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But it is entertaining when a team celebrates every hit (even PF hits) while they are getting their a*ses handed to them.
This is my first angiogram since transplant, I have had several before in connection with aorta valve replacement. You have an Angiogram about two weeks after Transplant to get a base line, then your next Angiogram is on your first year anniversary. Then, I invite you all to go to Sooner Basketball forum and enjoy the meltdowns of the 2013 basketball season, which I just kicked off with abysmally bad Texas Tech (losing by 30 to Baylor at home). Nothing to eat from the night before, also you have to shave your groin area (just as it is starting to grow again).

They will have their degrees while the Bama players will have STD's, a parole officer, 8 baby mommas, and food stamps. Then down to theatre, you lay on the operating bed wearing one of those bottom revealing gowns, then the doctor prepares you. More of that yellow cold liquid, then a blue sheet with a hole in it, to cover all the area except were he needs to cut. Local anaesthetic in groin area, small cut so he can insert the wire into your vein, then it is threaded up to the heart.
At this point you have a great view of every thing going on inside yourself, on monitors on the left hand side.

A dye is then pumped up the wire into your heart, then you can see it quite clearly, as I said I find all this very interesting and it doesn't hurt a bit.

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