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Dona€™t ship your films in a box to a company hundreds of miles away with no guarantee that they wona€™t lose your memories! Theya€™ve been very rarely used over the past 25 years, but a surprising number of people still have the film reels from their old 8mm and 16mm cameras. Label and store your DVDs securely, with the peace of mind of knowing theya€™ll last for years and years. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
If you're going to take a guess the best thing to do is find a digital8 camcorder that will also accepts hi8 becsue you can kill two birds with one stone if they are hi8.
The second option if the tapes are video8 or hi8 and you already have a miniDV camcorder is to check to see if it has the pass-through feature. I'd suggest looking on craigslist and ebay for a camcorder first because you absolutely need one that will play the tapes, they aren't going to be cheap.
Once you get them on your computer using these methods the files will be in DV format and about 14GB's per hour. What you are describing has to be VHSC, thees tapes are about the same size as 8MM with the exception of the thickness which is the same as VHS. I do not know what you mean by recorder playing only 8mm??The machine has nothing to do with 8mm,it plays VHS and dvd,has slot for each,I transfered probably 40 plus tapes. You can get adapters for VHSC tapes which are smaller than VHS but have the exact same format and tape width. As said went into building where we have boxes packed for move and found adapter for downloading old 8mm tape to DVD. I think you're right coalman, I too have a JVC handheld camcorder that uses VHS-C type mini tapes, and I too was searching for a way to put my old home movies onto DVD. It took a bit of reading the manual and some experimentation to acquire the video quality desirable, but it works!
This is not present on home videos however some devices will see common errors on home movies as copy protection preventing them from being captured. Today, photographers and videographers have it easy – digital capabilities make it possible to review and alter photos and films instantly; and transporting equipment is a breeze with handheld devices. 1861 – The first-ever color photograph is shown by James Clerk Maxwell.1888 – Kodak introduces the first easy-to-use camera – the n1 box camera. 1932 – For the first time, amateur 8mm movie film, cameras and projectors are available.1934 – 135mm film is introduced specifically for still photography. 1959 – Nikon introduces its first single-lens reflex camera (SLR), the Nikon F, to become the most advanced camera of its day. Leave A Legacy is a full service studio for photo restoration, video transfer and editing, digital photo album creation and photo gifts.You can have them produce elements of your project, or turn the whole thing over to their creative staff to manage from start to finish.
Choose Leave A Legacy in Denver or Fort Collins, for Colorado audio, photo and video work that’s priceless AND affordable. I also take this profession very seriously, I do consider myself an artist and I believe this comes through in my work. The love of Super-8mm came from travel, being in different places, seeing the sunrise in Tuscany to the sunset in South Carolina. If you happen to be at work right now and can’t watch the videos, please please pretty please come back and have a look at them later. Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. I’m compromising by having a friend film the speeches and ceremony and then editing it afterwards. I had a super 8 wedding film (a different company to the one you featured) – I absolutely didn’t want a videographer anywhere near my wedding but my husband absolutely insisted! When it arrived I watched it time after time (it’s only 20mins long!), cried a bit and if I’m honest I prefer it to the photos! My younger sister who got married first had a videographer (not an expensive one) and she stressed to me and my older sister how much she thinks they are worth it. So we are definitely going to have one as i love the fact that our children down the line (fingers crossed) can see what mummy and daddy looked like on their wedding day!
Both my sisters’ weddings were filmed by members of the family and you can barely hear the speeches and its very wobbly and nauseating because of the movement (that said we do still watch them every now and then ha). However rather devastatingly rubbishy, we now have had the bad news that the buyers of the old house have pulled out…a month before it was due to be completed.

The heartbreak is that it simply is going to push our budget out too far, so unless a miracle happens its going to be amateurish wobbliness for us…just hoping my awesome recorder is better at picking up voices etc to capture the speeches. I appreciate that most couples don’t want their visual atmosphere of their wedding looking like a film set with heavy bulky equipment, camera cranes, sliders and tripods everywhere.
Not so much because of our tight budget, but because I’ve never watched a wedding video I liked.
And even if you find one, running home films on a projector is a cumbersome and tedious process.
Our quick but thorough conversion process takes about two weeks to complete, however if you need something sooner, give us a call and we will be glad to expedite your project. Film Preparation: Go through your old 8mm or 16mm films and do your best to order them by the date they were taken. Splicing: If needed, wea€™ll splice together individual film reels to create one long reel for a more consistent transfer.
Synchronization: Wea€™ll use specially designed equipment to synchronize the frame rate of the film to the new frame rate of video to prevent flickering. Conversion: Once the entire set of films has been converted to digital tape, wea€™ll make the final transfer from 8mm film to DVD. Finished: After we have your film on DVD, wea€™ll print a professional cover with a full menu and scene list. We understand that you are hesitant to leave your memories with anyone, let alone a company youa€™ve never done business with. You're going to want to find out which one, they all use the same size tape and the format listed on the tape is not necessarily what is on the tape.
In this case you would still need the video8 or hi8 camcorder and you would connect it to the mini DV camcorder which will convert to digital. The adpter will work for VHSC becsue it's the same physical tape and format, it's just smaller cassette. As far as I know there is no adapter available and if there were it would be pointless for the reasons I've already outlined. But remember the days when clear photos required still scenes and people had to stand motionless for up to 20 minutes?
This landscape photograph required an eight hour exposure!1835 – William Fox Talbot creates his own photography process. The 135mm film cartridge also increased the ease of 35mm film and grew in popularity to surpass 120 film in the 1960s.1948 – The first Polaroid instant image camera in unveiled by Edwin H. 1985 – The first digital imaging processor is introduced by Pixar, innovatively using computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images. Either way, the best equipment and the most versatile support team can help you make memories that last! I decided to take the leap to Super-8mm simply because it is the most simple and beautiful way to shoot a wedding and at the end of the day that is what I believe couples really want. The difference between the two formats is HD shoots on tape or card and Super-8mm shoots on film strip.
What’s more inspiring than two people in love, sharing the big day with their family and friends.
No matter your setting, Super-8 makes it more than beautiful, it makes it enchanting, timeless, authentic.
They are stunning and I really hope more than a few of you hop over to Mark Browns site and get as hooked as I am. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld. He says that it takes it from a wedding into something resembling a photo shoot and he doesn’t want six people out of 100 being photographers, assistants, videographers etc etc etc.
We’re not having a videographer, partly due to budget, partly due to not feeling too bothered about it…feeling like a change of heart might be coming!! You (and the boy) will NOT notice anyone other than each other and the people you love on the day.
They hardly look at their photos but their wedding video (the edited 5 min version) comes out time and time again! This, whilst not damaging our wedding budget, has certainly made us tighten up the purse strings a little (two houses to run equals not much mula left). I soooo want those speeches to re-listen to forever…and the bits that wont be picked up on photos.

If I can get a videographer for my wedding and the film is even half as good as these, I’m afraid I probably will be very self indulgent and watch it EVERY. On the contrary, the precious images they contain become more and more sacred with each passing year. It wona€™t be long before your old film reels will become un-viewable, either by deterioration, or breaking and tearing.
If there are no dates noted, you can sometimes find the film processing date on the yellow box from the lab. Wea€™ll add chapter points at every 5 minutes, along with a DVD menu that lets you play the video or skip directly to a specific chapter.
Along with your new DVD, wea€™ll also return all your original films and also include a digital tape of your memories for further preservation. We promise that while your memories are in our custody that we will protect them from harm. In an ever changing world of expansion in video technology and recording media, it is essential to update and protect your existing recordings. With that camcorder whether the tapes are hi8 or digital 8 you would only need a firewire cable and firewire port on your computer.
I mention this becsue if you have one these camcorders you have one the best methods to convert right under your nose and it isn't going to cost you anything. An 8mm adapter for VHS would basically require a small VCR that could fit into the footprint of VHS tape and be able to transfer the signal to the VHS head, in addition to that VHS is downgrade in quality over hi8 or digital8. A VHS deck can play these because they are recorded in VHS and the the tape itself inside the cassette is the same thing as standard VHS. The kinetoscope  (an early motion picture exhibition device) led way to the Kinetograph – the first motion picture camera.
Navy.1965 – Super 8 film is introduced by Kodak as an improvement of the “Regular” 8mm film format. This film is then sent to the uSA to be processed and transferred to a reel and then sent to a specialist in London who puts it onto a disc, which I then edit. Being a part of this is truly special, especially when you have a camera in your hands and you have the ability to create something wonderful that will be treasured by families for generations to come. Dona€™t let these prized mementos collect dust in a shoebox somewherea€”bring them back to life by letting us convert your 8mm or 16mm film to DVD. After your film has been organized and labeled to your liking, package it securely and bring it to us.
Never in over 10 years in business have we ever lost or damaged any of our thousands of customera€™s memories.
Even if such an adapter existed It would really be pointless over just getting a player that could play 8mm.
You could actually take the tape itself out of the VHSC housing an put it into a VHS housing, no adapter required.
That error does not effect playback on a TV but will on other VHS decks if you're trying to record, it wouldn't effect digital capture devices either but by law they are supposed to detect it and not allow the recording. Known then as the carte de visite (French for “visiting card”), eight individually exposed images were reproduced on a single negative then cut apart and glued to calling card-sized mounts.
Its so incredibly evocative and atmostpheric and mesmerising, so when Mark Brown sent me an email telling me about his videography, combining Super 8mm with HD, I was right on it and of course, deperate to share it with you all….
What Super-8mm does well is create an image of real depth and timelessness that HD cannot replicate, it is unique and beautiful yet simple and true to the style of your Wedding.
Digital8 was the predecessor to mini-DV, it's the same exact video format as mini-DV, the only difference is the size of the tape. 2008 – Polaroid announces the discontinuance of instant film products, leading to surge in digital imaging technology. Give us a call and experience the difference and enjoy the benefits of doing business with a local transfer company. 1932 – Disney creates the first full-color movie cartoon, Flowers and Trees, in Technicolor.

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