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Freelee the Banana girl is causing havoc amongst dieters once again after telling that she subscribes to the notion of mono meals, which involves the massive consumption of a single ingredient. In telling how she went form 11st 2lbs (156 pounds) to 8st (112lbs) , the 34 year old self described diet guru insists the secret to staying svelte comes down to her reliance on a high carbohydrate, low fat, raw and vegan diet.
One such diet includes the consumption of 51 bananas during the course of the day, whilst another diet which has caught flack is the solitary consumption of potatoes, in Freelee’s case, 5 pounds worth in a single sitting. Other variations of the mono meal includes the consumption of huge amount of a single fruit, such as two entire pineapples, five mangoes, two litres of orange juice, 1.4kg of apricots, or 20 bananas. Nevertheless despite Freelee’s admittedly impressive lean physique, dietitians have told mono meals are not mono meals are not conducive to health or weight loss.
Nevertheless many have yet to make up their mind whether the compulsive diet may work for them, especially considering that Freelee’s regiment may have more to do with her past where she suffered from both anorexia and bulimia, which is to say Freelee may no longer be binge eating, but she is compulsive obsessive eating nevertheless, which may not necessarily the most advisable way of keeping in shape for most of us. My two best-selling programs, The Keto Beginning and Fat Fueled, have been made into audiobooks! I locked myself in a 2-foot by 2-foot box for a solid week; sounds way more risque than it was, and read aloud all 9 hours of my two best-selling programs. Each of the audiobooks comes with a complimentary resource guide filled with the recipes and meal plans you need to make things HAPPEN. End constant cravings, eliminate bloat, and feel awesome in your skin, I’d love to show you how to do it. Listen to the audiobooks directly to your phone, tablet, computer or mp3 player and listen to my (calming, fantastical) voice as I show you how to fuel with fats, free yourself from cravings, heal your body, and generally, be awesome.
Once you’ve purchased your audiobook(s), you’ll receive an email with a link to the audio file. 2 years ago, I was reacting to every single food I ate, I’d look at a cookie and gain 5 pounds, fell asleep at 10am and 2pm every day, wasn’t building muscle, experienced intense cravings for sugar, and didn’t feel as upbeat and positive as I once had. Then, I found keto (high-fat, low-carb) and, while I was majorly skeptical, I decided to give it a shot. Today’s video is a must-watch f you’ve been interested eating more fats and fewer carbs, or you need to simplify your current approach to ketogenic eating. A 5-10 page PDF with the transcript for this video, resources, and exclusive steps to taking your fat burning to the next level. Simply click the button above, enter your details, and the guide will be delivered to your inbox! When I went high-fat, I ate more than one of these bad fats because I thought they were good. There are a couple of reasons why these 12 fats made the list of fats that I choose not to eat (and recommend that my clients, friends and family don’t consume them either). Which fats have you been eating that; after watching the video, you’ll look at removing? Upon further investigation, it ALWAYS comes up that these ladies did not practice carb-ups. If your brain is a mess trying to figure out this whole carb-up thing, today’s video is a must-watch.
Let’s chat about it in the comments so that other women (just like you!) can see just how powerful a practice this is! If you say yes to one of the nine, it could be a sign that food obsession and dieting is affecting your life. I’ve taken all of the guesswork out of eating this way with a new keto meal plan subscription program, called Balanced Keto.
Now, you can experience the research-based and real-world proven again and again results women everywhere are attributing to the LCHF diet without wasting a minute buried in recipe books, how-to guides, or follow-along programs. Each weekly guide that you receive as a member is made with love by me, delivered straight to your email, and includes absolutely everything you need to know to successfully follow a low-carb, high-fat diet—from what to shop for and how to prepare meals to how to stay on track, motivated, and moving forward, no matter how busy you are! Until February 1, when you choose a 1-year subscription, you’ll receive an invitation to a 2-hour workshop with me on February 9. No more shopping list creation, recipe searching or struggling over what to eat, how to practice carb-ups, or intermittent fasting. I hope you enjoy this program and it provides you with the support you need to totally rock this eating style.
From the very beginning, I’ve focused on a grain-free, dairy-free, whole foods ketogenic approach. Press “play” if you want to understand what the first 30 days of eating high-fat feels like, what you can expect and what you can look forward to. Save 15% with The Keto Bundle, a bundle with The Keto Beginning and Fat Fueled Programs in one!
And my bowels are super happy eating this way, and I know a lot of my clients experience the same thing, and the peace about intermittent fasting.
I hope that that was helpful for you and, if you’re looking at eating this way, that some of the pieces that I shared resonated with you and really set your mind at ease that this is a really super fun, awesome practice that you can do for your body to gain health. Whether you’re eating high-fat right now, are looking into it, or have experienced issues with your hair in the past, you’ll want to tune into this week’s video. How severely low-carb, carb backloading, carb ups and becoming Fat Fueled has changed my hair from frizzy and dry to nourished and healthy (and which step has been the most transformational). Hey, you guys, my tights match my outfit today, and I’m even wearing business socks for you. Eating this way overall and eating high fat has been so helpful to my hair, but when I was first getting going, I noticed major transitions in my hair health as I tried different eating styles within the high fat living realm.
Before I started eating high fat, low carbohydrates, like I said, frizziest hair in the world. It’s fair to say, by eating high fat with timed carbohydrates, I nourished my hair, I healed my allergies through gut healing, which stopped the scalp and the greasiness because it was like dry and greasy and it was horrible. Pointers for those already eating low carb or those that know that they have a hair imbalance, a couple things are, how do you know that you’re losing a lot of hair and it’s probably something you should look at? I will include that specific type of zinc to test with down below and if you swish it around in your mouth like I said and you taste something, then take the following zinc capsules for a couple of weeks and you can test again by swishing in your mouth.
I’ve also included a link below to my Keto Bundle, which is both of my products melded together for 15 percent off.
Here are 10 reasons (with medical studies listed below in the notes) why consuming high amounts of dietary fat shouldn’t scare you anymore.
Today I am going to share with you 10 reasons why I am not afraid of eating fat anymore and why you shouldn’t either.
But when I realized that fat makes up every single cell in our bodies, it’s the outer layer of the cell, it also is the precursor for every single hormone. When I was looking into switching over to eating more fat, I was scared, and I think that probably you’re scared too, and you have some questions.

Number 7, and this goes back to a couple of videos, I will link up to them in the corner all over, talking about cholesterol and also the impact that LDL has on our bodies. Number 10 is that fats help us balance our metabolism so that we can maintain a healthy weight and we don’t have to think much about it. So I hope that was helpful for you, and if you want to hear updates from me every single Wednesday on YouTube, you can subscribe to my channel. For me this is a treat because I love to eat abundantly and I get to stay slim and healthy. The contradiction of a pansexualNorah Black on Why was Prince cremated hours after autopsy?
But a week into our renewed effort, cravings hit, binging occurs, and we’re right back to square one. Many of you have told me that you stress over how to make eating high-fat work for you life. I’m so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with every element of Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plans that I’ll stand behind your subscription with a 100% money back guarantee that allows you to try your subscription absolutely risk-free at ANY membership level for two weeks. I’m celebrating my 1 ? year anniversary of eating high-fat and, because I receive so many questions about making the transition, I’m reading excerpts from the journal that I kept during the 30-day transition to high-fat living. While my carb counts, tracking, and macros have shifted along the way, the experience I had is very similar to the experience you’ll have… minus the part about not feeling supported and screwing up a bunch.
I want to just share it with you exactly what those things are so you know what to expect if you give this type of eating style a try. So, without further ado, I’m just going to read from the book for the 30-day experience.
That’s 30 grams of fiber plus 40 grams of net carbs equal 70 total carbs for a total of 15 percent of my intake coming from carbs. It’s been very difficult to do basic tasks around the house without feeling dizzy or generally out-of-it.
I drank 6 liters of water today, all spiked with Himalayan rock salt, and did a hit workout in the afternoon. Continuing with boosting blood pressure to account for hot yoga practice by adding Himalayan rock salt to everything,” like everything. Opted for a large baked sweet potato with shredded pork and homemade barbecue sauce with grain-free crackers later on and a big salad with some fruit too. You have people like me and there’s tons of other people out there that can help guide you through the eating style that you feel resonates best with your body. I’ve included a link over here, just click that and subscribe, and I will see you next Wednesday. This never happens and I like to switch it up, like business tights, Lou Lemon action, business socks. Then I started eating high fat, low carb, about 20 grams net carbs for quite sometime, about four months, and my hair got super curly. Carb back loading is specifically for when you’re lifting really, really, really heavy weights. Then I woke up, thank goodness, and decided to eat more Fat Fueled, which is the program that I outline in my book, Fat Fueled, linked up here and also below, where I time the carbohydrates and they’re healthy starches, fruits, those sorts of things. Three, I balanced out my hormones and specifically my thyroid so that my hair stopped falling out. If you wake up, and you look at your pillow, and you have like ten to 15 strands of hair on your pillow, just like rogue hairs hanging out, chances are if this is kind of a new thing, you should probably look at that too. The most selenium rich food is Brazil nuts, but if you can’t do Brazil nuts, cremini mushrooms are really good too. Why fat eliminates cravings, how to maintain your weight without stressing about it, why fat balances your mood and more. Our hormones need it; our muscles need it and (a lack of it) can lead to endless raging cravings for sugar at every turn. In fact, I was the girl that sauteed her vegetables in water and used water in hummus instead of olive oil.
Cholesterol’s all at the top, so you need fat to create hormones, and a lack of it causes a ton of cravings. Increasing your dietary fat leads to fewer cravings and less overeating and allows you to maintain your weight because your blood sugar is balanced. Adequate fat intake reduces your chance of depression, and depressive states are shown to be caused by a low-fat eating style. Cholesterol is used to make hormones, so in number 4 we talked about he fact that eating high fat helps you balance out your cholesterol and increase your HDL.
By increasing our fat, we are balancing out our blood sugar levels and reducing the amount of insulin that our body needs to maintain balance. Fats are loaded with nutrients, like vitamins A and K2, and vitamin E, and so I like to switch up my fats, always going towards different fats and I have a bunch of different options, you can get a bunch of different benefits from each one.
Number 9 is that omega 3 fats help to turn on the genes that work with fat burning so that lipolysis action, omega 3 fats turn that on so that we can burn more fat. A quick note is when we increase our amount of fat by sharing these details with you, I am assuming that you have to reduce your amount of carbohydrates.
The reason you get to eat larger volume meals on this lifestyle is because plant foods are high in fibre and water but are low in calories. These bad fats throw off cholesterol, inflame the gut and increase cancer risk, all things that we don’t want.
Join us as we share our stories, strategies and tools to help you transform your outlook on your health!
These fats, as mentioned a bit in the video, increase inflammation, can cause hormonal imbalance and thyroid dysfunction. By setting myself free of cravings, with a Fat Fueled approach to eating, I was finally able to create the space I needed to develop a healthy relationship with food. If you say “yes” to any of the 9 signs I’ve put together here for you, it could be a sign that you’re ready to make a change in your life… live free, heal, and trust that your body, has your back.
The macro calculations, grocery lists, the new recipes – shifting to a new eating style can be challenging. I’m at month 5 of balanced, beautiful hormones, and my ketogenic eating style has really transformed over the last year and a half.
I feel like it had something to do with my body not being too sure how to process all of the fats that I was eating. And I recently switched over to gray sea salt because word on the street is that Himalayan rock salt may have a little bit of fluoride, and, if you have thyroid imbalances like this girl right here, it’s always best to like try to avoid as much fluoride as possible.
Usually I wear indoor shoes because my acupuncturist says that it’s like good for my chi or something.

Obviously I actually had weights in my hands when I was doing this, but you get the movement and it was like really heavy. Also, I’m sure that one scoop of collagen every day for the last 11 months has definitely helped.
I supplement with selenium and have for about six months and I just take one capsule in the morning. If I had nut butter, if I bought some nut butter, I would add a bunch of water to it and shake it up, just so that it wasn’t so fatty.
I know that when I ate low fat, all I did was crave more and more and more carbs and sugary things.
By eating a high-fat eating style and incorporating more fats, your triglycerides can go down and lower your risk of heart disease. There’re 2 main types of LDL cholesterol, the first is big, fluffy ones and the other ones are little pointy B ones, and I imagine the B ones ripping through your arteries, and the other ones just like bounce off. Also, down below if you’re watching this on the blog, you can just click that, subscribe and I will see you next Wednesday. Maybe you’re convinced that carb-ups are the way to go, but you have no idea where to start?
But, for me, I didn’t really have anything to really follow, so I tracked what I was eating to really take note of how I was including fats and becoming quite nitpicky about how I could switch over the carbs and fats, because I was eating about 60 percent of all my calories were coming from carbs before I did this. So, if you wake up in the morning craving carbs, maybe look at what you ate the day before and figure out what happened there that you’re craving carbs in the morning.
From research I’ve done so far, ketosis lowers blood pressure, but not to this extent. It was so frizzy, to the point wear if I wore it down, it was like a big puff ball or I had to like straighten it and then put a ton of product in it for it to just like kind of stay there for like an hour. I’ve always had straight hair but it was like ringlet curls and I got so many compliments on it.
When I lifted these really heavy weights, it was about two hours a day, six days a week, yeah, I totally regret doing that because it totally even messed up my cortisol and my thyroid even more but that is for another video.
I’ll include a link below this video for a ten percent off coupon to Vital Proteins Collagen. Like I said, collagen, zinc, selenium, they’re great supplements to support your hair health overall and if you want to learn more about high fat eating and low carb living and all the things about being Fat Fueled and awesome and having gorgeous hair, you can click up here to my program Fat Fueled and also down below.
It started when I realized that (up until the point I switched over to eating high-fat), what I was doing wasn’t working for me anymore. I don’t like to collect dishes, it just kind of happened when I started taking photos of food. So by eating more fat we reduce those cravings for carbs and sugar and all of the things that come along with low-fat cravings. And in the notes section below this video, I’ve included all the notes and citations for the medical studies that I used to create this content. A huge piece of this, and I get asked this a lot, is why are hormones important to me if I just want to lose weight. By increasing your dietary fat, we are reducing your carbohydrate intake, which in turn, reduces the need for your body to use insulin that leads to balanced blood sugar, so you won’t be craving things and needing to eat every 2 hours and planning your life around eating and planning and snacking and all the things that I remember that I used to do quite frequently, like every single day.
By eating high fat, we’re making a lot of those big puffy LDLs and those are completely safe. It goes through how to lead a high fat eating style while also having a life specifically geared toward women that want to balance your hormones and get into the ideal weight without going crazy with tracking and all of the things. Or, maybe you’re deathly afraid of carbs and confused why the “low-carb, keto girl” is recommending we eat carbs. I chose to go down to 30 net carbs a day, that’s 30 grams of fiber and 30 grams of net carbs which equal 60 total carbs, and up my fat intake from 45 percent to 70 percent.
Experienced pins and needles in yoga today, guessing it was because of my electrolyte imbalance. What I didn’t like was that, when I went to go sit down to make dinner, my dinner ended up being around probably 1600 calories, and then I ate it all.
You just kind of like want the steps to get there but don’t want to maybe discover all of the steps to get there. If I have a carbohydrate at night, usually, I’m back in the ketosis the next morning.
Basically when I started carb back loading, I wasn’t really paying attention to the quality of food and I started reacting to a lot of foods, probably because I was eating grains and so my hair got really greasy and super itchy. So by eating more fats, we’re making more of those puffy ones but not the B poking ones that are known to penetrate the artery walls. To help with keto flu symptoms and pins and needles, I drank 5000 milliliters of spring water and mineral drops and electrolyte powder.
So I did right here on my palm, and I would check my blood glucose an hour after my meals and then 2 hours after my meals, before I went to bed, and right when I woke up. I’ve read that practicing cyclical ketosis, where you increase your carbohydrates every 7 to 10 days, helps boost hormones.
Well, you can maintain your weight a whole heck of a lot easier when your hormones are balanced.
This makes my macro ratio about 15 percent from carbs, 70 percent from fat, and 15 percent from protein. My stomach was pretty bloated when I woke up, so I didn’t have a full breakfast until around 4pm today. So by eating fat, we’re allowing our bodies to balance out our hormones which allow us to maintain a healthy weight quite effortlessly.
When I switched over to eating meat, it was just because I was craving it, I really needed it for my health, for my body.
So, next time, maybe I can try a fast between 12pm and 12pm the following day, then have a meal at 12, followed by another meal at 5pm. Had a large chunk of full fat ground beef sauteed with chili powder and some eggs with a shot of MCT oil when I did get hungry. If you want to learn more about intermittent fasting, I included a video in the corner and also down below if you want to check that out. I gained about 20 pounds on hormone replacement therapy when I was trying to adjust my hormones and boost them back up. Then, I went on a low-calorie, low-fat diet, and then I was starving, and then I binged all the time.

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