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There are so many different activities to engage in and create with your students to help them understand the concept of advertising and all that is included when creating specific items for the media. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive our latest updates and receive discounts for our TPT and TN stores!
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Between trying to make it appealing to including important facts such as nutrients to as simple as including a bar code. Explain how environmental conditions and human response to those conditions influencesmodern societies and regions (e.g. The teacher will present a brief PowerPoint TI PowerPoint 15 minuteswith groups or presentation on the history of mining in Sub-Saharan Smartboardindependently withteacher support; can be Africa. Ofcourse, before thinking of such activities to further build upon the concept of advertising, students first need to understand the word advertising, be able to give examples, understand important terms in connection to advertising, etc. Once students are clear, there is nothing more promising to help students learn then to let them create something hands on as a follow up activity.

Students are to split into their cooperative learning IP “Mining for Mysteries” 30 minutes groups. Based on what they have learned about the worksheet different natural resources, they are to create a digital Laptops advertisement for a fictional mining company. The Advertisement Rubric purpose of the advertisement is to convince people to move in to an urban area to work in a mine. The ad must include the name of the company, location, natural resource being mined, and reasons why people should come to work for it (See Rubric).6. Focus & The teacher will write “How does the environment affect the Laptops 10 minutes Review (initial availability of natural resources?” on the board. Closure (review Students will present their advertisements to the class GP Advertisements 10 minuteswhat students learned; via Smartboard. Every student must speak in order to Smartboardmay include summary of receive credit for the project.
Students will apply the “Population Density” feature and, based on what they have learned about climate and geographic regions, make predictions about why there are more people living in certain geographic regions than others.2. Laptopslesson, reference to nextlesson, or evaluation) TOTD- Students must show that the advertisement has been uploaded to the group Museum Box.On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being “wonderfully”, and 1 being “bombed”, how did your lesson go?

Reflect on how prepared you felt,how engaged you perceived your students to be, and any changes you would make if you were to teach this lesson again.
Students will connect the competition for naturalTSW) __A X GA resources to the large migration of the population to urban settings in order to work in the mines. Students will also learn about the types of natural resources found in Sub-Saharan Africa and their uses.3. Students will present their theories about population GP Paper from previous activity 10 minutes(Through some means, migration that they compiled during the Focus &teacher presents Review to the class. The teacher should ask probinginformation; tell, read,relate, show, model) questions that guide discussion toward the scarcity of4.

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