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If you’re a multi-crore company, then media planning is a piece of cake for you – you’ll invest in all major marketing platforms, analyze and understand them, and finally, you’ll further your funds in only those channels that give you maximum ROI. We know the pulse of consumers – the social networking sites that they hang out in, their hubs, their likes and dislikes, and more such stuff like that. First off, we’ll try to understand any existing marketing problems that your business is facing. We then define your market, permitting you to reach large numbers of people on a national and international level. We do all of this in a uniquely creative manner, with media strategies that are different for each and every single one of our clients. To choose an advertising agency to co-operate with, we would like to highlight our dedication to the marine market. With detailed information far beyond most other advertising agencies every will reach, we are able to suggest a most effective and efficient use of marketing budgets. Since we exclusively work with marine clients, our know-how gives us an excellent insight of the marine industry.
Not only do we have a very close relationship with our clients, but also with the publications. Receiving our client's trust to provide them with suggested media plans year after year, of course, puts a great responsibility onto us.

Updated and greatly expanded to reflect the explosive growth of new media, this acclaimed and widely-adopted text offers practical guidance for those involved in media planning on a daily basis as well as those who must ultimately approve strategic media decisions. Advertising Media Planning: A Brand Management Approach ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. But if you’re a much smaller firm with tight strings around your budget, then such a magnanimous attitude can cost you a lot.
For example, you might be marketing on the wrong virtual platform, thus not giving you good traffic. We find where the potential for increased business lies, which markets offer you the best opportunities. This is presented as a spread sheet with a cost calculation, which is easily amended if needed.
Important is not only the understanding of the marine media us such, but also our profound understanding of our clients' marine products. Since we exclusively represent some well established and strong marine media, we get market information also from the media side, as well as can we offer very competitive advertising prices. Our clients must both feel that our suggestions meet their demands, as well as that they have full power over their own advertising budgets.
Its current, real-world business examples and down-to-earth approach will resonate with students as well as media professionals on both the client and agency side.

As marine media advisors, we have a university degree as Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering respectively, as well as economical and marketing studies.
Following the media development very closely, we know very early which publications are on their way down and which become stronger, long before their ABC- or BPA-certificates are being published. Our suggested media plans are typically changed and amended by the client many times until the final schedule stands. We regularly meet our clients to discuss everything from top-secret product developments to marketing activities such as press-releases, exhibitions, product launches as well as advertising plans. The mutual and fruitful discussions and fine-tuning often results in a media schedule with an optimum of exposure at exhibitions, in co-junction with product launches and spread over the year and target groups. Very often, we do not only meet with the marketing manager, but also product development managers, sales department and the managing director or owner of the company.
Even though there are companies who trust us 100%, we strongly encourage our clients to take part in the work of media planning.
We include facts, figures and certificates on the publications mentioned, as well as send sample copies if requested.

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