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Adobe has this week rolled out a new update for its Lightroom Android application in the form of version 1.2 that brings with it a number of enhancements, tweaks and fixes. One of the major new additions to the latest Lightroom Android app is the enhancement of the editing options.
Lightroom for Android is now available to download from the Google Play Store and requires an Adobe Creative Cloud account. For more information on the new update jump over to the Adobe Blog website for details via the link below. After pulling the plug on its Photoshop Touch app back in May, Adobe is now back in the mobile photo editing game. The new app offers a revamped retouching and restoration-focused image editing on mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.
There’s also a Smooth feature for smoothing or sharpening areas of shots, and powerful face detection that can recognize when specific areas of a face are selected, giving you more control over detailed edits. Editing with Photoshop Fix is non-destructive, so changes you make to files can be easily reverted and do not permanently overwrite the original images.
As Adobe teased back in May, Photoshop Fix is fully compatible with giant photo files created with high-end DSLRs. Finally, Photoshop Fix is connected to Photoshop and Lightroom through CreativeSync, which lets you edit your Lightroom shots in the mobile app and then easily send it back to your catalog within the app. Steve McCurry is, perhaps, one of the most iconic names in the National Geographic pantheon. Every photographer has gotten the question after a successful shoot: “The photos look great, but can I get the rest of them just in case I need them later? If you’re here for the short answer, the answer is no, but it’s important to me for people to understand why. There are a plethora of common Lightroom mistakes made by beginners and advanced users both. Want to see what kind of work goes into turning a masterful photograph into an iconic print?
Manga artist Joanna Zhou created a series of 12 illustrations showing the common types of photos you'll come across when browsing Instagram. As video games become more and more realistic, some artists have made names for themselves by shooting artistic in-game photographs (AKA screenshots).
Remember the story of Andrea Polito, the photographer who was publicly accused by a couple of holding their wedding photos hostage until they paid an extra $150 fee for a cover for their album?
It came to light afterward that the couple may have intentionally gone to the media with their story in order to destroy Polito and her business, and the photographer is now suing the couple for defamation, seeking up to $1 million in damages for the damage they did. GoPro has released the first sample footage shot using its new Omni virtual reality camera rig, which combines views from 6 separate cameras to create an immersive 360-degree video experience.
Painter Norman Rockwell's illustrations graced the covers of countless magazines over the course of the 20th century, becoming a much-loved piece of American culture for their simple snapshots of life. Pentax fans have been waiting for the full-frame K1 with bated breath, and the first impressions coming out of the review community seem to indicate they haven't been holding their breath for nothing. I know we all wish there was that one magic tutorial which would take our photography to the next level. Despite rumors that Sony might release "the first mirrorless medium format camera," there is actually a medium format mirrorless camera already in existence.

There's one little fact about how Smith worked that may be of great interest to photographers these days, especially as debates rage on regarding the merits of "straight out of camera" (SOOC. The latest Photoshop CC delivers improved layer comps, blur gallery motion effects, enhanced smart guides, and expanded 3D printing capabilities. A new preference setting has been added to enable users to try out experimental and yet to be released features. Photoshop Fix is an app that provides users with easy to use retouching tools for their photos. The Healing Brush feature uses Adobe's Content-Aware technology to remove objects from a scene by simply painting over the object with your finger.
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When working in any photo manipulation package, and especially when first starting out, it is very important to develop good habits. To help in your quest for increased productivity here is a list of some of the best cheat sheets you can find for Photoshop, PS Lightroom, PS Elements, Aperture, and Gimp. Parallel to its modern counterpart, Adobe Revel allows its users to upload videos and photos, organizing them into albums, and editing photos right away using basic editing tools such as the ones used in the Company’s Photoshop Express app. The feature that makes Adobe Revel stand different from the other cloud backup is that collaboration feature that involves other people also so that they can upload images with you. The users of the Adobe revel will see the current photo libraries on the home screen of the app.
While viewing the images, you can perform several functions such as adding captions or playing a slideshow. The fast way to deal with photo issues right on your phone is Adobe's Photoshop Express app, available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Here's a quick tour of its features followed by an example of how I used it to improve an under-exposed image. That providing users with a faster way to copy image adjustments and paste them directly into another photo. The new Segmented view in Collections give you a different way to view and engage with your photos. It includes a number of powerful features from the desktop Photoshop app, including Healing Brush for removing imperfections and Liquify for reshaping areas of photos. The app boasts groundbreaking performance when it comes to handling such files on a mobile device. You can also open your Fix edits in Photoshop to find a layered PSD file with all the adjustments and masks from your Fix edits. A travel photography giant, his vibrant images have inspired millions, but he's recently come under fire over Photoshop use after a botched print at a show in Italy was found to have a serious issue. A selfie-snapping young man in Portugal is making headlines the world over today after he toppled and smashed a 126-year-old statue to bits while trying to take a selfie with it. Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos' New York headquarters, has personally worked on some of the cooperative's best-known images. Now NVIDIA wants to bring in-game photography to the masses: the graphics company just announced "Ansel," a new virtual photography tool that's ready to appear in many future games. You might recognize many of the works, and even the name behind the paintings, but did you know that virtually all of the images started out as photographs?

Generally maligned by anyone older than 30 as a narcissistic (and sometimes dangerous) pursuit, the selfie has become enmeshed with all forms of Millenial self-expression.
And we also get frustrated when we try a technique for the first time and it doesn’t go as planned. Fortunately, photographer and educator Scott Kelby put together a quick tutorial that'll show you two ways to fix this issue in Photoshop.
Eugene Smith was widely praised for his devotion to photography and for pioneering the use of the photo essay to tell stories. Stylus support on Windows 8.1 devices has been improved a great deal as well – it allows for smoother brush strokes thanks to higher-frequency sampling.
The app is aimed at beginners, so it doesn't require the user to learn a lot of various features to create the perfect selfie.
The Liquify tool, which users may know from the desktop version of Photoshop, lets users sculpt the shapes of object, clothing and facial features, such as warping or twirling a part of the image. This means you can easily remove a person who got in the way of your peaceful landscape, or a car that is blocking your city view. This means you can start making small edits on a phone on mobile, and continue creating your masterpiece on your desktop later. Apart from various services, and apps that work over the cloud, photo sharing is also quite efficient over the cloud.
You can easily navigate between Library, Album, Favorites, and Activity Tabs using horizontal swipes. In order to perform that function, you need to swipe from the left edge of the screen, and select the ‘Create a new library’ from the following sidebar and then uploading the images that are desired to be uploaded. It's both the most powerful I've ever used and the simplest a€” quickly accomplishing things that you'd normally need paid software for.
A number of his marked-up darkroom prints have appeared online, revealing the enormous amount of attention Inirio gives photos in the darkroom.
The younger generation isn’t content to just photograph their surroundings, they need to be present in the image or video to enhance the authenticity. Instead it's meant to be quick and painless, perfect for sharing to social media with just a few taps. The app also uses facial-detection technology to edit a person's facial features and expressions. Services like Imgur and Flickr are already very popular among users who like to share their images and photos online. Especially if you shoot on your cell phone, you'll likely encounter a lot of problems with your images a€” and you might not even notice until long after they're shot. Using the new Liquify feature called Face, users can edit their photos to do things such as making someone smile more by widening the smile or by moving individual lips, making a face thinner, or giving a faux nose job by tapping on the face to reveal these tools. Adobe is also providing a similar service called Adobe Revel that has been around for considerable amount of time now for Windows 8 and as an RT app. Revel has now recently arrived for Android as well. The app provides the syncing of photos over the cloud for viewing on desktop, handsets, and the web.

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