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Internet advertising is just one of the many platforms for the promotion of products and services apart from newspapers, magazines, television, and so on. Volkswagen Audio Ad in Times of India Newspaper Tech Guides About Us Work 19 Jul 2012 Volkswagen Embeds an Audio Ad in a Newspaper The Times of India newspaper carried an advertisement for Volkswagen on the last page that looked like a regular print ad but with an audio clip. With a staggering share of 91%, the Android operating system enjoys almost complete control of the mobile app downloads market in India.
The prevalence of English speakers and the low cultural barrier in India make the mobile app market very open to foreign apps. In addition, although most mobile internet users in India are located in the cities, it’s actually the rural areas that have the most potential for growth and monetization. Some suggestions for rural-setting localization can be gleaned from a 2007 study which examined contextual patterns in gaming apps for children in India. Last, the advent of cheap phones, restrictive pay-as-you-go mobile internet plans, and low connection speeds (especially in rural areas) means that users will often think twice before downloading new apps. Join MobCo Media’s founder Tomer Hen in a panel titled “India is the New China: Land of Opportunity” for a discussion of the trends, techniques and nuances of creating, launching and monetizing games in India. About Latest Posts Tomer HenFounder of MobCo Media, a global engagement-driven user acquisition agency for mobile apps.
Our clients include premier international brands and partners, as well as boutique app developers and agencies, who use our unique optimization techniques and worldwide inventory for driving engaged-users to their apps and guaranteeing higher customer lifetime value (LTV). These balloons are made at our state-of-art production unit by using the finest quality materials and advanced technologies.
If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. The degree of creativity in producing concepts to catch the attention of the consumers varies from each and every platform.
The world's largest fast-food chain is shedding its familiar red-and-yellow colours for more muted tones as it goes for its biggest and costliest revamp in the country, in line with its global strategy of attracting more adults. India’s mobile advertising market was the fastest growing market in the years 2013-2014, and it is estimated to grow exponentially by as much as six-folds in 2015.
Social network apps, as a category, have increased the most in the last year, with a growth of over 203%. Cost of advertising in India may be significantly lower than in Western countries, but so are the profit margins. This is clearly evident in Google Play’s list of top ten apps (ranked by gross downloads), where seven out of the top ten are foreign apps. These areas contain more than two thirds of the population, and most of the untapped market potential.

The researchers found that apps that were not culturally and contextually adapted to the local audience resulted in poor gameplay experience. For these reason, it is worth keeping your bandwidth requirement to the minimum, even if it means downgrading your app and lowering the quality. With such a fast-paced, exponential growth rate and vast unsaturated market potential, this title seems quite appropriate. Our concluded range of these balloons is widely treasured by our clients for its features like high glossy texture, excellent visibility and durability. Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. The makeover also involves taking away the iconic mascot, Ronald McDonald, at least from some of its outlets in the country and beefing up its menu with options that are more likely to appeal to adults. Enjoy this exclusive slideshows treat!NEW DELHI: Chandigarh Shatabdi will be the first train to have "Anubhuti" coaches, the special AC luxury class proposed in this year's rail budget, providing higher travel comfort to passengers. One of the main reasons for the rise in mobile app downloads is the shift from less capable feature phones to advanced smartphones. Yet, this is also the hardest category to penetrate, with several apps (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) dominating the market.
The stiff competition and the prevalence of incentivized installs reduce profit margins even more, turning India into a market dominated more by quantity than by quality. Having said that, it is important to remember that English speakers are actually the minority in India. The mobile advertising market in these unsaturated areas have shown the same trend discussed earlier: fast growth and a shift of users from feature phones to smartphones. They also found that brighter colors were often preferred in gaming apps, that games that contained crocodiles (often portrayed as villains in Indian mythology) were poorly received, and that challenges which relied on time-pressure missions often received negative comments. One way of doing this is to have several versions of your app, an official “high-res” one at the app store, and a downgraded APK for users with lower bandwidths. But of course, the gold rush inevitably caused by such opportunities also means many contestants and tough competition. Air Filled Advertising Pole Balloon offered by us is widely used in commercial sectors for promoting events, services and products.
The US-based burger-and-fries chain has already added McSpicy Chicken Burger and McFlurry desserts to its offerings in India. In fact, the number of smartphone users in India has increased from a mere 29 million users in 2012 to around 170 million in 2015, and is expected to reach 382 million users by 2016. The categories of gaming and entertainment apps, on the other hand, are more diverse and open for competition. There are about 125 million English speakers in India (concentrated mostly in the urban areas), compared to over 425 million who speak Hindi as their main (and often only) language.
Yet, it is these areas that require the most localization efforts, as they are often very different from Western markets in terms of culture and context. They recommended app developers to design games that rely on easy fun approach rather than on competitive challenge.
In addition, since connectivity is often a problem, an app must be designed to work whether or not the user is connected to the internet.

In order to stand out in the market, one must remember the three tenets of successful app distribution (to paraphrase of the old real estate saying) – localization, localization, localization.
The red-and-yellow company logo will be replaced by white across its 240 restaurants over the next three-four years and the decor will change from neon-yellow and bright-red interiors to pale colours. All this situates India as one of the most promising markets for mobile advertising in the next few years. And with a yearly growth of 66% and 78% respectively, they present the best potential for app developers looking to penetrate the Indian market successfully. This means that the same app that might work in the Western world and in urban India may not work best in the Indian rural setting. As soon as people turned to the last page of the newspaper, the ad would start talking by itself. The company hopes to upgrade the consumer's experience, he said, without alienating its younger customers and raising prices. Volkswagen Audio Ad in Times of India The magic lies in a small speaker that activates itself when you open the last page of the newspaper.
Later on, all Shatabdi trains will be equipped with one Anubhuti coach in a phase-wise manner," said a senior Railway Ministry official.
App developers who wish to succeed in this “land of opportunity” must adapt to the local market and develop a culturally and contextually appropriate mobile perspective. With more and more number of people becoming internet savvy and relying more on online information, what better way there can be than online advertising to reach this vast audience. Suhel Banerjee, who captured a video of this ad, says that the audio clip goes on to play in an endless loop till you close the paper. In this post we will discuss some ways to do just that – to customize your app for success in the promising Indian mobile app market.
I am not sure if the move to bring in muted colours and decor would go well with this category of consumers," said Mahesh Chauhan, co-founder of advertising and marketing firm Salt Brand Solutions.
Here’s a second video of the same Volkswagen audio ad that appeared in the Mumbai edition of Times of India. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.
The revamp will cost at least 50% more per outlet, Bakshi said, but added that the company hopes to recover the additional investments through more volumes.
The company is donning a new look at a time India is on its way to becoming a global hotspot for food retailers, with chains like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Burger King planning to enter the country.
They would have anticipated competition which is expected to come in sooner than later," said Harminder Sahni, founder of retail consultancy Wazir Advisor.

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