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Nutri-Meds all-natural desiccated thyroid glandular supplements have helped many regain their sense of health and well-being. Have been taking this for a while now and I am so impressed with how much better I am feeling!! I Have been taking this for a while now and I am so impressed with how much better I am feeling!!
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At 11 days old, you were diagnosed with Congenital Hypothyroidism.  It is the most common preventable cause of intellectual disability and growth failure. It took 11 days for the lab in Montgomery, Alabama to test your PKU newborn screen which would reveal your TSH level was off the charts at 409, when it should have been well under 10.
The weeks and months following I would spend countless hours researching every treatment option across the globe.
The only comfort I had the day we received your diagnosis was learning that I wasn’t crazy. A mother’s intuition is a STRONG and REAL thing.  They knew you were fine, and I knew something was wrong. I felt like the worst mother in the world when the pediatrician tried to give me tips like rubbing a cold washcloth across your forehead, so you would stay awake to nurse or take a bottle. We had hoped your thyroid was just nonfunctioning and at some point would work but we learned at 5 months old after an ultrasound that you were born without a thyroid completely. Remembering medication every day for a baby was intimidating at first but has become our normal life routine and thankfully we didn’t miss a day your first year. Never have I prayed so much or so hard for one thing in my life and I hit my knees often with thanks to God for His protection and His love and for trusting us with you.
We have loved you since the moment we learned we were expecting and have fought so hard to give you the life you deserve.
If you have a child with Congenital Hypothyroidism, I imagine you are thinking that Meghan took the words right out of your mouth. Very Touching totally relates too My Feelings when My Baby Amelia was Born with No Thyroid Gland The Worry the Stress The Guilt and also the Relief when you Finaly realise everythings going to be ok. This website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consulting a physician regarding medical advice pertaining to you or your child's health. We are dedicated to doing our best to support those who have struggled with thyroid issues to feel their best. I found another physician who was more than willing for me to try Armour, and after a few days on the new medication, I was feeling like I was on the road to recovery. But this time when my tiredness and muscle pain returned I was thinking that perhaps I had just been working too many hours, or it was the summer heat taking a toll on my body. Stay tuned for more information about my thyroid journey back to health and how I hope by sharing my story, that it will help others who may be wondering about Armour Thyroid or struggling with health issues that have yet to be properly diagnosed or acknowledged. They would then contact the Children’s Hospital of Birmingham Pediatric Endocrinologist, who would contact your pediatrician in Tuscaloosa, who would make the phone call on a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

We would meet with your specialist, a pediatric endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital. I had cried uncontrollably for 11 days, even to doctors, and I was overwhelmed with frustration for not being able to put into words what my motherly instinct was telling me. They strongly encouraged me to feed you as often as possible and said that getting you back to birth weight was their first priority. Without the PKU newborn test (I didn’t even know they did) we might still be struggling for a diagnosis, and the effects would be irreversible and lifelong. Doctors cautioned us that delays were still possible and that getting what’s considered normal levels was something to work towards over time.
Every time a doctor says your progress is incredible, I know whose hand is working in your life—the One who created you and made you so unique, so joyful, and so beautiful. You are off to college, or studying abroad, or doing something incredibly exciting on your own for the very first time.
Now that you are all grown up and know of the first days of your life, you must promise to always take care of yourself. I was 2 days old, still in the hospital with my mother when a nurse knew something was not right.
Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. We know how important it is to have fresh, high quality products because we take them, too! After a while on the Synthroid, when I found myself with raging headaches, bloating, and a face that looked unusually swollen, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I asked my primary care practitioner to change me over to Armour Thyroid.
Several months passed and there were several medication adjustments, and I learned how to fine tune my thyroid dosage by paying attention to how I felt along with charting my body temperatures, and keeping an eye on my lab work. I write letters to my children on their birthdays, and I felt this was a great one for sharing. On this day, I would hold you in my arms and I would kiss your perfect face for the first time.
She learned quickly your mother was a force to be reckoned with as I questioned her about advanced European animal transplant research and the success with thyroid gland stem cell transplants not yet studied in the U.S. I would hold you, looking over your perfect beautiful body with tear filled eyes and was forced to believe maybe everyone was right and there was something wrong with me.
I had a lot of anger in the beginning when I learned that other states get these results within 2 to 3 days and some states within hours.  Just thinking of the hell we went through to wait 11 days for the labs.
Even if you don’t want to, you must remember your medicine, you must get your blood work on schedule, and you must call your mother. Trouble was, my primary care doctor thought she knew better, and refused to switch anything with my medication as she thought the Synthetic thyroid medication called Synthroid, and touted by most all the endocrinologists, would be just fine for me. Even after everything I had experienced how quickly and easily it is sometimes to revert back to trying to come up with alternative reasons why we may not be feeling up to par.
Thinking back over multiple conversations before delivery, I just knew something wasn’t right.

You were perfect and still are, but your mama could feel something everyone else couldn’t. To make a long story short, I ended up in an operating room, far from home, after finally, getting a doctor to admit that not only was their a problem with my thyroid, but it needed to be removed because it was dangerously large. I never dreamed that there would be something that had changed in the prescription that had become so important to my daily life.
Those perfect moments every mama knows of rocking and singing you lullabies, being cuddled up when you fall asleep, and not wanting to ever move again.
They did regular stress tests late in pregnancy, because I wouldn’t feel you move for days at a time.
Don’t be worried about your daughters, I had no problems and I am sure knowledge and medications are better now than they were in 1975.
The one thing I knew for sure after two years of being tossed about and patronized by the medical professionals I had placed my trust in, was that I understood my body better than anyone, and I knew that Synthroid was not working for me and I needed to try something else.
I had no idea that the Armour had been reformulated and for whatever reason, my previous symptoms were starting to return. I then said that it may not matter to her, but it mattered a great deal to me, and if she wasn’t going to help me find an alternative, I would find someone else who would. Where before every muscle in my body had felt like I had been run over by a truck, now there was no pain. 6 weeks of refusal taught me a lesson, total exhaustion and sleeping, missing out on what others were doing, I never did that again.
Exercising had become a joy again and no longer did I take a shower to find large clumps of hair left behind, or on my car seat when I drove.
I was written a high dose prescription anxiety & depression medication and told you were fine.
My face lost it’s roundness, and I dropped the weight that had crept on like an unwanted guest during my previous thyroid struggles.
I don’t think my life is much different, than anyone else except I go and get a blood test every so often and take medication every morning. You see, my insurance company used to reimburse the cost of a three month prescription refill only if one went through their mail order pharmacy.
So I had my Armour prescription transferred to the mail order pharmacy and began taking the new tablets when they came in. Maybe the medication was left in the heat too long during transport or maybe the mail order pharmacy didn’t fill the prescription correctly.

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