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After studying a B Com Marketing Management at the University of Pretoria for 2 years, all the lecturers seemed to drill into us were the "4 P's of Marketing". Now that I have been in the working for a number of years, especially with my experience in the Digital Marketing space, I personally feel that these "7 P's" just don't cut it any more.
In a number of private schools, students as young as Grade 6 (12 years) are required to have an iPad.
Every campaign should connect with customers on a personal level and encourage them to participate and engage with the brand and the actual campaign. Customers have different preferences when it comes to engaging with a brand, obtaining a product or using a product. Customers have much higher expectations from companies in terms of service levels and communications. Ensure that every campaign and communication to consumers aligns to the overall brand positioning strategy.
It is important to plan proactively and strategically for campaigns based on consumer and product insights. It is important to prioritise campaigns and marketing communications based on strategic insights, consumer trends and business objectives. Sometimes, less is more, make sure that your campaign is practical and aligned to the target audience that you are trying to reach.
Everything you do as a company and a business should help establish and secure your presence in the market. Customers are all different when it comes to their preference in dealing with companies and businesses. All to often I come across briefs and campaign strategies with no real measurable objectives and no quantifiable way to prove that the campaign was successful or not. These are just a couple of new marketing "P's" that I believe should form part of the consideration mix when compiling any sort of marketing strategy.
Passbook, another app on the iPhone, sends GPS notifications when the phone is near a retailer included in Passbook. Passbook has been underutilized as a marketing tool, because it can be a hassle to integrate apps. Passbook could be integrated with Apple Pay, offering special discounts for customers that utilize Apple Pay during checkout.
It’ll be exciting to see what apps are developed for Apple Pay, how it changes QR use, and how it changes the mobile marketing landscape.
Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social.

This may sound absurd but we need to teach students to feel comfortable with this technology and prepare them for their future, not ours.
It is critical for marketers to ensure that a campaign is accessible on all relevant digital platforms (Web, Mobile, Social Media, Search). If you are asking for a customers personal or contact details, tell them why and reassure them that they will not be harassed. Customers want and expect one-to-one attention and they want communications to be personalised to them.
There should never be more than one campaign in the market with a different messaging & positioning.
Some prefer to go to a physical store, others prefer to engage online, while others prefer to use their mobile device.
Always try to push the boundaries with your campaign, do things differently and make sure your campaign stands out from the rest. The Apple Pay System relies on NFC (near-field communications) to send payment information to a vendor. Passbook also comes with a built-in QR code reader, but most people aren’t aware of that. They can just wave their phone near the code, and the information will be automatically transferred. This is problematic if you brand all of your materials with the same QR code, and circumstances change so that you have to change a link.
This means that Passbook will become a more effective marketing tool, and both can be used very easily on the Apple product.
It started with a viral YouTube effort, and then expanded to include Nike encouraging their fans and followers to tell them how they planned to “Make it Count” in 2012.Nike promoted the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (and set up their own accounts on the networks, which posted images and statements related to the campaign). Later on they started to teach us about the extra "3 P's" namely "People", "Process" & "Physical Evidence". These students will have an advantage in their careers as this has been included into their early schooling curriculum. Create brand embassadors by giving them something to talk about and give them a reason to connect with you, putting a Facebook and Twitter logo on your add is no longer sufficient. How many times do you complete some sort of lead form online and then get harrassed for the next couple of months by all sorts of call centres trying to sell you something.
Gone are the days where consumers phone a call centre to complain or ask questions they might have regarding a product or service, we are now in the era of the "Social Media" call centre.
So often there is no overarching brand positioning strategy which results in campaigns looking and sounding completely different.

This "presence" must also always align to your "why" and be consistent with the brand positioning strategy.
When a user passes their chosen Kroger, Passbook will pop up with the Kroger loyalty card so that the user can scan it at checkout.
This means that NFC marketing is significantly more versatile as easy to use than QR codes.
They could be integrated with PURLs so that when they wave their phone over the code, it goes to their specific landing page. On completing four years of studying, the "7 P's" were the most important factors of a succesful marketing campaign. The marketing game has changed and I hope that Universities have included this thinking and update their marketing content and curriculum. At a Grade 6 level they are completing projects on their iPads and presenting their work to their fellow class mates.
Consumers will now go to a brand's Facebook and Twitter profile to post their complaint or query, this way they get quicker feedback, they don't have to hold on to a phone call for long periods of time and they feel as if their voice has been heard. Managers aren't sure what their brand positioning is and therefore consumers have no idea what your brand stands for. Campaigns should happen because of a very specific business objective versus the scenario where a marketer has a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that says in a year there needs to be two marketing campaigns. If you are targeting an audience in a lower LSM and your insights show that their only access to the internet is a mobile device, don't create a campaign that evolves around a Facebook application. There are several problems with QR codes at this point, but the big one is that it is a several step process to read a QR code.
This reminds the user that they’re passing Kroger, and might encourage them to stop by and pick up groceries. I beg you to differ that these aren't skills that they are going to one day be required in their careers? Some lucky fans then got to see their images included later on in the later TV ads, as well as on the company blog.Fully taking advantage of the growing trend of people who watch television with a mobile device within reach, the campaign was a success.
HGTV also had a win with the campaign by focusing on personal expression, and the campaign got a huge response from its viewers.
After all, a brand is not built based around logo or advertising or taglines, but rather by what OTHER people say about your product or services, and featuring that content directly on your website is a great way to reinforce your brand message.Close XWant Social Media Today updates in your inbox?

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