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Venerdi 14 marzo 2014 lo 0831 Advertising Space di Brindisi avra il grandissimo onore di ospitare uno dei dj piu famosi ed acclamati in Italia, Ralf.
Antonio Ferrari, perugino, classe ’57, fin da piccolo fu ribattezzato da familiari e amici con un soprannome che in futuro sarebbe diventato il nome d’arte del top dj italiano della house music. Numerosi sono i locali in cui Ralf ha lavorato sia in Italia che all’estero, tra cui Tenax, Space, Amnesia e Pacha di Ibiza, Crobar di Miami per la Winter Music Conference, Ministry of Sound di Londra. La lunga esperienza nel dj set, lascia che Ralf si contraddistingua per la sua particolarita nel miscelare il sound della musica house con brani appartenenti a generi musicali completamente diversi utilizzando, molte volte, le versioni “a cappella” degli stessi.
Nel 2006 ha fondato la propria etichetta discografica “LATERRA RECORDING” collaborando insieme ad altri famosi dj del calibro di Alex Neri, Luca Agnelli, Dario Lotti, Guido Nemola e non solo. Un evento imperdibile quello di venerdi, che accogliera sia gli ormai veterani amanti della musica house, ed in particolare i seguaci di Ralf, sia i giovanissimi che si affacciano gradualmente verso questo genere musicale. A rendere possibile la serata e stata la collaborazione che la direzione dello 0831 ha stretto con Sandro Toffi e Vincent De Robertis. Photograph for TIME by Andreas SeibertKumi Imamura, 29In 2001, Imamura founded Katariba, a nonprofit that takes politicians to high schools to engage students. Musica e divertimento, tra ironia e sensualita, nella serata piu magica e caliente dell’anno.
L’evento, che avra luogo presso il locale, sito in via Appia, 98, con inizio alle ore 22.30, data la sua particolarita, sara una vera esplosione di emozioni da vivere.
In programma, lo Show Burlesque piu bello di sempre cosi da riscoprire, attraverso la bellezza e le movenze di chi lo animera, il fascino di esso stesso. After resting on the ocean floor, split asunder and rusting, for nearly three- quarters of a century, a great ship seemed to come alive again. Courtesy of Magnolia PicturesFilm director Brian De Palma's latest movie "Redacted" is screening at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. Elah is based on a Playboy investigative article, Mark Boal's "Death and Dishonor," about a returned Iraq vet whose body was found near an Army base, hacked to pieces with dozens of stab wounds. How long will America keep paying for the psychic wounds its good young men encountered in Iraq?
Later, over a drunken poker game, Rush and his redneck pal Flake (Patrick Carroll) think it'd be fun to return to a house they had searched and pay a little more attention to the pretty Iraqi girl who lives there. If you're wondering about journalistic impartiality, I should say that not all the violence in Redacted is the soldiers'.
In Venice, De Palma explained that "redacted" is the military's euphemism for the editing, in fact censoring, of impolitic comments in war documents, including servicemen's letters to the folks back home. His new movie has torrents of words and goes heavy on macho posturing; at times it suggests a ragged off-off-Broadway play. The valley of Elah is where the Philistines sent out their Goliath to terrify the Israelites, and where young David felled the giant with his trusty slingshot.

Hank Deerfield (Jones) is a terse, honorable man, an ex-soldier who, against the pleas of his wife (Sarandon), encouraged his son to enlist for Iraq. Those of us who weren't crazy about Crash thought it reduced each of its dozens of characters to one small virtue and big flaw.
Both films end with powerful visual statements: a montage of real people killed in Iraq, the raising of an American flag upside down, as a traditional distress signal to other nations. Ralf, inizia la sua carriera giovanissimo, suonando in club alternativi di Perugia, la sua citta d’origine, dove pian piano si fa conoscere ed apprezzare, ma il suo successo si consacra al Cocorico di Riccione, dove tutt’ora e il dj resident del privee Titilla.
If you want a primer on just how voiceless Japanese youth have been, look no further than the history of Katariba, which Imamura founded eight years ago.
But, like many in her generation, she's wary of the word politics and prefers to describe Katariba as an educational organization. Lo “0831 Advertising Space” in versione “Hot” (0HOT31) presenta un varieta assolutamente inedito, in programma sabato, 21 novembre. A cio, si aggiungera lo spettacolo, in consolle, di Ciccio Dj e Aldo Caldo (Voice) con musica anni 70, 80, 90 e divertentismo.
The saga of the White Star liner Titanic, which struck an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage in 1912, carrying more than 1,500 passengers to their deaths, has been celebrated in print and on film, in poetry and song. Critics (and expats in town for brief, superficial sojourns) adopt a default posture of digit-pointing, waving jaded index fingers at a concert calendar crammed with Cantopop and mainstream international acts. Redacted is inspired by the March 2006 rape and murder of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, Abeer Qasim Hamza, and the killing of her family and torching of their bodies and their home, by four American soldiers. Elah is more traditional, a crime procedural that involves a police detective (Theron) and the murdered GI's father (Jones). The Iraqis are not guys in different uniforms, or women one might woo; they are walking frag bombs, more animal or mineral than human. They refer to Iraqis as "sand n-----s," and when one car goes speeding toward the checkpoint (after, the driver says, being waved through), they blow it up, injuring the driver and killing the woman in the back seat, who had been about to give birth. They do that, dragging along some of their reluctant buddies, and in a long scene that shocks and sickens, commit their crimes of passion and vengeance. After the rape-murder, one of the squad is kidnapped by an insurgent group; in a video on the group's website, we see the soldier condemned to death, his throat slit, his severed head held up. Redacted takes him back, back, past the Hitchcock homages and the action epics, back to his earliest films: Greetings! Now he learns that the boy, Mike, has been back in the States without telling his family and, much worse, has been found murdered.
Determined to create a space in which young people could articulate their hopes for the future, the then college senior approached high schools nationwide and asked whether they would be interested in hosting events that would bring in local leaders to motivate students. Three of the GI's have been convicted by military juries, earning from 90 to 110 years in prison.

They go over to Iraq whole; of those who make it back, many return with body parts missing or minds horribly damaged. Rachel Maddow, one of the sharpest political commentators around, said on her Air America show a few weeks ago that the war in Iraq would not end for another 75 years — until the last haunted vet dies, still screaming out his nightmares.
And when the members of one squad stationed in at a checkpoint in Samarra see their sergeant blown up while sweeping a dump site (his severed arm lands in front of Salazar's camera), they gradually go a little nuts. But, you could say, those are the tactics of jihadists; they're supposed to behave abominably. I did this film because I believe that if we as a country are going to cause such disorder we must also be prepared to face the horrendous images that result from these events." And in the current video culture, he added, "The pictures are what will stop the war. But Redacted pretty successfully sustains a dual level of hysteria (in its content) and disinterest (in its film-long framing devices).
The good guys, the ones so well played by Jones, Theron and Sarandon, have nuances worth noting; and even the ones capable of committing the most heinous crimes seem like decent people to whom some awful thing happened.
In her first two years of canvassing, only two schools agreed to what in many other democracies would be considered a basic civic exercise. Consider the Underground, a fortnightly indie-music night that takes place in venues across town, whose organizers have showcased more than 300 bands in its five years of existence.
The fourth, who was discharged from the Army before charges were brought, is to be tried in criminal court; the prosecutor handling the case says he will seek the death penalty. Just as important, both demand that their viewers consider the cost of the government's decision to invade a land no American was properly prepared for fighting in.
Rush (Daniel Stewart Sherman), starts frisking an Iraqi schoolgirl with unseemly sexual forcefulness. The first film has clips of Lyndon Johnson addressing the nation on TV, and a character obsessed with the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination.
But as of today, prompted by students clamoring for such activities, Katariba has held 463 forums in 283 high schools across the country.
In the Valley of Elah, from Paul Haggis, who received a Best Picture Academy Award for Crash, enlists three other Oscar winners (Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon) in a story of the war brought home.
11, and his strongest cinematic and political statement at least since Casualties of War, his Vietnam film of 1989.
Because, on patrol in Iraq, Doc would "stick his hand in some hadji's wound and say, 'Does that hurt?' And the hadji would say yes. The movie is a cry of national shame; for De Palma, it's a new badge of honor for a wily old vet.

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