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The recommended ratio isn’t just a suggestion; you really need to follow it to be able to say you’re on the zone diet.
In addition, the diet also hopes to decrease insulin levels because higher levels have been linked to weight gain. Whether you live in Southlake, Westlake, Grapevine, Trophy Club, or any other surrounding Texas cities please make the short drive to see our hCG diet doctors. Sweets and high-carbohydrates are on the don’t-eat list as well as any excess calories can and will lead to weight gain, as is expected of low-calorie diets.

Due to the low-calorie nature of the diet, you are likely to feel very tired and void of energy after any type of exercise. Also, in addition to the strict portions, you also have to drastically reduce your intake grains—pastas, breads, cereals and potatoes included. As an Equilibrium Weight Loss and Longevity Center, we are excited to bring a top quality hCG diet clinic to Southlake. We can help you finally achieve your weight loss goals with the Equilibrium hCG diet program.

Popular celebrities from Madonna to Jennifer Aniston have gone on this diet, but is it really an effective weight loss diet? If you want a more effective weight loss diet with fewer rules, try the Equilibrium Program.

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