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Internet marketing isn’t just for consumer marketers or large B2B firms – it’s a powerful vehicle for companies of all sizes, including small to mid-market companies.
Online advertising offers marketers an opportunity to reach very broad or very targeted prospects to generate leads, communicate a message and raise visibility. While a B2B marketer has a smaller universe of prospects than a B2C marketer, the value of each prospect is typically far greater. Promote a white paper, webinar or demo that can help prospects who are in the early phases of their research. Drive them to a special landing page; provide details about the offer and capture key pieces of data so you can follow up when the prospect is ready.
Drive prospects to a special landing page that describes your offer in detail; if you need to provide additional information, create supplemental pages as needed. Run a campaign to share a message, promote an event or offer, or raise awareness about your products.
Timing: Reach business people when they’re actively looking for information, vendors and solutions. Lead generation and nurturing: You can capture prospects early, provide valuable information, and nurture them throughout the sales process. As with any marketing program, it’s important to develop a good strategy, target your audience, test, measure and improve – especially because it’s easy and inexpensive to test different aspects of your campaigns to generate the best possible results. You use them to generate prospects and customers, but gaining visibility is also important. You think you can generate even more traffic, but without better metrics, you can’t divert more funds to these campaigns. You’ve advertised on a few sites and generated some traffic, but you don’t have data to indicate whether your campaigns are successful beyond initial visits. You don’t create special landing pages – you drive visitors to your home page, and you rarely test your ads.
You cringe at the prices for the sites you’d really like to use, and you think you’re wasting money since you’re paying for impressions not clicks. Sign up for Marketing MO account (free) for step-by-step guidance during your online advertising project. Before you launch an online advertising campaign, it’s important to have a good website that can measure your traffic and convert visitors to prospects or customers. For example, determine how many click-throughs or leads you need to generate, then estimate your response rates to figure out how many impressions you’ll need.

Your ad needs to generate interest and get people to click through to your website to learn more – give them a reason, a benefit.
When you keep testing in this way, you can greatly increase your response over time – and that can mean a substantial increase in the number of qualified leads and new customers you generate.
The Marketing MO planning app is your behind-the-scenes Chief Marketing Officer, a comprehensive resource that will improve your overall business, whether it’s a consulting practice, start up, or mid-size company.
Schedule a presentation, tell us about your marketing goals, find our offices or just to say hello. Search is the primary research resource during all phases of the purchase funnel, but the landscape of search marketing is changing, making search no longer a strategy that can be considered solely on its own. Overdrive Interactive has released the eBook version of the agency’s Digital Advertising Guide on the Overdrive website. As an integrated digital marketing firm, part of Overdrive’s mission is to provide educational support for its clients who are actively transforming their marketing departments to become more digital-centric. Harry J Gold, CEO of Overdrive, explained, “The reality is that every marketer needs to know digital marketing in order to be a great marketer. Each section includes an overview that briefly explains its main topic and then provides details, specifications and examples that are easy to understand. Overdrive Interactive is an award-winning digital marketing agency that helps leading companies compete and win in the online space. Native advertising is set to grow exponentially over the next three years, by 2018 native ad spend  will reach $21B, an incredible 347% increase from just 5 years prior.
Google Desktop Mirrors Mobile Experience – Now Only Showing 7 Ads Google Advertising has had a major modification to how it will display your ads, with desktop search result pages to begin mirroring the mobile user experience. With a targeted campaign and a good offer, you may only need to generate a handful of highly qualified prospects to generate substantial revenue. You calculate ROI so you can compare the return of these investments versus your other programs. Since you use cost per click to measure success, you can’t accurately calculate ROI, but you’re satisfied with what you’re paying for traffic.
It’s also helpful to address your online campaigns in your annual marketing plan and budget.
You can reach a large audience with your ad, but that doesn’t mean you should – narrow targeting means you can speak more directly to their needs. Don’t drive prospects to your home page; instead, create unique landing pages that focus on the topic you used to generate their interest.

You can test the offer, the design of your ad, the size and location of the ad, or the sites you choose.
When tackling any new marketing task, have confidence that we have your back – with the structure and detail you need to get things done right. Search engine optimization (SEO) is still a very valuable tactic, but it is becoming ever more intertwined with social media marketing, with the two working together to create the brand experiences that define the Critical Moments of a branded search.
This free guide includes over 85 pages of descriptions, explanations, examples and images from the world of digital and online advertising. So in addition to developing curricula around topics that include digital strategy, search, social and online advertising, Overdrive has produced a quick guide to help its clients become more conversant and proficient in the language of digital marketing. Readers will learn about, and develop a fundamental understanding of, a number of different options available in today’s digital advertising landscape. Founded in 2001, the agency has developed into an integrated digital shop that delivers brand building, customer acquisition and lead generation programs utilizing search marketing, social media marketing, online media buying, analytics and world class creative services.
Native has the potential to change the face of advertising as we have grown accustomed to, but just WHAT exactly is native advertising? Start with the element that’s most important – for example, the offer – and create two versions of the ad. The guide covers ad formats including banners, rich media, video, mobile, search and social, as well as targeting and pricing models, ad serving, tracking and attribution modeling and more! This guide is not only a vital asset for beginners who are trying to become more conversant with their digital counterparts and vendors, but also a valuable resource for experts who are trying to fill in any lingering gaps in their knowledge of the digital advertising world. Of course, it only works on a local level, and there are some considerations when it comes to location and concept.
What is your purpose for using billboard advertising?  If it is for branding and awareness, that is fine.But, don’t necessarily expect it to generate a ton of immediate business (although it can, depending on what you are offering). Every penny spent on outdoor advertising must be made rewarding, so if OOH campaign is opted, target based advertising is a very important factor to make your campoaign lucrative.

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