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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Minden korabbi rekordot megdontott az online meghirdetett allasok szama tavaly, negyedevel tobb allast hirdettek meg a neten, mint 2012-ben - derul ki a Profession.hu eves adataibol.
2013 utolso negyedeveben a piac megszokott utemenek megfeleloen csokkent az allaspiac aktivitasa, de az elozo evet igy is jelentosen tulszarnyalta: 2012 decemberehez kepest a tavalyi ev utolso honapjaban 50 szazalekkal tobb hirdetes kerult a rendszerbe. 2013-ban a legtobb hirdetest kapott poziciok a fejleszto (1793 db), a mernok (1599 db) es a konyvelo (1430 db) voltak. Az allasportal rendszereben 35 szazalekkal tobben regisztraltak az elozo evhez kepest, legtobben a teruleti kepviseloi, az asszisztensi es az adminisztratori munkakorokre jelentkeztek. 2013-ban a napi atlagos hirdetesek szama 11 szazalekkal novekedett a piac 67 szazalekat lefedo Profession.hu feluletein (az eNET adatai alapjan). A tavalyi evben az adminisztracio es irodai munka kategoriaban volt a legnehezebb elhelyezkedni az extrem tuljelentkezes miatt. A hirdetesek szamanak 26 szazalekos novekedese mellett a felhasznalok szama is jelentosen, 35 szazalekkal novekedett a Profession.hu feluletein. A munkaltatok tobb mint ketszer annyi allast hirdetnek meg kotelezo angol nyelvtudassal, mint nyelvtudas nelkul - ezzel szemben az allaskeresok legnagyobb resze olyan munkakorokre jelentkezik, amelyekben nem kernek nyelvet. I'm a web marketing expert with over 10 years of experience working with clients like Best Buy, Accenture and the Department of Defense. With no two websites the same, I need a multitude of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their goals.
Over the years I’ve been writing these KPIs down in a matrix to reference for future plans. You can get as granular as you like with the calculation – ad set, medium or campaign, they’re all gold! How much does each sale cost your business? In other words, are you getting a positive return on your marketing spend? How does each marketing channel impact your top line? This KPI will answer that question for you. Arguably my favorite KPI! How much are you paying for your website’s key actions? See tips from cost per visit KPI above. Time to conversion is a great KPI to understand your sales cycle and how long it takes visitors to convert. If your newsletter form does not redirect to a thank you page on submission, you’ll have to set up Event tracking. Perhaps more important than % of form completed are the % of users who begin to fill out a form and abandon it.
You can get great insights on how to improve form UX, form UI and overall satisfaction from this measurement. If users aren’t engaging with your email content you need to take a closer look at your lead gen campaigns. If you’re tagging all outbound URLs (as you should be) then direct visits are straight forward. According to Google’s case studies, direct traffic is responsible for more sales than any other medium.
Some businesses require customers to make purchases in a store, warehouse or through a rep. You can track these by setting up an Event that triggers when a user clicks the link or by counting the number of direct emails you receive. When you advertise, you should always include a call to action that drives traffic to a web property (your site, micro site, etc).
The best practice is to create a short vanity URL and 301 (permanent redirect) that URL into a landing page on your site.
Measuring how many users visit the vanity URL (provided in the ad) and then come to your site and take meaningful action will change the way you look at advertising.

Visitor loyalty is defined as a visitor who returns to your site within a certain time period – I like to set the cookie at 30 days.
This is a highly underrated KPI – people who return to your website show signs of purchase intent, lead intent or they really like your work. This is a web analytics 101 measurement, but still very useful to determine content quality and user engagement.
I read a lot of Analytics blogs and a lot of them try and downplay the important of traffic. I’m getting into call tracking so I might take your advice on going the budget route and getting an #800. Penny,Really interesting issue much of the effrot, technology, time and cost dedicated to generating the precise, deep and accurate data from which actionable insights can be derived is liable to be underexploited in business term unless the ultimate analysis and conclusions are derived from qualitative interpretation which contextualises and explains what is actually happening and why. Useful compendium of B2B online marketing statistics covering SEO, paid search, email marketing and website activity from Insight Partners, the private equity and venture capital firm.
A 2012-ben elso helyen szereplo ugyfelszolgalati munkatars kategoria hiaba novekedett jelentosen (1293-rol 1420 darabra) tavaly igy is a negyedik helyre szorult vissza.
Legerosebb honapunk az oktober volt, ekkor kozel 6000 uj poziciot toltottek fel a cegek" - tette hozza Zsedely Krisztian. A gyartas kategoria hirdetoi ezzel szemben joval nagyobb aranyban novekedtek, mint a jelentkezok, igy most mindenkinek nagyobb az eselye itt munkat talalni. I hold a number of web certifications as well as a Master's in Business Administration (MBA). I have opt in forms on all pages – I like to layer the conversion segment on top of the pages report to determine if my copy is persuasive enough to drive submissions. I strongly recommend converting all Events to Goals because the depth of reporting is 100 times better. These business types should have a store locator widget on their website and they should be tracking usage through custom Events. If you’re an organization that relies on phone leads, you should have a system set up. If you’re on a budget, simply get an 800 number that is only displayed on your website. I really needed this info because my abandoment rate has been abnormally high over past month. A legkeresettebb poziciok 2012-hoz hasonloan 2013-ban is a teruleti kepviselo, az asszisztens es az adminisztrator voltak.
As digital marketers we need to focus on metrics that matter.With experience and maturity we can learn not to get excited about vanity metrics. For example, a YouTube video going viral and hitting a million views is also a vanity metric.
Which articles are generating the most conversions iii.Which articles are generating the most shares -which articles generate the most repeat visits -which organic key words are most popular with users, how did readers find our site, iv. Traffic and Conversion metrics.Traffic represents the front end and conversions are the back end. Monthly Unique VisitorsNo matter how poor your conversion ratios are, more traffic almost always equals more leads and hence more customers. Some websites drive up the page views by distributing the same piece of content through several pages or slides but the number of unique visitors stay the same.Unique visitors are calculated by a real human visitor originating from a unique IP address in a 24 hour period of time.
It is like measuring how many people bought tickets to your show rather than the amount of time they spent watching your show.Number of unique visitors coming to your website greatly varies depending on the day of the week. If you got more visitors this month than the previous month, it means you are doing something right.2. Search Engine (Organic) TrafficIf you are doing inbound marketing to get new customers, you should expect at least 50% or more visitors coming from the search engines.
Referral TrafficReferral traffic may not be your lion’s share of traffic but it directly influences the traffic coming from the search engines.

Since search engines rank are known to rank websites better when they have more back links from other websites – referral traffic growth is a good indicator of how much your website is being shared, linked to and talked about in the web.
Returning VisitorsReturning visitors is not just a traffic metric but an engagement metric.
If you are doing inbound marketing and your % of returning visitors are increasing then there is a good chance that a % of these returning visitors will convert into leads and customers. If your Monthly Unique Visitors are increasing but returning visitors are going down, then you may have to start losing your sleep over it because there is no guarantee that these monthly new visitors will return in the future. No engagement means no leads and hence no customers!Conversion MetricsMost of the digital marketers focus mostly on traffic.
Sometimes we can get caught up in the traffic numbers and lose sight of the most important marketing action – the SALES part. Conversion is based on your sales message and how many sales you end up making for every hundred doors you knock. With little tweaks in the website and landing pages, sales can be increased easily without increasing the traffic. Visitors to Leads %Converting visitors into leads (or subscribers) is one of the main responsibilities of a digital marketer.
You have no way to get back a visitor to your website once they leave if they do not give you their contact details (mostly just email ID). You may want to check out my previous article about Seven Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads. By calculating the short term and long term investment in gaining visitors, we can arrive at the CPL (Cost per lead) metric. This is an important number related to lead conversion ratio which helps us determine the profitability of a campaign. Such metrics also help us predict future profits as mentioned in this article: Predicting Future Web Events using the Law of Large Numbers (LLN)6. The second major responsibility of a marketer (or digital marketer) is to convince those leads to buy your stuff. This is usually done using a series of follow up emails with a mix of educational and sales messages.Even if the email subscriber is not interested in buying a product initially, she can be educated through a series of emails about the product. Such educational emails will fuel the desire to buy the product and when they are ready to buy a product, the buying options can be presented to them.
The digital marketer should have sound knowledge of sales psychology and enough experience to get the maximum Leads to Customer conversion ratio.CPA or cost per acquisition is the cost of acquiring a new customer on the front end.
For example if it costs $2 per lead on average and if out of 20 leads, 1 becomes a customer then the cost per customer acquisition is $40.7.
Many people believe that the real revenue potential is in the back-end of the sales funnel that they are ready to even go on a loss in the front-end. Example, spend $40 to get a new customer but the initial sale will bring only a profit of $20. With future sales, the profit is realized.Customers can be converted into repeat customers through the same marketing methods discussed above.
When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is the best tool in the hands of a digital marketer. When emails subscribers become paying customers, they are segmented into a separate list in the email marketing channel and further promotions are offered. Of course there are other metrics that are even more important but does not come under digital marketing.
If you have any other metric in mind which you think is very important and should not be left out, leave them in the comments below.

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