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There have been some amazing developments happening in Xooma over the last few years and more specifically within the just last couple of months as our company is currently experiencing some incredible growth. 5 - Gift Card ProgramHere is a link to our brand new Xooma Gift Card Marketing Program Presentation which is driving much of exciting growth happening today at Xooma. These "Ten Tips for Success" are a smart accompaniment to the Xooma's 2016 Get Fit Weight Loss Challenge. Life Coach, Hypnotist, Alternative Health Consultant, assisting others to improve their lives and their health.
The obesity epidemic in the country has reached the point where it’s completely out of control.
Studies show that belly fat is the most difficult type of fat to eliminate, especially for women.
Just a 1%-2% drop in body water can impair your mental focus, concentration, and physical performance.
Beverages that contain caffeine such as colas, coffee, or tea actually stimulate fluid loss and promote dehydration. Exercise and prolonged activity cause you to lose vital electrolytes, which are critical for nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Major electrolytes (minerals) needed by your body are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride, which can all be found in Xtreme X2O.
Disease and illness thrive in an acidic environment but can't survive in an alkaline environment. To maintain healthy pH balance, your body must have an abundant supply of ionic minerals - especially calcium. Symptoms of mild dehydration include chronic pains in joints and muscles, lower back pain, headaches, and constipation. Acidic conditions in the body are caused by: junk food, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sodas, coffee, sports drinks, alcohol, environmental toxins, and stress.
The process of restoring pH balance in your body always includes proper diet and nutrition.
X2O - Xtreme X2O is the next generation in healthy water to help you maintain optimal physical health. X2O Blast - Powerful "Super Antioxidant" Just 1 serving of X2O Blast per day can give us and our children the equivalent ORAC value of eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. This Medford Oregon Website belongs to Independent Representative of Xooma Online Marketing Kevin Goodrich Medford Oregon US World Wide Splash Pages Network Partners. Life coaching in areas of weight loss and smoking cessation, health and wellness,  financial freedom, business relationships.

Just one sachet of Xtreme X2O adds vital minerals and electrolytes to your water while hydrating your body at the cellular level, providing a boost of good alkalinity to your body.
This dramatically increases your water's ability to hydrate your body at the cellular level. A strong odor to your urine, along with a yellow or amber color indicates that you are not getting enough water. Considering this long list of items that can lead to acidic challenges in our body, it becomes very clear why it is so important to drink an alkaline beverage like Xtreme X2O every day.
This means eating alkalizing foods (vegetables, low sugar fruits, etc.) and getting proper nutritional supplementation.
Simply add a sachet of X2O to your drinking water and provide your body with 74+ essential trace minerals and assist your body in maintaining a healthy internal pH balance by alkalizing your water. In fact, Xtreme X2O is powerful enough to transform standard tap water into a much healthier form of drinking water.
Consuming a sufficient amount of water is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Your muscles, skin, and vital organs all contain and need large amounts of water for optimal health. And the easiest way to “supercharge” the alkalinity of your water is by adding an Xtreme X2O sachet!
For example, a drop from 7.0 (neutral) to 5.0 means a liquid is 100 times more acidic to your body! Well, the amazing thing about X2O is that it makes it even easier for you to stay hydrated. Water also transports oxygen to your cells, delivers nutrients, removes waste, and provides energy to the body. Studies have shown that alkalinity equates to good health, and X2O's alkalinity neutralizes acidity while releasing beneficial antioxidants to reduce stress levels and decelerate the aging process caused by today's lifestyles. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.
Organic foods are free from unnecessary chemicals, preservatives, contaminants and other harmful substances (i.e.
Protein consumed with every meal - and after workouts - increases your level of alertness and helps to elevate your resting metabolic rate.
Protein can also help reduce premature aging in the body - also increasing your metabolic rate.
And a higher metabolic rate means you burn more calories not just during the day but around the clock!

If you're trying to lose weight and get in shape, stress can actually cause the body to store more fat. That means you will aid your progress by engaging in stress reducing activities, including meditation, yoga, or regularly-scheduled relaxation every day.
Loss of sleep affects hormone levels, especially two that regulate hunger - increasing the appetite-regulating hormone while reducing the appetite-curbing hormone. Ultimately it can lead to increased eating, that even includes cravings for sugary and starchy foods. Seems as though that full amount of sleep could actually work for you in your weight loss efforts! Regular exercise, with a targeted approach while you're on the MetaboWize program, will increase your energy, increase your metabolism, and reduce your waistline. It's no surprise that studies show reductions in activity levels are strongly correlated with body fat increases, even when your caloric intake is significantly reduced.
There are lots of benefits to increased fiber intake, creating a happy and healthy digestive system - all aiding your efforts in encouraging weight loss and healthier bodies.
Dietary fiber contributes to the reduction of excess body fat, high blood sugar, high cholesterol as well as eliminating excess toxins and waste from the body.
Based on the FDA, 25 grams per day is a minimum requirement of fiber for adult women and up to 38 grams for adult men. Antioxidants have innumerable benefits, including protecting our genetic structures as well as helping to keep our blood vessels flexible, reducing inflammation, helping stop cancer from forming and helping the body burn more fat. Raspberries contain a group of phytonutrients called ketones that can enhance your metabolism. Excess sugar - known as insulin in the body - can block the body from using fat for energy. Even after removing processed sugars from your diet, there are many other foods that can still greatly affect insulin levels. Grains and sugars, some fruits, fruit juices and even starchy foods like potatoes and pasta can cause wild fluctuations in insulin.

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