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Like many people with untreated hypothyroidism, my symptoms included weight gain, high cholesterol (at a young age), mild depression, blood pressure issues, being tired and cold much of the time, in a brain fog, hair loss, dry skin, low energy, low sex drive, and so much more. 40% of all Americans suffer from hypothyroidism yet only about 10% of the patients tested will be diagnosed. From early childhood through much of my adult life I had been overweight and simply could not lose weight no matter what I did.
Doctors told me “just exercise more,” which works for healthy people, but for me it had the opposite effect! But I have this amazing sister who has tons of energy, could eat twice as much as me, easily run three miles every day, and stay slim without almost no effort.
After pregnancy I was diagnosed with a lump (goiter) on my thyroid which is considered by many doctors as a sign of Hypothyroidism.
Very little information was available at that time (2006) so I began a research journey to find answers.
Feeling sure I had undiagnosed Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue, along with the information & symptoms to support my theory, I went to see an Endocrinologist.
Nearly giving up, my sister coaxed me to try one more doctor in hopes that he could help. He is an Integrative Medicine doctor, Dr.
My mission is to continue researching and experimenting, sharing what I learn, giving you hope, and cheering you on! Hi Lizzy… I have hit my lowest point and am extremely frustrated, discouraged, and now becoming extremely unmotivated because I am getting nowhere.
I read a testimony of a lady who said she would lie on the couch with no energy after very little walking or standing.
I tried Armor before but experienced tightening in my heart.Just started an Adrenal supplement. Iodine is an essential nutrient needed for the production of the body's thyroid hormones and is therefore required for normal thyroid function. Weight loss young sporty fitness woman measuring her waist with tape giving thumbs up success hand sign isolated on white background. The UTMB team was great to work with and gave me all of the information, encouragement and support I needed for success. At my highest weight I felt much worn out, old and tired all the time, even though I was only 30 yrs old. On the way home from eating out at a restaurant---feeling stuffed, miserable and FAT---I looked at my husband and said a€?I am going to have the gastric bypass surgery.a€? He in turn looked at me wondering where that statement came from, then asked what do I had to do.
Gloria, Skip and Denise Schaper (below) have found happiness and success with our weight loss program. After 31 years of marriage and good eating we were both getting older, facing health issues and couldna€™t lose the weight. My wife, children, co-workers and friends, can not stop telling me how proud they are of me. But the most important results obtained were relief from pain to Monicaa€™s back injury and protecting my enlarged heart from exertion.
We placed our lives in the caring hands of the staff of UTMB Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery knowing the risks involved. Since my gastric bypass surgery on February 20, 2005, I have lost over 50 pounds and no longer take medication for hypertension and high cholesterol. When I first came to the Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery in 2005, I weighed close to 350 lbs.
September 11 was a day that changed my life - ita€™s the day I had adjustable gastric band surgery a€“ and life as I knew it before would never be the same (thankfully)! Level 1A a€?Center of Excellencea€? as designated by the American College of Surgeona€™s Bariatric Surgery Center Network Accreditation Program. Waking up in the morning was extremely difficulty (which I later learned was due to low morning cortisol). Doctors had always dismissed it, even though it is one of the most significant symptoms of hypothyroidism. With my doctor’s help and experimentation, we were able to treat my hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. Hopefully they will give her a prescription for (NDT) natural desiccated thyroid medicine (many folks like Armour, I prefer NP Thyroid by Acella).
I run marathons and the past year, my health has declined little by little and I have yet (after MANY doctors and tests) been able to have a clear diagnosis, but am always just treated for my symptoms.
Thyroid hormones are responsible for our basal metabolic rate (BMR), which reflects the body's use of energy. I am able to exercise, lose weight and feel good. I hope my journey helps you find answers! I had difficulty working, suffered from severe sleep apnea and couldn't participate in any activities.
With multiple prescriptions, a family history of diabetes, and a lot of pain from hip dysplasia, my self-esteem suffered as a young, single woman. I have tons more energy at work and at play with my kids a€“ and clothes shopping is fun again! Before I had my surgery I was overweight, had high blood pressure, was on oxygen, had sleep apnea, had asthma, could not walk too good, and had cellulitis.
Ekhaese and his team at UTMB's Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery have changed my life for the better in so many ways. I watched my mother not only become a a€?Skinny Minny,a€? but she became healthy, no longer taking blood pressure medications and no longer having diabetes issues. I went through the 6-month preparation program my insurance required, and the entire staff made me very comfortable with the decision I made to have this done. If I had it to do all over again, I would have the surgery again without giving it a second thought. I get compliments from my coworkers and friends, and I feel that this has been a gift to me, I will continue to appreciate and honor the gift and those that made it possible. Our self confidence is back, health restored and we feel so blessed to have had this operation. After struggling with a being a prisoner in a fat body, we have been set free from our former obese selves.

In 8 months, Ia€™ve lost 42 pounds, and while that doesna€™t sound like a lot compared to other weight losses, ita€™s made a profound difference to me! If you are experiencing these symptoms, or you know someone who is, my journey is meant to give hope, inspiration and empowerment. Basic tasks like cooking dinner, shopping, doing laundry, or washing the dishes took all my energy. I had allergies, asthma, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic sinus infections, severe PMS and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms. Be kind to ourselves, especially when other people don’t know what we are going through.
So if your child (or a child you know) is legthargic, has low energy, difficulty focusing, dull eyes, puffiness, trouble loosing weight, and other hypothyroid symptoms, its worth investigating. Recently, I went to a nutritionist who ran a different panel of blood work and said my thyroid and adrenals are out of wack.
Many doctors will prescribe synthetic medicine like Synthroid and Levothyroxine, which for many people only does part of the job. I am now at my last straw trying to goto a naturopathic doctor to hopefully put an end to all of this that is draining me more and more every day. My major symptom is fatigue, which I first noticed had got bad around summer 2013 after a period of extremely high stress, although I have others that are just as detrimental, e.g. Jarvis wrote that Iodine is necessary for the thyroid gland’s proper performance of its work.
Ekhaese and his staff at UTMB Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery went over and above any expectations that I had. I was almost on the verge of giving up until I found people that cared and helped me to start a new life. I had developed sleep apnea, my blood pressure was high as was my cholesterol and triglycerides. I would recommend this to anybody that is suffering from any weight problems that is affecting their health.
I not only recommend the Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery, I insist it is the very best place to be if you have a weight problem. We remain most grateful, loyal and appreciative for their Bariatric Surgical Skills and follow up treatment we received.
The surgical and nutritional teams were great, and I will continue to follow the plan and my future appointments. Simple things like playing with my children, doing chores, or walking to my car became a nightmare. At age 11 my doctor put me on a diet program which I followed perfectly, but did not lose weight. People with the same symptoms of Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue but with normal lab results like me. When I was diagnosed I was 195lbs and everyone told me that being on the meds would help me lose weight, seeing as it’s always been SOOOOO hard for me to lose weight, but Ive gained 25 lbs. However, your story is much like mine and not many people are out there that I could ask questions or just talk to about this all. They changed not only my life in so many ways but my overall health and well-being as well as quality of life. My health concerns got scary for my wife and myself as I would stop breathing in my sleep due to severe sleep apnea.
My mother and cousin had the gastric bypass three years earlier, and at that time I was very afraid of it. As I look at my future, attending the monthly support group meetings at UTMB, using my a€?gastric by-pass tool,a€? LIFE looks extremely positive.
I have lost a total of 110 pounds down to 170 pounds and right now managing to stay at that level. You have to want to lose the weight, but if you put your mind to it and are committed, you can do it. Gomez and his team performed bariatric surgery on us the gastric bypass procedure has transformed our lives, giving us a second chance.
In July of 2005, I had gastric bypass surgery, and since then I have lost a total of 170 lbs. I have the utmost respect and trust for the entire team of professionals at the UTMB Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.
Later, after treatment, I learned exercise caused adrenal crashes due to cortisol (adrenal) problems.
People who found good treatment and were able to get healthy. It was the biggest ray of hope! I can manage my weight easily (heck yea!), easily run three miles (ahem…if I want to), work all day, have energy to cook dinner, do the dishes, read to my son, do laundry, and more.
It’s available through the regular pharmacy, and usually costs less than the synthetics.
I still have VERY bad anxiety and mild depression, so the doc put me on a different prescription for that.
If youa€™re having any doubts about the surgery definitely give it plenty of thought and research but for myself I was afraid of having surgery but when I thought of the alternative without the surgery there was actually no decision to be made. I attended the seminar, which is so incredibly informative that I knew I had made the best decision for me. This was an awakening for me that I had to do something or I wasn't going to live much longer. I couldn't eat because I felt so bad, but after that I started to lose the weight and I was so ecstatic. I can't begin to thank everybody who helped me during this time in my life, especially my wife who was with me all through this. 10 years of wanting to go places and do things with my wife and family but afraid my size would either interfere with my ability to enjoy myself or fear that my size would bother the person sitting next to me. Losing more than 100 lbs and keeping it off changed us from looking like the Campbell Soup Kids to Al Pachino and Farrah Fawcett!
Shopping has become a joy and I can walk anywhere I want to go and not have to worry about fainting from exhaustion.

I never hesitate to let others know where and why I had this procedure done and what a wonderful difference it has made in my life. Just don’t know if I should still feel like this and not be able to lose weight very well. My issue is complicated by being unable to find a doctor in my area for the last 5 years!!! One day as I tried to visit a friend and needed new pants because I spilled a drink all over them, I walked in to a Wal-Mart and realized they no longer carried my size because I had gained so much weight, this was a wake up call for me. I had no energy and never really felt a€?good.a€? In August of 2009, I had the gastric band procedure done. My sister-in-law had the gastric bypass done about a year before and had tremendous success with it. I became involved with a wonderful group of people who introduced me to a multi-discipline approach to managing the weight which included surgery (Gastric Bypass).
At nearly 270 pounds, Denise was dependent on insulin to control her blood sugar and found that she didna€™t have much energy.
I am following the guidance of my Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Staff, and they have been there for all the support and encouragement I need.
Now, not only are the clothes smaller, there are a lot fewer of them a€“ one size or maybe two! I started on HC but had to discontinue so I now use progesterone cream for my body to convert it to cortisol. I’ve started kicking butt in the gym and have lost 7 lbs so far, but I still feel like it should come easier. Having read your post, I think I’m going to go down a similar route and see a naturopath or a functional medicine doctor if there is one. Ia€™m on a regular exercise program, so much more outgoing, and able to chase my grandchildren.
My wife and I discussed it and she suggested I at least go to the seminar to see what all it involves. After a month of using this, he started me on bioidentical t3 and t4 but it made me feel tired, depressed and achy.
I have suffered for 15 years with my knees (365 lbs, go figure) and now I am down 110 lbs at 4 months post surgery and my knees have dramatically improved and continue to do so with each pound lost. I started at 335 lbs and I now currently weight 155 lbs (half of my former self- my a€?better halfa€? you can say).
I am off all medicines (blood pressure, cholesterol) and expect to be off my sleep apnea machine within the month. I never had to suffer the pains of getting approved, as that was done for me by Victoria Castro.
I make sure (the way I was taught) to eat protein and vitamins and then I can have an occasional indulgence, but I find now that instead of large quantity, the quality of one or two bites satisfies my desire for any sweets.
I now look forward to physical activities and I enjoy exercising, something I once hated before. Thank goodness we made the correct choice to work with the doctors and staff along with the support from other post-op patients that share their experiences. I never suffered at all, in any way, and that includes pre-op, surgery, post-op and recovery. I find now that my favorite desserts are the ones that are made with Splenda and I don't feel bad afterwards. Ita€™s so much fun trying on outfits and seeing how they fit a€“ even if I have no intention of buying them! With continued weight loss I could walk or climb a flight of stairs without almost passing out from being out of breath. I like the fact that some of his staff have had weight loss surgery themselves and have been a great source to call upon with questions. I am proud of my new life and I have the energy to give to others and to enjoy my life now.
My stomach felt no hunger at all but the mental addiction of food seem to almost get the best of me, but thanks to all the support from My wife, the UTMB Staff and My online Weight loss Support groups I was able to overcome it.
I was self destructive as a result of this and I was constantly pushing people away.My highest weight was 245 pounds. My advice to anyone struggling with weight issues is to really research this procedure and understand the requirements that you will now have to change for the rest of your life. Program Coordinator Victoria Castro and her Team did all the leg work of my getting approved by my insurance company. With the unconditional love of my wife of 5 years, my heart began to change and I made some progress. In October of 2015, I was back to my old habits tipping and the scale at 208 pounds. Once approved, Victoria was a warrior in seeing that I got registered in the hospital and my surgery scheduled in time to save me paying a new year deductible. The support I get at the weight loss center is more than enough to help me achieve my goal. Gomez did and the wonderful support from the staff at the Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.
I needed to get healthy and stay that way.I started by cutting out carbs and only drinking water and green tea. I saw how difficult it can be, and I didn't know if I had it in me to continue a fight such as that. I didn't feel it work out for me, but all I had to do was email that I am interested in learning more, and Victoria Castro took it from there. The cravings were unbearable at times, but I kept strong and stayed focused on my health goals.Now here I am, almost 6 months later and 63 pounds GONE!
The receptionist to the psychiatrist to the doctors and nurses, dieticians etc.all were available and still continue to be with just a call. Thank you for your encouraging words.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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