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Agency staff photography ranges from slick, stylized shots to the companies that aren't afraid to make themselves look silly by dressing up in costume. Thames - ADvantage, Advertising Agency Software is a fully loaded agency management system to control your media business smoothly.
We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow.
PSFK talks to Frank Striefler and Lucas Donat of the agency previously called DH+W about their search for new identity. The big news in advertising this week is that an ad agency in Santa Monica has decided it needs a new identity. A friend of mine started a non-profit called Hope Mob, which essentially uses social, uses the crowd, uses the mob to bring hope to people in need. Piers: Yes, I remember a conversation with Carl Johnson of Anomaly in the early days of PSFK. Piers: Can you just describe what the brief in terms of, what is the proposition behind it? For us, anybody who pushes the envelope, and anybody who’s trying to change the industry, we look at them as co-conspirators rather than competitions.
Crowdsourcing is not always the right opportunity, but here we are asking 6,000 professionals in the industry about what a company who stands for positive change should be named.
Take a look at how these ingenious people are using business cards to stand out from the crowd. In the design world, a standard rectangular business card based on one of the many business card templates out there just won't cut it.
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Fully web enabled software means that you can manage your business anywhere any place as long as you have a internet connection. To rebrand itself, the agency formerly known as DW+H is using the Victor & Spoils crowdsourcing network to solicit a new name. Part of this whole exercise is on whether we find a name that is more synonymous with who we are and what we stand for as a company and as a group of people trying to do good things in the world? I think the purpose of this is, can a name be more than just a name, the name of the founders? It needs to help you to express what that agency is about, what clients you want to go after and what work you want to do.
You really do get to see that great ideas can come from anywhere, even outside of the creative community. Like a mini creative resume, a business card is a small but powerful marketing tool showcasing your unique identity in a professional and creative way. When not working up a storm in the office, Sammy runs her own music blog and writes for the likes of Drowned in Sound and The 405.
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PSFK’s Piers Fawkes spoke to Frank Striefler and founder Lucas Donat about the project. What we’re looking for is something that is synonymous with who we are, what we stand for, but also inspires a conversation.
It’s an example of something that is synonymous with what it does, but also inspires conversation and inquiry and curiosity. In this case, it’s actually more like co-petition, the idea of collaboration between folks who are normally seen as competitors. We’re combining both the idea that a good idea can come from anywhere within the agency, and the idea of crowdsourcing. We have two creative directors working with people to make their submission and their ideas better. A great way to help you to stand out, your business card should leave a long lasting impression and reflect a little piece of your personality.

She also thinks that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably the best television series ever created. Read the transcript below or watch the Google Hangout interview we recorded at the bottom of the article.
Our philosophy is actually, we believe that brands and businesses don’t have just the opportunity, but the obligation to be the biggest force of positive change in our world. We also asked everyone at DW+H to submit their ideas as well, for two reasons, A, to achieve an even playing field for people actually to be able to, as well, earn the reward we put out for finding the right name, and simply to encourage people to submit early so that they get that time stamp.
We want to work with clients who have something useful, powerful to say, to put out there in the world. In case more than one person submits the same name (the person who submitted the name first will be the winner). Almost all are filled with wordy jargon that is often forgotten, misremembered or flatly ignored by staff and meaningless to prospective clients. Your mission statement should foster clarity.Kevin Starr, executive director of the Mulago Foundation, has created a compelling approach to developing a focused and useful mission statement that warrants your attention. We want some!Not only do the guys who work at Lego have a super-cool job, they also get these awesome Lego minifigure business cards. It's also been reported that the company does its best to match employee's features, even down to their hair and accessories, with their own minifigs.
The agency, founded in 1935 in Chicago by Leo Burnett, now had 85 offices and 9,000+ employees.
Bon Vivant Ad agency JWT came up with the concept for this awesome chees grater business card design for Bon VivantWe love this business card, which doubles as a tiny cheese grater, for Brazilian cheese store Bon Vivant. Created by ad agency JWT, the clever networking tool had proved extremely popular, with the owner having to tell customers to wait a few days before returning to take another.
And I would add that agencies need to stop creating a mission statement based on what they think will get them business and start creating them based on what their mission is.
Flow Yoga Flow Yoga's innovative business card lets the materials do the talkingBased in Vancouver, Flow Yoga Studio offers the best in yoga treatments to give a fantastic, relaxing experience. And if the company's facilites alone doesn't leave a lasting impression, its innovative business card certainly will.
I’ve worked for and with a few businesses over the years most of whom had a statement of somekind, usually posted on the wall of a staff room or on the wall behind the reception desk. Rolling up like a real yoga mat, the designer behind this card cleverly let the material communicate its message.
Most management if asked could take a wild stab at reciting it if asked and few of the staff too. If you look at some of the best performing young businesses they have a culture statement; the difference is not the poster on the wall but the very nature in which the employees react and perform, it is intrinsic to their very nature. Created by laser cutting and etching basswood, the woodgrain pattern makes each and every card truly unique. Proving incredibly popular, when it ended on May the 9th, the project had a whopping 354 backers with a total pledge of $23,929!
MODHair This cool musical comb business card plays a rock theme when playedThis muscial comb business card plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle of a musicbox comb. The innovative concept was developed by Fabio Milito design for Rock 'n Roll hair salon in Rome. Bentply Fold this ingenious design by Richard C Evans into a miniature 1934 plywood armchairWhat you see here is a neat letterpress business card and mailer for furniture shop Bentply in Marylebone, London that can be made into a mini bent plywood chair. The ingenious card is designed by art director, writer, and designer Richard C Evans and produced by Elegante Press in Lithuania.
Since 2007, Michael has helped pioneer the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business. Just follow the instructions and the kiss-cut card can be folded into a miniature of the iconic 1934 plywood armchair designed by Gerald Summers. A brilliant design by Draft FCB for Greek restaurantOkay, so these probably aren't the most practical business cards in the world, but the idea is pretty cool. Developed by Cape Town-based creative agency Draft FCB, these creative cards were crafted for a Greek restaurant, the concept based on plate smashing, a traditional Greek folk custom.

Made from broken pieces of pottery, the unique design simply features the restaurant's name and telephone number imprinted on the front. Yuka Suzuki Hair and make-up artist Yuka Suzuki sells her creativity skills with these brilliant business cardsThe hair and make-up business is a competitive one. So artist Yuka Suzuki decided to develop a business card that would make her stand out from the crowd. It has been ranked among the top 100 marketing blogs in the world, according to Advertising Age’s, The Power 150.
Choko La Clients get two treats with this design; a delicious chocolate and a brilliantly creative business cardThis candy wrapper business card is, unsurprisingly, a popular design. Created by ad agency Draft FCB the brief was to capture the essence of the product and brand - delicious chocolates. Elena Mirosedina Tanya Kozlova's design leaves you in doubt as to the profession of Elena MirosedinaThis simple but brilliant business card design leaves you in no doubt as to the profession of Elena Mirosedina. Shaped like a palette, Kozlova opted for a simple black card with stand out red and white type for the artists name and contact details. Techkeys This business card design certainly impresses on an innovative levelWe've come across what might be the world's geekiest offering; it's a business card that also doubles up as a computer keyboard. Created by Techkeys they explain, "This PCB with on-board re-programmable ATMEGA16U2 allows for full flexibility for hackers, tinkerers, and makers. Elfriede-Lilly Friedeberg The letterpress business cards capture the style of Friedeberg's workElfriede-Lilly Friedeberg is a Berlin based illustrator and graphic design student who creates inspiring, colourful and cute characters, patterns and more that are guaranteed to raise a smile. Packed full of pastel tones and hand-made aesthetics, she's able to capture her style into these brilliant business cards.
London based design agency Bunch were responsible for developing their entire brand - which included a custom logotype and typeface - but it's the business cards that we've fallen in love with. Doctor Zamenhof These business card designs will make you drop your jaw in aweCreated by the Spain-based design studio Doctor Zamenhof, the team aim to 'diagnose' design problems and prescribe remedies and solutions. Continuing this medical theme, they've designed this rather brilliant set of business cards that mimic tongue depressors. The stick shapes feature all of the design studio's contact information and will certainly stand out from other business card offerings.
Vitor Bonates Vitor Bonates combines work and play with these creative business cardsHow cool is this personal buisness card for designer Vitor Bonates? A self-confessed lover of music and vinyl, Bonates based his card on classic vinyl records, replacing track name and details with his own and finishing off the design with a sleeve in which to hold the replica record. BDH Millwork Leftover wood from BDH Millwork provides the material for its innovative business cardCanadian advertising studio WAX are the team behind these sophisticated buisness cards for cabinet-maker Brad Haniak of BDH Millwork. On a tiny budget, the WAX team came up with the idea to rubber-stamp Haniak's business card information onto pieces of leftover wood, found in abundance at his carpentry workshop.
Powell Peralta We love the design and attention to detail in these skateboard business cardsWe're a little in love with these miniature skateboard business cards for American skateboard company Powell Peralta. The design follows true skateboard style, made of thin wood and featuring grip tape on one side surrounding a skull design. Myung Dong Opticians Myong Dong's brilliant self-optometry business cardIf you live in South Korea and need a sight check, you can save yourself some money with this brilliant self-optometry buisness card for Myung Dong Opticians.
Created by Seoul-based ad agency Black Pearl Creative, you simply placing the design an arms length away from your face to transform the card into an effective eye chart. As an integral part of their set list, Austrian duo Ritornell invites the audience to bring along their private music boxes. Inspiring examples of letterpress business cards Get the best, free resume templates The best photo editors The designer's guide to working from home The best collage maker tools – and most are free!

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