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Nude lipstick, as the name suggests, is lipstick that has a shade that closely resembles the color of the skin. Women usually wear nude lipstick when they want to accentuate their lips just enough, without looking like they spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, with lips that look artificially colored.
Below, you can learn more about three of the best nude lipstick products available in the market today. This is an extremely popular nude lipstick that comes in a nude color that is perfect for Caucasians.
With a price tag of less than $10, this is the nude lipstick to go for if you want a lipstick that is subtle and also nourishing at the same time.
Many young women like it as it is really easy to apply, thanks to the pointed shape of the lipstick inside the case. Another plus that this nude lipstick has going for itself is that it doesn’t come off when a woman purses her lips, not something you can say of most other nude lipsticks. It is also very resistant to changes in temperature and doesn’t cake up or crack inside the case, even if not used for a fairly long time.
L’Oreal puts out this lipstick in several shades, with a fairest nude lipstick shade being their most popular shade. This is probably the most nourishing nude lipstick available out there, as it contains omega 3 elements, argan oil and vitamin E that all have super hydrating and moisturizing properties. Women who have dry, damaged lips and who are usually scared of applying lipstick love this particular product as it helps them keep their lips soft, supple and smooth, even through harsh winters, while lending great style, with shine and gloss that is just enough to get noticed. Like the NYX Cosmetic Black Labe Nude Lipstick, this product is also extremely creamy and smooth to apply.
Apply light eyeliners or even skip over the black liners, bring your green eyes to the most natural state. The plum and pink are gorgeous for green eyes, and they are more suited for night occasions. Ziyi Zhang: Bright Lips Red lip colors always make thin lips look bigger as "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" star Zhang proves here. Im asian too but a mix parentage of chinese and indian and i really love the amazing makeup tips here =) woots! A lot of these are great tips, but I totally disagree about the one that says not to use black on eyebrows. It is enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera, two elements that will both protect and nourish the lips. If you haven't braved such a bold color before, start by trying a cheapie lipstick brand so you can find your ideal shade without breaking the bank. My eyebrow hairs are blacker than black, so using a lighter color would look absolutely ridiculous.
L’Oreal have also been very aggressive with the pricing of this top quality nude lipstick that comes with a price tag of less than $8, a real bargain, especially when you consider that the other leading nude lipsticks actually cost more than this particular product from the famed L’Oreal brand. If you have this unusual and beautiful eye color, take a look at our 20 Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Green Eyes below. If you are the lovers of green eyes, you should really take a good look at this post, because we are going to tell you how to enhance the fairness of your pretty green eyes with the best eye makeup ideas and most appropriate eye shadows. We’ve chosen 20 fabulous and flattering eye makeup looks worn by famous green-eyed celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lawrence, Bryce Dallas Howard, and many more.
Angelina Jolie Makeup for Green Eyes: Taupe eye shadow and jet black lashesAmerican actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian Angelina Jolie looks strikingly beautiful with her natural taupe-colored eye shadow and long, luscious eye lashes.

Taupe is a warm, sandy-beige color that suits medium complexions, and it looks very natural in matte. For maximum impact, curl your lashes before applying two to three coats of lash-lengthening black mascara. This is a lovely daytime look, and we love the delicate softness of the eye shadow color and the minimal mascara. Jessica Lowndes Makeup for Green Eyes: Frosty white eye shadowCanadian actress and pop singer-songwriter Jessica Lowndes looks fabulous with her frosty white eye shadow and thick, glamorous lashes. Applying white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes and leaving your lower lashes and waterline bare can make your eyes look bigger, so bear this in mind if your eyes are quite small in relation to the rest of your face.
Jennifer Lawrence Makeup for Green Eyes: Soft dove greyAmerican actress Jennifer Lawrence looks divine with her barely-there dove grey eye shadow and jet black eyelashes. Similarly, use minimal eyeliner and only a single coat of mascara to further create the illusion of bigger eyes.
Jessica Biel Makeup for Green Eyes: Bold teal eyelinerAmerican actress Jessica Biel rocks daring teal eyeliner and long upper lashes that have an enviable curl to them.
Teal looks great with green eyes, and Jessica’s modern splash of color gives her look an extra edge.
Amanda Seyfried Makeup for Green Eyes: Naturally strikingAmerican actress, singer and former model Amanda Seyfried looks utterly gorgeous with her simple-yet-chic natural eye makeup look. She has large, expressive green eyes that only need a coat or two of mascara and some subtle shimmery eye shadow for a stunning natural look.
Bryce Dallas Howard Makeup for Green Eyes: Dramatic winged eyelinerAmerican film actress, writer and director Bryce Dallas Howard looks fabulous with her dramatic winged eyeliner, dark auburn bob, and bold orange lippy. We love everything about this look – the flawless shimmery eye shadow, jet black winged liquid liner, bare waterline, and long lashes. Liquid liner is easier to apply than pencil eyeliner, although it can be tricky to master in the beginning. Hayden Panettiere Makeup for Green Eyes: Sexy and sootyAmerican actress, model, singer, voice actress, and activist Hayden Panettiere looks smoking hot with her sexy, sooty eye makeup.
She sports thick eyeliner that encircles each eye entirely, a soft smoky eye shadow effect, and long, skinny lashes.
Use a sharpened eye liner pencil for clear, crisp lines, and blend your eye shadow very well for a soft and misty effect. When applying mascara, make sure that the mascara wand is evenly coated to prevent clumps and lashes sticking together. Sarah Hyland Makeup for Green Eyes: Copper and rose goldAmerican actress Sarah Hyland is radiantly beautiful with her warm metallic eye shadow and thick, sexy eye lashes. Michelle Trachtenberg Makeup for Green Eyes: Beautiful bronze eyelidsAmerican actress Michelle Trachtenberg looks flawless with her glittery bronze eyelids and thick, dark lashes.
Her chosen makeup color scheme (bronze, peach, and pink) also works very well with her fair complexion and her dark hair. Scarlett Johansson Makeup for Green Eyes: Olive green eye shadowAmerican actress, model, and singer Scarlett Johansson looks strikingly beautiful with her soft olive green eye shadow and bold black eyeliner. Adele Makeup for Green Eyes: Glamorous jet black eyelinerBritish singer-songwriter Adele rocks her signature retro-glam look with glamorous, jet-black eyeliner and bold cherry-red lips.
Recreate her look by applying liquid liner to your upper eyelids, taking care to follow the lash line. Fergie Makeup for Green Eyes: Luscious lashesAmerican singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host, and actress Fergie Duhamel exudes classic glamour with her long, luscious lashes.

Her bare waterline and naked lower lashes make her eyes look bigger, and we love her thick, sexy upper lashes. Make sure that you test the eyelash glue before applying the lashes (a small dot on your forearm works) to make sure that you aren’t allergic. Kate Middleton Makeup for Green Eyes: Soft and flirtyThe Duchess of Cambridge looks utterly gorgeous with her soft and flirty eye makeup. Kate has mastered the subtle daytime glamour look with just the right amount of makeup – not too dark, and yet not too plain or bare.
She sports soft and smoky brown eye shadow, and perfectly curled lashes coated in black mascara.
Olivia Wilde Makeup for Green Eyes: Dramatic eyeliner and blue eyelidsAmerican actress, screenwriter, producer, director, and model Olivia Wilde looks strikingly beautiful with her dramatic eyeliner and blue eyelids. This look can make eyes appear smaller than they really are, so experiment with your liner and mascara to see if it suits your unique eye shape and size before committing to this look for a big night out. Evangeline Lilly Makeup for Green Eyes: Forest inspired colorsCanadian actress and author Evangeline Lilly looks radiantly beautiful with her forest-inspired brown and green eye makeup.
She sports a warm chocolate-brown shade on her upper lids, and a deep green eyeliner on her waterline. These complementary colors are very flattering for her olive hued eyes, and her medium complexion. Emma Stone Makeup for Green Eyes: Rose gold and copperAmerican actress and model Emma Stone looks breathtakingly beautiful with her radiant rose gold and copper hued eye makeup.
Her warm, shimmery eye shadow brings out her jade-green eyes, and we love her honey blonde hair color. It’s always important to match your makeup color choices to your skin tone and the color of your features (hair, brows, and eyes).
Getting it right can mean the difference between awkward makeup that doesn’t suit you, and fantastic makeup that makes the most of your best features. Kristen Stewart Makeup for Green Eyes: Dark and sultryAmerican actress Kristen Stewart looks smoking hot with her dark and sultry eye makeup. She rocks an intricately blended mix of dark chocolate brown, black, and charcoal on her upper lids, as well as super long eyelashes.
Layering – start with your lightest shade of eye shadow, and cover the largest area with this color. Kate Hudson Makeup for Green Eyes: Subtle glamourAmerican actress Kate Hudson looks effortlessly glamorous with her subtle-yet-chic eye shadow and bright, glowing complexion.
Ashlee Simpson Makeup for Green Eyes: Statement lashesAmerican singer, songwriter, and actress Ashlee Simpson looks stunning with her statement lashes and her super-trendy bob hairstyle.
She sports light eye shadow in the inner corners of her eyes, and dark, thick lashes that cover the outer corners of her eyes. Then, apply a high quality mascara, wiggling and rotating the wand as you go so as to prevent clumps. Alternatively, apply false eyelashes for maximum flirting potential.*So there you go, green eyed girls – some hot new makeup looks to try out at home!

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