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Marks and Spencer claim its Simply Fuller Longer range is a secret weapon for losing weight a€” with high-protein ready meals designed to stop hunger pangs.
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Pasta dishes are one of those amazingly wholesome dinners that unfortunately remain off bounds when you’re trying to watch your weight. Its research claims that just four weeks of eating the meals and following its weight-loss plan can shave 1.6in from your waistline and help you lose five per cent of your total body weight.But is this a cynical attempt to muscle in on the UKa€™s A?2a€‰billion a year weight-loss industry a€” or a sensible diet plan? But Ia€™m miserable, and desperate for anything to help me lose weight.Until three years ago, I had weighed a consistent 9sta€‰10lb all my adult life.
Mother-of-three Amanda Cable, from South London, has tried diets from the Atkins to the Dukan, but failed to lose weight. Shopping for clothes, I automatically went to the rails with the size tens.Then I was put on medication for migraines.
Following its instructions, the next morning I start my day with low-fat yoghurt mixed with fruit and nut muesli and a handful of raisins a€” 300 calories. Ita€™s fair to say as a lifelong breakfast dodger, this has made me give up my mid-morning snacks.
Eating the sauce on its own with a salad always leaves me feeling unfulfilled and I don’t have a gluten intolerance so eating additive laden wheat free pasta is also a no-no. Some lunches I find hard to stomach a€” the Italian-style tomato & basil chicken salad (A?3, 305 calories) is so horrible that I need a glass of milk afterwards to take the taste away.

They made me constantly hungry and I put on almost 1A?st, which means Ia€™m now 11st and, at 5ft 8in tall, a size 14.Any attempts at dieting failed because I found it impossible to stop eating. A Thankfully lunch is a delicious-sounding roast beef and rocket-topped seeded flatbread (A?3.50, 380 calories). While last week I couldna€™t wait to open the fridge and pop another ready meal in the oven, now Ia€™m starting to miss the taste of freshly cooked food. As well as being calorie-controlled, they are high in protein, which helps make you feel fuller by cutting the levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger pangs.
If I do feel hungry in between meals a€” and to be fair, the range does appear to dull my appetite a€” I tuck into fruit salad, bananas or blueberries, all recommended by the diet plan.
In tests, 45 overweight volunteers all lost weight, with an average loss of five per cent of total body weight over four weeks. By the fourth day of my second week, my tastebuds are desperate for a break a€” and I raid the cupboard for three Oreo biscuits.
As you can see they were quite small so you may need less quantities with larger courgettes.
Restricted to 1,000 calories a day, their average waist measurement was also reduced by 1.6in.
I measure mine and find Ia€™ve gone from 32 inches to 30 a€” a full dress size difference from a size 14 to a size 12.My weight is also down to 10st 4lb. So can this plan work for me?Starting isna€™t hard a€” therea€™s a whole array of delicious-looking dishes.

I pick a super wholefood salad for lunch (A?3, 375 calories) and then decide to splash out on chicken in a fragrant katsu curry sauce (425 calories).
Ia€™m no longer tempted to simply graze my way through my lunch hour, raiding the fridge for ever more treats.Today, a month after finishing, Ia€™m 9sta€‰10lb. I leave a chicken in fragrant katsu curry sauce (A?3.99, 425 calories) for too long in the Agaa€™s hottest oven, and find it looks like cat sick. My waist now measures 28in a€” meaning Ia€™ve dropped 4in.So can I recommend this diet to others? I was sceptical, but it did keep me fuller and less inclined to snack, and my weight loss was steady and gradual.
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But while many dishes are delicious, some are disgusting and the novelty of non-stop ready meals wears off after the first week. Ia€™m more than a stone lighter and wearing size ten jeans, so Ia€™ve no complaints a€” even if I will struggle to enjoy a ready meal ever again!

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