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As the most abundant compound on earth and within the body, water is the median in which all other nutrients reside. Most people understand the benefits of flossing and know they SHOULD be doing it more often. At ThirtyTwo Dental we not only care about the oral health of our patients, we care about their overall health. Anna Morris holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and has 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Today I want to talk about something scarier than a root canal – New Year’s resolutions!  If you are like the majority of the population, you probably have a healthy dread of this term. Your chance of success is much greater if you set smaller, more achievable short-term goals.
So when you’re scared, ask yourself, what is the worst-case scenario if a) you fail to meet your goal or b) you succeed?
Did you know that dentists in Edmonton, Alberta are now eligible for a certification in administering Botox?
Secondly, when it comes to giving injections, particularly in the head and neck region, who better to do it than dentists? More and more people in the dental industry, including general dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists, are administering Botox to their patients to help relieve muscle tension in the head and neck region. So whether you’re suffering from a sore jaw or crow’s feet around your eyes, Botox can help with both. Something that patients may not know about me is that I served on the Edmonton Ronald McDonald House Board and was President from 2002-2004. There are many things that I’ve learned throughout the years that have taught me what true success looks like.
On Sunday, the ThirtyTwo Dental team will be visiting the Edmonton Ronald McDonald House to prepare a meal for the families staying there and hopefully spread some smiles along the way.
One of the worst things I have to tell a patient is, “we’re going to have to pull that tooth”. I know that this might sound like a scary procedure for some, but let me assure you that I’ve never heard a patient describe it as being a painful experience. Also, what people may not know is that you can do more than just replace a single tooth with an implant. So while saying goodbye to a tooth is never an easy thing, hopefully patients can take comfort in knowing that there is a fantastic alternative out there to give them back their smiles. While getting oral piercings can be fashionable and a way of showing individuality, people must use caution when getting them. Whitening toothpastes are designed to remove surface stains from your teeth on a daily basis.
First, I should mention that the efficacy of whitening toothpastes has been met with mixed reviews. My biggest issue is that they may be causing more harm to teeth and gums than people realize. If you have a question regarding your current toothpaste, ask you dental professional to shed some light on which products are best suited for you. To stay current and to make things easier for our patients, we have made some changes to our website! As before, on our website you’ll find our comprehensive list of services we provide with explanations for each. Not only can you access our blog from the website, but there are also links to our Facebook and Google pages, where you can follow us, read, or even write your own reviews (hint hint, wink wink). When new dental products come onto the market, dentists are usually the only ones who get really excited about them. Feeding your kids deep fried french fries a couple times won’t kill them, but offering them daily will definitely affect their health. Processed chicken nuggets like those found at popular fast food restaurants (and frozen food aisles) are made of a mash of chicken and then packed full of stabilizers and preservatives along with corn based ingredients and sugar.
Homemade chicken nuggets or organic varieties in the health food freezer section are a much better option.
An occasional sip of soda here or there won’t necessarily harm your child, but soda all the time will. Coconut, Almond, Soy or Cashew Milk, homemade fruit infused water, aloe juice and 100% juice, diluted. News has been spread over the years stating hot dogs and other cured meats like bacon, bologna and salami increase risk for cancer due to the high nitrate levels, but further more modern research debunked this idea because there are more nitrates found in human saliva, spinach, and other veggies than in hot dogs. What IS so bad about hot dogs are their high calories, high levels of saturated fat and high sodium levels raise cholesterol and blood pressure.
All the kids love the popular cartoon characters and fun shapes making this quick and easy to make meal a staple in most peoples' pantry. Homemade macaroni and cheese with Whole Grain or Gluten Free boiled pasta, butter or olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Look for snacks made with 100% real fruit with no added sugars, artificial flavors or coloring. Baked potato wedges, baked sweet potato fries served with a healthy dip made from Greek yogurt. For years children have eaten pop tarts or toaster pastries before school or as a quick snack. You may use these as a snack for teething toddlers, or a seemingly healthy snack for older children, but most are actually nothing but empty calories and sodium.
I know that McDonalds chicken nuggets are unhealthy, but it’s good to see this reminder. You have to plan for your grocery bill and if you put the time in, anything can be managed.
Are you aware that a glutton free diet can cause people without a glutton problem to become glutton intolerant?
It’s important to note that complex public health challenges do not boil down to any one source of calories. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Try this: Consider cutting back on skim milk, Dattner says, which has shown the strongest link with skin flare-ups. When a team of nutritionists and dermatologists reviewed the scientific connection between food and skin, they came away with a pretty compelling case against a high-glycemic diet.
Try this: Dattner suggests that those plagued by pimples avoid sugary cereals, which often have a higher glycemic index than both sugar and simple carbs alone. Heating meat at high temperatures produces a chemical reaction between the fat and protein that results in compounds called "advanced glycation end products" (AGES). Try this: You don't need to go on a raw-food diet, but it might not be a bad idea to eat grilled foods in moderation (deep-fried, too, but you knew that). Many brands of chips, crackers and popcorn are loaded with sodium, which can cause water retention. Try this: Roasted, unsalted mixed nuts can satisfy your snack craving without the side effects. As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.
Unless you have oily skin, you only need to wash your face in the evening, with a creamy cleanser and lukewarm water. But, we get so focused on teeth and gums that sometimes we forget to step back and look at the big picture. It’s easy to see how winter blues can set in, especially when you’re ready for spring already!
There are so many benefits to resistance training, the most obvious of which are increased strength and functionality, improved posture, and better bone density (which is associated with decreased osteoporosis and fractures due to falls).
There are SO MANY different types of diets out there and a lot of conflicting information to sift through. What I discovered is the 3 R’s of Habit Change  – a simple 3-step framework for changing or creating new habits.

Or, try placing floss right next to your toothbrush so you can see it every time you brush.
This month we have feature blogger Anna Morris chatting about how to set fitness goals after this year’s holiday cheer. Anna is a Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist (in training), and an Alberta Bodybuilding Association (ABBA) bikini competitor. We all tend to overindulge during the holidays, so when January rolls around we abruptly awaken from our wine and gravy-induced coma with a pesky, nagging feeling.
After working with hundreds of clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, I’ve come up with some tried-and-true tips for goal setting success.
These are pre-planned “not-so-healthy” meals or snacks that you have already scheduled, planned, and accounted for. Sometimes you need help, even if it’s just a ride to the gym, daycare for your kid, recipe ideas, or a workout buddy. The secret to success is consistent hard work over time, a bit of good planning and bravery, and a little help from your friends. This might strike you as being strange, however, when you understand the full scope of what Botox has to offer, Botox in dental offices actually makes a LOT of sense.
When people think Botox, they think of it as a way to fill fine lines and wrinkles – a way of looking younger. Dentists should be the most practiced doctors out there, plus, they have an intimate knowledge of important head and neck anatomy, so they know precisely how to target specific muscles.
We are slowly introducing this service into our downtown Edmonton practice, so if you have any questions or interest in Botox, we’d be more than happy to chat with you! Every day I help make smiles healthier, straighter, and whiter, but one of my most favourite things about smiles is happiness that makes them exist in the first place. The Ronald McDonald House helps sick children and their families by providing affordable housing that helps to reduce the stress of what they are going through.
When I look back on my life and who I have grown to become, I see service and contribution as two of my most important teachers. Volunteering is an experience that money can’t buy, and this spirit is so important at all levels of a community. This organization will always have a special place in my heart, and I am looking forward to sharing just how special it is with the rest of the team. It’s heartbreaking to have to tell someone that they’re going to lose a tooth, no matter what the reason is. Give us a call at 780-428-2331 or book an appointment online now to discuss your dental implant needs.
While I believe products should do what they claim to do, that is not the main problem I have with these products. Because they are more abrasive than regular toothpastes, over time, they can actually wear down and cause damage to the enamel, which is the hard, protective outer layer of your tooth. If you are concerned about the colour of your teeth, you would be better off to use a lower abrasion toothpaste along with special whitening products. If you’ve visited our website before, the first thing you’ll notice is that the overall look has changed. To better serve you, we now ask you for your preferred time for appointment, what the nature of your appointment is (check-up, cleaning, filling, etc.), and the best time to reach you. There’s our bio page where you can “meet” and learn about each member of the ThirtyTwo team. Do you know that just one 12oz can of soda has approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar! That much sugar causes a “sugar rush” effect followed by up and down behavior.
However these fun, convenience items are typically made from GMO's and loaded with empty calories, high sodium levels, and topping it all off with artificial dyes to make the color more appetizing. Despite cereal companies advertising about how much whole grains and fiber are in each serving, the high sugar and food coloring in these cereals outweigh any benefit.
Many of these don’t contain fruit and in fact have minimal traces of fruit along with artificial flavors, dyes and a bunch of sugar.
They are made with refined flour that is stripped of its nutrients, have added preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors and dyes.
I’m amazed at the number of people who would rather make excuses to continue to poison themselves and their families than change their eating habits and enjoy a healthier life. However, now that I read this, I will look for healthier hot dogs and maybe serve them a little more often.
We read books, play games, learn from schoolbooks, color, and play outside – no TV is needed or wanted at our house, and we buy clothes at thrift stores or accept gifts from people who are generous enough to pass things on to us. I so appreciate your lovely comment, and relish the fact that you are paying attention to ways that you can save money to put toward good food. You can contact company websites to get coupons that help you save, and you can check local stores for specials.
In fact, doctors used to treat acne by recommending patients give up milk, says Alan Dattner, MD, a holistic dermatologist who practices in New York and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Eating a lot of sugar (raisins, soda, honey, agave nectar) or simple carbs (bagels, pasta, cupcakes) can throw off your insulin levels, which can lead to inflammation both inside the body as well as on your face, explains Dattner.
These AGES are aptly named, says Dattner, because they're linked to oxidative stress and inflammation that can make your skin look ruddier, duller and more wrinkled -- older, in general. If you're prone to puffiness all over, it will be most noticeable under the eyes, because the skin there is very thin, and it doesn't take much to cause swelling. As health professionals, I feel it’s crucial that we also communicate and promote the importance of overall health, not just dental health. If you are feeling a little cooped up or run down, here are four simple ideas to add to your daily routine that can help to quickly turn things around and improve your mood.
We are made up of at least 60% water, and it’s integral for proper circulation, healing, digestion, absorption, and elimination. Holding more lean tissue on your body also means a healthier body composition (more muscle, less fat) and faster basal metabolic rate (the ability to burn more calories at rest). One thing that pretty much all dieticians and nutritionists agree on is the importance of vegetables in a healthy diet.
I think one of the biggest reasons people don’t floss is because it just never became part of their daily routine the way tooth-brushing did.
You can also make things easier by having floss stashed in multiple places, like your desk, your purse, your car, your gym bag, etc. And who knows, you might even start to LIKE flossing and how it makes your teeth and gums feel.
If you can accept and appreciate where you are now, you can enjoy the rest of your journey towards where you’d like to be. For instance, if you have a 20-pound weight loss target, don’t expect to achieve that in two weeks. While this is true, and while the cosmetic application of Botox is what it’s best known for, it has medical applications that can actually improve people’s health and well-being too.
The mentorship that these families then provide to each other in a comfortable, warm, and caring atmosphere helps them all relax together and enjoy quality time with their sick kids. Financially they are an investment, but dental implants have an extremely high success rate (>90%). One study reported that close to one fifth of young adults has had at least one type of piercing in or around their mouth. Pick your favourite celebrity, or any celebrity these days, and chances are they have a sparkling white smile. They use abrasive particles to scrub and clean the surface of your enamel, getting rid of the stain while brushing. This can dramatically increase tooth sensitivity and even the potential of getting cavities.
That way, you can get the white teeth you want without potentially irreversibly damaging your teeth in the process. You’ll also find our community involvement page, which touches on Homeless Connect and the KIA trips our team has taken part in, and our Q&A page.

Many other countries have banned products with artificial colors due to neurological effects on children, but the FDA deems this junk safe for us. Aside from salt, french fries are full of bad and damaging trans fats that clog arteries, and increase risk for diabetes and cancer. Without a doubt, you child will be hungry well before lunchtime, and the ingredients are terrible for kids with ADHD!
Saving in those two areas helps direct more money to good food at the grocery store and the local farm.
The bottom line is you should want to put a little work into you health and the health of your children or be prepared to take on the bills of your doctors and all the medications your family will need after you consistently feed them junk food. But then, as medication to treat pimples became more effective and available, Dattner says, there was less of a focus on preventing breakouts through dietary changes. Dattner adds that these kinds of greasy snacks are likely to have been cooked at high temps, and thus contain AGES, which could result in a double-whammy of puffiness and redness. This week’s blog, written by Anna Morris, a trainer at Body By Bennett, shifts our focus from teeth to overall health and wellness. Drinking adequate water is important for healthy weight maintenance, athletic performance, and youthful looking skin and hair. I have also observed in my clients (and myself) a huge boost in confidence and independence. Vegetables are primarily made of carbohydrates, contain small amounts of protein and fat, and are packed with vitamins. Seeing it in all these places will not only serve as a visual cue, but the convenience of having it right there will make it more likely that you’ll use it. Begin by trying to explain why this journey is important to you and how much you’d love their support.
You can, however, set a healthy weight loss goal of one to two pounds per week (until you reach 20 pounds!).
Take some time to address these head on, then pull-up your socks, get brave, and get to work. I witnessed smiles during my time here that were truly incredible, and helping families find happiness during the most difficult time of their lives is something I never want to stop doing. I’m happy, however, to say that with the advancements of dental implants, losing a tooth is not what it once was. This means no more loose dentures that fall out when you talk or sneeze and no more annoying denture adhesives. People get oral piercings for a variety of reasons, but shockingly, most of them are unaware of the dangers associated with mouth piercings.
We are constantly being bombarded with ads featuring 3D or Optic or Iceberg or Fill-in-the-adjective White!
You can still call us to book an appointment if you’d prefer, and we strongly encourage calling if it’s an emergency, as in that case we’ll try to see you ASAP. Once your dental procedure is complete, your dentist injects the reversal agent into the same area where the anaesthetic was placed (the good news is that you shouldn’t feel this injection, since you should still be frozen in that area). Introducing soda early in life to children, can cause them to develop a taste for sweet drinks over milk and water. To add insult to injury, most boxed mac & cheese is prepared with cow's milk and margarine, adding antibiotics, steroids and more chemicals. When my husband and I had our first child we told each other we would not feed our children McDonalds, but we found out that’s easier said than done (especially since my husband used to work there and he loves their fries so he gets them every chance he can get).
I bring lots of organic fruit home almost weekly, and my children drink mainly water or milk, so they don’t drink juice at home anymore at least. That didn't stop the evidence (and the anecdotes) from piling up over the years, and in 2010, an influential research review published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found an association between dairy consumption and acne. What's more, Dattner says, is that AGES can interact with UV rays and wreak havoc on the skin. They are a great source of fibre, which contributes to regularity and may protect against gastrointestinal disease and colon cancer. Always remember that your health is yours alone and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. The great part about gradual progression is that it is not only easier on your body and mind, but it is more likely to leave you with lasting results.
Rather than asking how much he wanted, however, I asked whether he would consider donating the residence… and the answer was YES! Speaking of which, taking care of an implant is basically the same as taking care of your teeth. The prevalence of dental defects is greater for tongue piercings than for lip piercings, and the incidence of gingival recession appears similar for both tongue and lip piercings. And if you do decide to get one, try not to play with the piercing – many people who have oral piercings report that playing with the piercing caused dental defects.
Now, we have a sleek new responsive website that will be easy to view on any of your devices, including your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
Clinical trials have shown that patients who received OraVerse® regained normal sensation and function twice as fast (or even faster) as those without it. Our older son and daughter have started eating their burgers – again, not very often.
Now the AAD suggests that acne sufferers talk to their dermatologist about limiting dairy to see if that helps. Try to space your water consumption throughout the day, beginning the day with 1-2 cups upon waking up.
The article recommended simply telling yourself “good job” or saying “success” once you’ve achieved your goal.
Other studies have shown that oral piercings can lead to an increased concentration of periodontal pathogenic bacteria at the pierced site, leading to increased periodontal disease. Bottom line is DO YOUR HOMEWORK and ensure you are informed of the potential local and systemic risks of the piercing. What people may not realize is that once the damage to the enamel is done, there is nothing you can do to easily fix it.
It’s embarrassing, and there’s always the potential of biting your lip or tongue, causing injury. There are very few possible side effects – the most common negative side effect was having a bit more soreness around the injection site due to the additional injection. Drinking a large amount of water with your meal isn’t ideal because it can dilute digestive enzymes and slow digestion, so it is preferable to drink one hour before and after a meal. If planned and executed properly, the results of an implant can very closely mimic the form and function of a natural tooth. They have also been linked to an increased incidence of Candida Albicans (a fungus, yikes!) colonization.
Patients should know that no dental plan will cover this procedure, so there is a small fee that patients would have to pay for themselves, but there’s no question that some things are just worth it! Since most vitamins are water-soluble, boiling veggies will result in a loss of vitamins into the water. The most obvious choice people are turning to is whitening toothpaste, and there are heaps of them on the market these days to choose from. Self-acknowledgment is still acknowledgement, and different things motivate different people. A great way to get the best quality and variety of vegetables is to eat seasonable vegetables that are fresh and locally grown throughout the year.

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