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Details:ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker is a small but powerful free software that will block all ads while you surf the Internet.
Technology to block the ads that appear on Web pages has been around for almost as long as the ads themselves.
One of the most popular Firefox add-ons is Adblock Plus, which puts an "ABP" icon on the far right of the main menu.
Hovering over the Adblock Plus icon shows the add-on's status and the number of blocked and blockable items on the current page. Back in January 2008, I called the free IE7Pro "(t)he only Internet Explorer 7 add-on you'll ever need." Well, the name's the same, but the program now works with IE 8 as well. To put a finer point on your IE ad blocking, select the AD Blocker option on the left side of the Preferences window. It isn't surprising that Google decided not to include an ad blocker in its Chrome browser.
The best way I found to block ads in the Opera browser is to use the program's built-in content blocker.
To unblock an item, just reopen the Block Content toolbar and click the "Blocked Image" indicator. Perhaps the greatest security resource on the Web is the free OpenDNS proxy service, which sends all your Internet traffic through a well-maintained set of filters to screen out ads as well as sites known to host malicious content. Using best-of-breed audio codecs such as GIPS and employing media relays around the world to route calls through the most efficient path, Gizmo Project will give you crystal-clear voice quality.

In her September 15, 2009 InSecurity Complex blog, Elinor Mills describes how ads are being used by criminals to trick people into buying fake antivirus software, among other nefarious purposes. No doubt someone will point out the irony of a blog that relies on ads for its livelihood explaining how to prevent them from appearing.
You can also open the program's Preferences dialog by clicking Tools > Adblock Plus Preferences. Blocking ads in IE is as easy as downloading and installing IE7Pro, clicking Tools > IE7Pro Preferences, and checking Ad Blocker on the main Modules tab. After all, the company makes quite a bit of money from serving up those ads, so helping people to block them would be self-defeating.
You can also view the URLs of all blocked items on a page, edit the entries, and add or delete items.
You can use the OpenDNS service to block gambling, adult, and other specific types of sites.
Beside blocking ads, the software protects your privacy by stopping tracking scripts of ad networks and web counters.Your favorite websites will be showing pure content without the annoying ads which usually are customized based on your search history and are distracting. Gizmo Project provides the lowest possible per minute International calling rates and active Gizmo Project users may qualify for the All Calls Free calling plan. For better or worse, few people will actually take the time to use an ad blocker when they browse.
Choose the down arrow next to the icon to open the program's Preferences dialog, disable ads on the page or site, or select other options.Click the Adblock Plus icon to view blockable items on the current page.

There you can subscribe to an ad filter, import and export blocklists, view and reset your "hit" list, and change your view. The program blocks Flash, Java, pop-ups, pop-unders, and other types of Web ads.Activate ad blocking in Internet Explorer by choosing the Ad Blocker option in IE7Pro's Preferences dialog. I found a couple of ad-blocking extensions for Chrome, but after taking a look at them, I just didn't trust them. The best solution I could find for blocking ads in Chrome is the Privoxy Web proxy, which is available on Source Forge. Only the blockable content on the page will be highlighted, and a toolbar appears at the top of the page.
Choose an item to block it, and then click Done on the toolbar to reload the page minus the elements you selected.
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