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Targetability: With a range of titles that appeal to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles and interests, advertisers can focus on those consumers that fit their needs. Strong Visuals: Magazine ads can be highly creative and aesthetically appealing through the effective use of photography, graphics, color and copy. Portability: With the exception of in-car reading, magazines can be carried by consumers and read almost anywhere, at any time. Advertorial: An in-depth advertising message can be created to appear more like editorial copy than an advertisement, although most magazines require such advertorials to be identified as advertising rather than editorial content.
The proliferation in the number of magazines means audience fractionalization, and most magazines actually miss most of their avowed target audiences.
Flanik was most recently managing director and has been overseeing a number of accounts, including FedEx, ExxonMobil and Tropicana, since she took the role in 2011. Marketers who utilize actively engaging magazine advertising that successfully contributes to the overall media mix help drive brand appeal. Advertisers are interested and concerned that the mass media attract consumers and communicates content that is amenable to consumption. After preparing a magazine advertisement to be presented in the best way, incorporating the most effective creative execution to successfully motivate customers and prospects, reaching the right consumer audience is key. Effective marketing is an ongoing process of communication to maintain relationships with existing customers and build relationships with new ones. Integrated media buyers gain businesses consistent brand message placements that hurdle over infrequency of repetition barriers.

When an advertisement message has been identified for generating a positive response and that message is delivered consistently, the number of consumer responses in year two is often double that of year one.
It is more about correct ad placement of a driving advertising message than it is about the number of dollars you spend.
Integral Media has proven results that demonstrate giving clients the highest value back for each dollar spent.Exploding Opportunities For Effective AdvertisingBy using principles of agile marketing and adjusting ad spending for marketing success, business can tweak their ad reach before the conclusion of the fiscal year. At that point, issues that could have been addressed earlier must now be solved in the next year. We lead organizations beyond their own conventional wisdom to increase advertising performance. The disciplines of marketing and advertising to end users are changing as today’s opportunities are exploding.
Knowing that magazines do not deliver their entire audience in one ‘easy to pinpoint’ moment, it was a more complicated study. We have all learned to pay granular attention to when the consumer speaks and what they say they want. Clearly, advertisements are going to be given the most attention and are most effective in print magazine ads. The percentages varied, however both Marketers and consumers rate traditional media as the best medium for marketing and advertising. The survey results were surprising to many having anticipated that the newest and greatest digital media would be more predominant.

In fact traditional media shows more strength from the consumers perspective that from the average Marketer. What consumers truly want is imperative for Marketers to grasp without misaligned perceptions. Even more eyebrow raising, only 3% said that they wanted to look at ads when they are browsing their favorite social media sites. While both consumers and marketing professionals agree that marketing is worthy and valued for strategic business needs and paramount to driving sales revenue, there is still a proper place for it, and the preference is clearly in a print magazine advertisment.
At Integral Media, we work harder and smarter to leverage emerging ways to maximize someone spending their advertising dollars with us.
Time and again, they’ve consistently delivered ad placements that really pull—whatever the product—at the absolute lowest cost. At Integral Media, we have two types of ideal customers—CMOs (or those performing the duties of a CMO for their companies) and media planners.

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