what was wrong, I discovered two glaring problems. But with time comes better research and understanding as to the role in which fat plays both as an athlete and the general public. He battled high cholesterol in the past, but learned that eating good fats could actually help his condition. As we all know, excessive amounts of cholesterol become plaque that clogs your arteries and can result in a heart attack or stroke. They provide the body with energy and create hormone-like substances that control blood pressure. This is her first editorial and she hopes to contribute more to Desert Health in the future. This scenario clearly highlights the fact that just sticking to low-fat diet will not solve the problem.
Foods that are high in monounsaturated fats include nuts (walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, hazel nuts, peanuts & pistachio nuts), olive oil, avocados, sesame seeds, canola oil. As plaque builds up, it can block the flow of blood to heart, increasing the risk of heart attack & stroke.
I am totally horrified because I have been preparing meals almost exclusively with EVOO for years! Check out Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof Diet website, where he explains the benefits of organic grass fed butter. I have a hard time remembering all of those things especially when I use olive oil instead of toxic cooking sprays! By the time I have 3 eggs set then I can flip the first and once all 3 have been flipped its time to serve.
My husband has actually taking to rendering the beef fat from the grass fed cow we got this fall.
This morning I tried this and it is completely doable for me from now on: hot cup of steeped tea, dump into blender, add tablespoon coconut oil, some stevia, and I added bit of pumpkin creamer. I know that’s a real common practice, but light sauteing or short baking times is all that olive oil can handle without becoming difficult to digest. If you’re eating a fat-free or too low-fat diet, your body is not absorbing those vitamins, especially the all important and more popular than ever, Vitamin D. If you are eating a diet with little or no fat, you’re undoubtedly feeling a bit deprived. To further complicate the fat conundrum, we must not only choose the good fats but use them in a way to preserve their healthful qualities and prevent them from turning into bad fats. They are murdering the animals and cutting down the forests to plant the $$$$ producing Palm. Sure, Borneo’s forests are being cut down for timber first (that’s to build your wooden houses) and oil palm second, but what about the Amazon being destroyed for soybeans? I feel comfortable that they support local communities in their business relationship without the colonial paternalism that so often destroys others. First, he was training in the morning on an empty stomach and second he wasn't consuming enough fat.
Truth is, fats are critical to good health, releasing energy slowly to keep the body satiated and regulating blood sugar.
These fatty acids help in reducing the risk of heart disease by protecting against irregular heart beats & helping to prevent blood clots. And, when I learned which fats were good for cooking, and which ones shouldn’t be overheated, I quit having gall bladder attacks! Fats go straight the liver to be dealt with, and if we’re not eating the right fats in the right way, it can over burden our poor gall bladder.
Research shows strong evidence that the omega-3s EPA and DHA can help lower triglycerides and blood pressure. For example, cold-pressed sunflower seed oil provides a neutral-flavored base for cold salad dressings.
Soybean oil, soy milk, tofu, burger fillers, emulsifiers… don’t you consume loads of that too? As I explained to him how important fat is to the human body and particularly for an athlete he asked me a simple question; What is the difference between good and bad fats? Moreover omega3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in brain & thus play a pivotal in cognitive function as well as overall emotional health.
Going forward, how do you recommend preparing things like meat and veggies on the stovetop? I would also highly recommend finding a digestive enzyme that contains lipase, which is the enzyme that helps you digest fat. And there are studies showing that omega-3 fatty acids may help with other conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and many more. I do wonder though, I make chicken in various pre packaged seasoning mixes that call for oil and then it all sits in the fridge for a bit before baking.
My favorite benefit of eating healthy fats is the fact that they help me feel fuller and satiated!
As I was researching various articles, I came across this article on the Core Performance website that is pretty much exactly what I wanted to write. The jury is still out on whether I solved my buddies low energy problems, but I suspect he will be calling me in a few weeks thanking me for the insight.

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