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December 23, 2015 By Rachel Here’s what B2B marketers were talking about in 2015 … along with a look ahead at 2016 content marketing trends.
As you’re preparing your 2016 marketing, now is a good time to look back on what mattered the most in 2015. The topics range from 2016 content marketing predictions to a post that I wrote in 2013 on how to improve your email subject lines. After preparing your email’s content, you might only have a few seconds to dash off a quick subject line and send out your email.
Research has shown that B2B marketers who have a content marketing strategy get better results from all of their content.
Have you ever wondered why the same sites appear over and over again in Google News and how you can get your blog some Google love? The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) held a panel on how to get better results from your content marketing efforts.

Ask any B2B marketer about their top content marketing challenges, and they’ll likely say, “finding the time and resources to get it done”. This problem can be even harder if you have a small, in-house marketing team – or if you’re a marketing department of one. A blog can be one of your most valuable marketing assets, as it can introduce targeted leads to your content and engage them throughout every stage of your sales cycle.
In the day-to-day rush, you may miss out on chances to engage more leads and turn them into customers. Forrester recently identified 10 criteria for effective B2B websites and scored 30 companies against its criteria. However, since the best B2B customers often come from in-house email lists, you should spend more time crafting subject lines that get readers to open your emails.
To help you step up your content marketing game, I’ve put together An Essential Guide to Creating a B2B Content Marketing Strategy.

According to the “B-to-B Content Fails the Customer Engagement Test” report, only four companies passed the test.
She helps B2B marketers improve their response rates, clearly communicate complex messages and generate high-quality leads. The Online Marketing Institute listed Rachel as one of the top 40 digital strategists of 2014.

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